This ABC Is Cooked. Stick a Fork in it!

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Q&A has “lost the plot” and its audience and panel is “stacked”.

Q&A has lost the plot, says cabinet minister Peter Dutton
The ABC’s Q&A has “lost the plot” and people protesting the government’s criticism of the broadcaster are undermining the ABC’s own apology, cabinet Minister Peter…

Watch in full: Zaky Mallah faces tough questioning from Waleed Aly on The Project last night. Read more:


ABC TV’s future now has to be in doubt with startling allegations that the radical Islamist that was in the Q&A audience on Monday night had his travel to the ABC studios subsidised by the taxpayer. Does this means he was specifically invited onto the show? It’s disgraceful the ABC would use taxpayer dollars to subsidise the travel costs of Islamic extremists like this and it also begs another question: how many other Q&A audience members are selected and paid off by the ABC to act like everyday Joes and ask biased questions.


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 Turnbull, the greatest supporter of the Alphabet soup
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As number one ticket holder for the “Friends of the ABC” club, Malcolm Turnbull has steadfastly defended the public broadcaster at every turn despite its determination to trash its charter. 

In doing so, Turnbull gave it the imprimatur to continue with the appallingly biased programming that appeals to the far Left while enraging the mainstream majority.Turnbull stands culpable! He ignored warnings time and again over where the ABC was heading and the inevitable train wreck that had to result. He ignored the majority of angry Australians who reluctantly pay $1.2 billion every year for a fully financed far Left ALP workshop.Almost half of that $1.2 billion is usurped with inflated retainers that Manager, Mark Scott, tried desperately to hide from us. Mark Scott himself, an ex-Fairfax flop, collects almost $18,000 per week including expenses. All senior appointments were made by Rudd/Gillard/Rudd with lax Left Chairman of the Board, the ever absent Jim Spigelman, a Gillard appointment, leaving the running entirely to Scott without a whimper of protest.Channel Ten and its token Muslim, Waleed Ali, can be excused for giving Wacky Zacky even further air time, after all, Ten is not our station, we don’t need to cover their losses and anyway it’s already on death row due to its lack of appeal and poor programming choices. But the ABC and its flagship Q&A is a different kettle of stinking, decomposing fish. The unabashed bias has been gobsmackingly evident since 2007, and only bearable prior to that.Spigelman’s five-year tenure as Chairman finishes on April 1, 2017. Mark Scott’s finishes in July next year and despite howls of protest since 2006 he is committed to seeing out the rest of his contract. No fiscal surprise there.Any doubt about the balance of Q&A’s “selected audiences” vanished with the applause for Zacky Mallah. This despicable little intellectually challenged, unbalanced, Muslim nutcase who has already been convicted and jailed for terrorist offences, is symptomatic of Man Monis… and he is also walking free on a technicality, courtesy of yet another incompetent and derelict judge, Justice Wood. And it’s judges like Justice Wood who want the final say regarding the citizenship of Islamic jihadists returning from Syria. Bloody hell!The continued disgraceful modus operandi of Q&A’s dishonest Tony Jones has been to set people up (mainly despised conservatives) with supposedly unsolicited questions. But Jones knows already who will be asking the gotcha questions and exactly what will be asked, that’s what he spends the week organising. Jones, who collects nearly $8,000 per week including expenses, then uses his own prepared questions as further gotchas in anticipation of the victim’s answer. Jones has been continuously guilty of this disgusting and dishonest type of tabloid journalism.The ABC cannot be allowed to continue with this base pretence at journalism, but there is little hope of reforming the ABC as it stands. The Left bias is far too entrenched, it has become too much a part of a sick ethos that doesn’t even pretend to allude to objectivity.Malcolm Turnbull can never reform an ABC that has been permitted to wallow in its own excrement for so long. Malcolm Turnbull will continue to support the ABC in its anti Liberal/pro Labor stance… and the ABC knows that. Thus the present predicament.After a known terrorist, as part of an organised Q&A audience, was allowed to pose a prepared question to a Federal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Turnbull got straight on to the phone to Spigelman, telling him to back off. Yet previously on every occasion Turnbull has claimed he cannot, and will not, interfere in the decisions of the ABC Board or its executive arm. Hmmm.The only solution is to remove Turnbull from the Communications portfolio and allow a fresh face to restructure the ABC entirely, with a view to combining it with SBS. If those who remain in power in the ABC prove intractable, then the Abbott Government should deny all further funding until a satisfactory arrangement can be found.It’s unacceptable that an Australian Broadcasting Commission be allowed to continue to act in such an un-Australian way.

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  1. Sly Wal .v. Zak = Good Cop .v. Bad Cop.

    Wal makes jihad promoting Zak look like the Bad Cop so the audience warms to dawa promoting Wal.

    At least Zak is honest.

    1. They are both working toward the same outcome. They only differ in the method in how to achieve it.

  2. For me, I am opposed to ANY govt. subsidized broadcaster. You see what happens. The subsidized entity becomes ensconced with biased bureaucrats with an agenda, whether conservative or liberal. It’s sink or swim time. off the teat! That goes for ABC, BBC, PBS, NR, etc.

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