Obama Hosts Israel-Haters at Iftar Dinner ‘President’s Table’

This whole “Iftar” BS belongs in the white house like the BO of Al Sharpton.
Rex Features via AP Images

President Barack Obama hosted two radical anti-Israel activists, Riham Osman and Batoul Abuharb of Houston, Texas, on Tuesday night. They both had the honor of sitting at Mr. Obama’s exclusive “President’s Table” at the annual White House Iftar dinner. Both have publicly stated that they consider Israel and its leadership to be sponsors of terroristic acts.–Breitbart

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Clueless as always.

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…BBC Hides His Religion

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  1. Caesar is just courting Islam for the extra job required. He has opened the Pantheon for a special religio licita but is He the chef god intended to seat on the global cake. Islam is threatening but extremely naive.

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