UK: hundreds march against £18million Dudley mosque

Newly-formed anti-Islam group All Football Fans/Firms Against Islamification took part in a march through Dudley town centre on Saturday, protesting at plans to build a new £18million mosque in the town.

Around 200 people joined the rally, which was the third anti-mosque demonstration in Dudley this year.

In May, about 150 joined a protest march organised by far-right group Britain First.

In February, the English Defence League returned to the Black Country to protest against the mosque plans. Police arrested 30 people after clashes between the EDL and supporters of Unite Against Fascism.

The EDL had previously marched through the town in April 2010, when 2,000 joined the protest.

A simultaneous  ‘Love Dudley, Hate Racism’ event started at the town hall and walked to lunch in the community centre at the mosque in Birmingham Road.

5 thoughts on “UK: hundreds march against £18million Dudley mosque”

  1. Dudley’s Demonstrating against mosque building !!!
    Why is the general population (the common man) having to resort to resisting ‘their’ islam Appeasing mosque building “authorities” !!!

    Wrong tactic guys …
    – (fully) REMOVE THE islam Appeasing mosque building “authorities”
    – THEN … (fully) REMOVE THE islams

    (fully) Remove (the “authority” responsible for ALL Crime(s) of) TREASON and SEDITION Whenever Wherever it is found !!!

    So …. the islam plague cure …
    Get Rid of “our” islam Appeasers !!!
    THEN – Get Rid of (to Dust) the islams !!!
    THEN – Destroy (to Dust) all mosques and islam “texts”

    The Sooner – The Easier !!!

    1. This is how “Self Preservation” (a highly commendable goal) AGAINST islam HAS TO BE !!

  2. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird…

    Here’s the lunatic self-loather in another golden find, a real gem of a video, sipping on a glass of “white” wine…….(oh the irony abounds!!!!)…..and she rambles on as to the “hate-crime” of “white men” being placed on money, faces on legal tender.

    ….fills me with the urge to defecate…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. ALL Muslims in the West, should thank allah that they can live in a Christian country. If they dont, then allah will be displeased, and may chuck them out.

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