What do you bet that this is a plant?

The swastika shirt wearing skinhead was unwelcome by the organisers, but that’s the ammunition our enemies are looking for. Forget the fact that the Nazis  were in cahoots with  the Muslims, this is about symbols and how they’re being used against anyone who speaks up against the Islamic invasion.

Which side should you back? 

Andrew Bolt

Sunday’s protest [in Richmond] ended after officers created a safe passage for the [United Patriots Front] members to leave. About 50 people chanted “Aussie, Aussie, ­Aussie” and “I am Australian”.



You back the right side: the side of the civilised man.




Islam is not a race. Islam has never been a race. Criticism of Islam therefore is not racism. Branding critics of Islam as racists and bigots is rather disingenuous, and has long been the modus operandi of Islamists and their water carriers to silence any genuine dialogue on the issue.

Please help us to inform more Australians about the true nature of Islam. Speak to your connections and support Q Society of Australia: 

Stupid is as stupid does
Online site invites Australians to fight bigotry one click at a time
A PRESTON resident has made lending support to Muslims affected by racial vilification as easy as the click of a button.

So which side should we back?: 

Sunday’s protest [in Richmond] ended after officers created a safe passage for the [United Patriots Front] members to leave. About 50 people chanted “Aussie, Aussie, ­Aussie” and “I am Australian”.

The larger crowd from Campaign Against Racism and Fascism drowned out their chants with slogans such as: “F— off Nazis” and “Muslims are welcome, racists are not”.

The correct answer is “neither”.

One side – the “patriots” – are people too angry and too infested by haters and Nazi admirers. We cannot let such extremists define which immigrants and creeds are permissible in this civil and tolerant country.

The other side – led by socialists – are people too angry and too infested by haters and enemies of free speech and free assembly. We cannot let such extremists define what freedoms are permissible in this civil and tolerant country.

But the clash is an early wake-up signal. We cannot assume that for every action there will not be an equal and opposite reaction when it comes to multicultural politics – an opposite reaction as ugly as the one that provokes it.

Islamic extremism and the failures of excessive and too-indiscriminate mass immigration risks triggering a nasty reaction from some of those already here.

In particular, those of the Left who attack the Abbott Government and police for allegedly overreacting to Islamic extremism should be more understanding. The danger isn’t just the lives that will be lost when, inevitably, some jihadist succeeds. Also dangerous is in the damage done by any blowback.

Reject the extremists, Right, Left, jihadists and “patriots”. But reject them with the values we seek to uphold, and that most certainly does not mean pushing and abusing police or physically trying to shut people down.

11 thoughts on “What do you bet that this is a plant?”

  1. Stupid is as stupid does
    #1. Susie Latham
    #1. Aref – Susie’s Adoring Husband
    #1. Susie’s friend Linda Briskman
    (Stupidy is usually just stupid – so no numbered rating list)

    And who do you think this PRESTON Whacko Twat Susie Latham and her “Adoring” husband Aref are going to call to save them or protect them when the target of the “bigots” (that ‘Dear Sweet’ Susie befriends – islams) finally TERMINATE Susie AND Aref – as the islams are guaranteed to – islams ALWAYS end up killing their slaves.

    (but one can only ask)
    – are these ‘bigot’ Haters (‘Sweet’ Susie AND ‘Her Dear’ Aref) already islams?
    – or have ‘Sweet’ Susie AND ‘Her Dear’ Aref recently damned themselves and theirs by a convert/revert ?
    – surely no secular person would be such a silly dilly as to aid and abet the criminal cult of islam invade Australia ! 😉

    • “convert” is to “change from one religion or belief to another.”
    • “revert” is to “return to a former condition or belief.” and is a favourite expression even when the convert
    See – there is JUST NO END to an islam Fantasy.

    Haven’t even mention ‘Sweet’ Susie Latham’s friend and human rights academic Linda Briskman let alone the current 500 odd (The Usual) General idiots or anonymous islam Traitors and also Seditious.
    They are ALL added to the growing list of Temporary/Unwanted Australians who are aiding and abetting islam invade Australia.

    …. and check out if you know anyone who is an islam Appeaser (ie guilty of Treason/Sedition) !

    a good time perhaps to review the politicians who are islam appeasers (and guilty of Treason/Sedition)….

  2. Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird…..

    Talentless, superficial, auto-tuned hacks, who pass as today’s musicians, grind out insidious garbage, garbage that’s hyped with slick marketing and if not selling is given a boost by the “artist” as she is caught alighting sans panties from limousines giving us eye watering, stomaching turning shots of shaven genitalia, or in the alternative, giving us another installment of their pathetic and failed lives as they spin in the revolving door of sex scandal or drug rehab………this Ladies and Gentlemen is what generates 500,000,000 video views on YouTube……….

    But the video below, a decent man in the US Congress, Rand Paul, screaming a dire warning at the top of his lungs as a treasonous president lays the foundation for the coming totalitarian bloodbath……this video below……generates 35,000 views…….


    Utterly pathetic.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Hello there…….its me again………Don Laird…..

    Generations before us faced what we currently face……….the treason and sedition of our leaders, of our judiciary and of our law enforcement.

    They did not hesitate to call treason; treason.

    They did not hesitate to call sedition; sedition.

    They understood that some things are worth fighting for.

    They understood that some things are worth dying for.

    They understood that the word “patriot” was more than a punchline.

    They understood rhetoric, tolerance and capitulation are the currency of cowards.

    They understood that actions speak louder than words and they chose to scream their love of family and country at the top of their lungs.

    The time has come, the time is long overdue, to confront the Saracen and its bootlicking enablers.

    Wither now my patriot friends?

    Wither now?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. By the way………

    “Flammen and Citronen” and “The Army of Crime” are two brilliant, true life stories set to a movie format of freedom fighters who fought and died during WW2.

    Please find them, and watch them.

    Food for thought.

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird…….

      Here is an excerpt from “Traitors Among Us”

      “When the bomb goes off, and it will, in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto killing hundreds, a bomb set by the Muslim. When a dozen women and children are hacked to death at a coffee shop by the Muslim, oh yes they will. When a shopping mall is littered with the dead, mowed down in the fashion of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. When hundreds of terrified shoppers in the West Edmonton Mall are herded into the skating rink cum killing field and butchered. When a Canadian or American soldier is beheaded on one of our streets. When our daughters, our wives, our sisters, our mothers are turned into whores for legions of grunting, drooling Muslim males. When all we have built, when all we hold dear has been smeared with the excrement of Islam; let us remember.

      Let us remember the faces.

      Let us remember the names.

      Let us remember the smug faces of John Norris and Brydie Bethell, lawyers known for defending the butcher of a feeble grandmother, known for defending a vicious little convicted murderer and terrorist, Omar Khadr.

      Let us remember the face of the arrogant Nathan Whitling, fresh from turning loose Alberta’s Travis Vader on a disclosure technicality, Travis Vader, the alleged butcher of an Alberta grandmother and grandfather, Mr and Mrs McCann. The same Nathan Whitling who fawned (s) over the murdering terrorist, Omar Khadr and his family of Islamic vipers.

      Let us remember the face of the immigrant litigator Dennis Edney, a lawyer who licked (s) the boots of Omar Khadr and the entirety of the Khadr family, a family of terrorists. A lawyer who attended and attends meetings with Muslims directly connected to terrorist groups. A lawyer who stands in front of those same Muslims and weeps rivers. The same lawyer who weeps not for one single victim of the horrors of 9-11, but who weeps rivers for a murdering terrorist Omar Khadr and who seeks to set the same free among unsuspecting Canadians.

      Let us remember the face of lawyer John Phillips, of the law firm Phillips/Gill. Let us remember this litigating parasite who has launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Canadians on behalf of the terrorist Omar Khadr and his family.

      Let us remember the canons of law enforcement whose cowardice, corruption, politically correct bureaucracy and legendary mockery of leadership, has left their charges, young police officers, culturally self-loathing, historically illiterate, terrified of reality and with their throats laid bare to razor sharp knives of Muslim orthodoxy.

      Let us remember the faces of tenured treachery, of the academic treason that stalks the hallowed halls of higher learning, the faces that instil in our children a seething self-loathing, that instil in our children a seething hatred of their country and culture, that instil in our children a seditious Marxist dogma cloaked as “enlightenment, academic discourse and debate, that bid our children to destroy and devour all we have built, all that has made our democratic and civilized societies the greatest success story in the history of Mankind.

      Let us remember the faces of Barack Obama, of Justin Trudeau, of Olivia Chow, of Libby Davies, of Eric Holder, of Joe Biden and of all the others who sing the praises of the Muslim and who, at the direction of treasonous Imams and Mullahs, brick by brick, dismantle our nations, who gleefully emasculate our nations defences, who smear handfuls of the poisonous rhetorical excrement of a 7th century lunatic on everything we hold dear, who lay waste to all our sacred traditions and ideals and all to assuage the bruised egos of mass murdering, pedophile psychopaths and lunatics.

      Let us remember the faces of Peter Jennings, of Peter Mansbridge, of Wendy Mesley, of Kevin Newman, of Christiane Amanpour, of Hubert Lacroix, of Dawna Friesen and the blood spattered faces of all the other Leftist/Liberal media talking heads who have for decades, holding the licence of stolen credibility and the privilege of celebrity, from the bully-pulpit of mass media, lied, whitewashed, obfuscated, excused, mitigated, propagandized, ignored and in many cases, whole heartedly endorsed, the murderous actions of the Muslim and the poison of the Koran.

      Let us remember them, each and every one and all of their crimes with clarity and particularity.

      In the end, we cannot blame the Muslim and their Leftist/Liberal handmaidens for their crimes, crimes of commission and crimes of omission. Its what they are commanded to do, its what defines them, its who they are, to the very core.

      The blame for the madness of the Muslim and its Islam as it seeks to destroy all we have built, as it seeks to murder us, as it seeks to make us slaves, rest squarely on our shoulders, it always has. For it is we who have allowed the treasonous and treacherous to open the cage doors and set the killers loose.

      So then, let us acquit ourselves of the burden of citizenship in a democracy, of citizenship in a republic. Let us not stand idle while our country and all we hold dear is rent by the treasonous. Let us remove from our midst those who seek our destruction.

      “It is sins of omission, not commission, that are most fruitful of harm; not the evil that men do, but the good they did not do, that lives after them.”

      -Editorial Comment, The Conductor and Brakeman

      So then, let not cowardice and shame be our legacy, let us deal with the Muslim and its Islam, but let us never forget the faces of treason, let us never forget the faces of the traitors.

      Let us remember the faces.

      Let us remember the names.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      And as you reflect on the treason that flows in rivers from our legislatures and courtrooms……..remember this….

        1. @Sheikyermami………..and Uncle……

          Thanks for the compliment……..appreciated.

          As for the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”……..look past the glorification and enjoy the movie setting and the depth of character and commitment to ones ideals that is virtually non-existent today……….admire men who would saddle up and ride out to kill the murderous Muslim……….again, an event virtually non-existent today……

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

      1. NO. We are not responsible for the leftists’ chosen crimes.

        Born muslims may use that birth defect as a mitigating excuse to lessen their sentences, but they are also guilty of their own crimes.

        1. Made by Hollyweird morons who were already intimidated by Muslims before they started shooting….

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