Chattanooga Shooter Called Himself “Hijabman”



Tennessee jihadist called himself “Hijabman”-– what an a$$hole!

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, identified by authorities as the shooter in Thursday’s attack on military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, provided a now-eerie quote to his school yearbook.

“My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?” the provided quote said.

Abdulazeez’s yearbook quote surfaced on social media shortly after the FBI identified him as the shooterwho killed four Marines and injured a police officer. (Blaze)

How ironic that it is Bill Killian – who was the most reluctant official to speak at today’s press conference. William Killian is the Department of Justice official who vowed to criminalize social postings on Facebook and Twitter.

We held a protest against Mr. Killian and thousands joined us here.

Killian should be removed from the case.He is incapable of conducting a sharia-free investigation.

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    In 2011, US State Representative, Rick Womick stated that all Muslims must be removed from the military. Of course he met with howls of blood coughing outrage from the usual suspects that ranged from the Marxist Mainstream Media to the Leftist/Liberals.

    I scribbled a little response to Rick Womick back in 2011 in support of the evisceration from the US military of the verminous Muslim.

    Below is my scribbling and a video from Womick that illustrates a rare depth of understanding of the Muslim, rare for a politician that is.

    Dear Rep. Rick Womick,

    I want to thank you for having the courage to say what needs to be said. It is rare when, living in a world of choking political correctness, we cannot simply give voice to the obvious, even if that obvious is either killing us or intent on killing us. In the case of the Muslims and Islamism, it is both.

    America is in very serious trouble, the stewardship of your country is in the hands of a man who finds the Muslim morning call to prayer to be “the prettiest sound on earth”. Virtually every action of Hussein Obama, since taking office, ostensibly out of a great love of America and her people, has been to place the United States of America, the greatest nation and republic in the history of the world, on her knees with her throat laid bare to her enemies. This Obama does with great enthusiasm.

    To say that Barack Obama is the physical manifestation of the words treason and sedition is to state the painfully obvious. Now, the Whitehouse, staffed with Muslims directly beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood, has issued directives to sanitize all federal law enforcement manuals, courses, directives, policies and procedures of any reference to Islam and Muslim terrorism. This, in and of itself, in addition to being a clear and present threat to the lives and safety of every American soldier and law enforcement officer, is grounds for, at the very least, impeachment and more appropriately, Obama’s standing trial on charges of treason and sedition. Yet, inexplicably and outrageously, America dithers……indecisive, afraid, mute, trembling and leaderless.

    The reality Mr. Womick, is that the preservation of the Republic, in the absence of a patriotic and loyal president, has fallen to individual States and men and women of substance like you. More plainly spoken; American patriots must now stand and be counted.

    The time has come, nay, is long overdue; Individual States must now ignore a derelict and criminal Whitehouse and quickly move to eliminate the threat of Islam and Muslims from their midst. It is quickly becoming a matter of life and death. It is a sad state of affairs when the federal government, through treachery, duplicity and political correctness, poses a threat to America greater than the oath of destruction of the same sworn by Muslims.

    As you correctly point out, a Muslim, following the dictates of the Koran and the Sunnah, is sworn to the destruction of Western civilization and the subjugation or killing of all Westerners (non-believers, infidels). This is fact, not fiction, and it is taken from the pages of the Koran itself and from the mouths of virtually every single Muslim leader, mullah and imam around the world. Evidence of that fanatical adherence to Islamic edicts and teachings can be found in the transcript of the Holy Land Foundation Trial and in every one of the over 17,600 acts of terrorism and murder committed by Muslims against the West since September of 2001.

    Yet, even the poorest student of history will tell you that this is not the first time America has faced lethal and treasonous threats from those who call themselves American citizens. Further, it is not the first time that, a threat being recognized, American leaders acted quickly to protect a nation.

    During WW2, in the United States, considering the fanatical relationship between the Japanese people and their leader the Emperor of Japan, prudent and intelligent Statesmen, bureaucrats, law enforcement agencies and military leaders wisely chose to remove all Japanese men and women from areas of strategic importance.

    It was a decision that, while offending the delicate sensibilities of the willfully blind and chronically thin-skinned, served America well as it neutralized a threat of such depth as to find Japanese men flying airplanes loaded with explosives into America warships. History speaks volumes of the fanaticism that gives rise to suicide missions. Be it Shinto or Sharia, be it an American warship or the World Trade Center, be it 1940 or 2011, the similarities are stark and scream that the protection of the American people be realized through the same course of action taken in response to kamikazes and Japanese fifth columnists.

    It need not be said, save to the ignorant, the uninformed or the treasonous, that Muslims pose a threat to all of North America. Muslims in America and Canada are, by their very definition, quintessential fifth columnists. The course of action you have proposed, the removal of every single Muslim from the military, must be taken a step further. In these times, half measures are as dangerous as no action at all.

    To the end of a reasonable level of efficacy in the removal of the Islamic threat, I strongly suggest that this removal of Muslims apply to all law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. It makes no sense to allow Muslims to remain in close proximity, or have access to, information of a sensitive or strategic value, nor influence on others with the same strategic privileges.

    In addition, steps must be taken and taken quickly to neutralize the threat sharia law poses. Sharia has at its very core, the intent to destroy all things Western including, should they not chose to be enslaved, all Westerners. This malignant catalyst of sharia, wrought from the delusional dogmatic ramblings of a madman who reveled in everything from mass murder to the rape and sexual molestation of children, compares to Shinto in its ability to inspire fanaticism and terrorism. Commonsense dictates that the only effective avenue of redress against terrorism or fanaticism is the neutralization, by any and all means, of the catalyst that inspires the same. This logic and reason was not lost on General Douglas MacArthur during his administration of post-war Japan.

    As such, MacArthur decreed that the “religion” of Shinto was to be banned from all levels of education, government, tribunals, law courts, legislation, regulations and virtually all other areas of public Japanese life. This ban of Shinto applied to everything from seemingly benign instruction to all books. Further, MacArthur’s decree banning Shinto was coupled with severe punitive actions to be leveled at any person, administrative body or element of any level of government that chose to ignore the same. The prudent action of MacArthur was significant and very effective. In essence, Shinto was criminalized. Sharia and all forms of Islamism should, and must, suffer the same fate. The safety of American men and women and the preservation of the Republic demand nothing less.

    (I highly recommend reading the book, Unconditional Democracy: Education and Politics in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952, By Toshio Nishi)

    Simultaneously, as we secure our governments, courts, law enforcement agencies, schools and military from the threat of Muslims and Islam, steps must be taken to neutralize the very organizations and persons responsible for our current state of affairs.

    There are many groups in America and Canada who loudly claim to be “ambassadors of peace, cooperation and understanding”, paving the way for better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. These groups include but are not limited to CAIR and CAIR-CAN (Council American Islamic Relations and their Canadian counterpart), MAS (Muslim America Society), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), NAIT (North American Islamic Trust), MSU (Muslim Students Union), CIC (Canadian Islamic Congress) and MSA (Muslim Students Association). Of all the things that can be said of these groups and many others, their being “ambassadors of peace, cooperation and understanding” is not one of them.

    Every one of these aforementioned groups and the hundreds of other Muslim groups they are closely affiliated with, including the Muslim Brotherhood, has as their clearly stated goal, destruction of the West and the annihilation of every single Jew on the face of the earth. As such, these groups and their leadership must be dealt with in an effective and expeditious manner that speaks of sense of unmistakable permanence and finality.

    I recommend, considering the treasonous criminality of these groups, including their leaders like Nihad Awad, Ibrahim Hooper and Nezar Hamze, that, regardless of place of birth or citizenship, they be arrested and, not burdening the American taxpayer with ridiculously expensive carnival show-trials, immediately deported to the Islamic country of their choice. A reasonable and impartial analysis of the Muslim/Islamic problem will illustrate that this is the most humane and effective solution to the threat America and Canada faces.

    In every cure of illness there is scrutiny of the cause of the same and to that end this: The solution required with respect to elements of our academia, judiciary and governments whose sympathies and unswerving support of Islamism have contributed to our current predicament is easily effected and must run parallel to the solutions implemented for those whose cause they have so loudly advocated. Identification of these elements will not be difficult as they have been passionately vocal, hence conveniently conspicuous.

    In closing, the removal of all Muslims from the military is a step in the right direction. I ask you to stay the course in this matter as not only are you not alone but are in very good company with that company growing exponentially with each passing day and with each act of terrorism.

    The mainstream media will do as they have done for decades; engage in the manipulation and destruction of fact and truth. Do not be swayed by heated rhetoric, crying “good Muslims” thrusting children toward cameras, blustering Muslims like Awad and Hooper threatening legal action, or close-ups of Muslim families being loaded onto buses bound for airports.

    This is a game of tugging at heartstrings is a game Muslims have played for years whilst generating revenue for the instruments of our demise. The “good Muslims” had their chance to speak and they remained silent, in their silence can be found volumes spoken for their deportation.

    In the months ahead, as we have closed the door on the last Muslims we will realize we have done the right thing. In the years ahead we will realize that we have acted in the best interests and out of concern for the safety of the many generations of Americans and Canadians to come. For reason to act and act quickly, one needs look no further than the chaos and destruction wrought from Muslims and Islamism that reigns supreme in Europe and the United Kingdom.

    Finally, while you think of your wife, your children, your family, your heritage and your Republic, I have enclosed a photograph for your consideration that illustrates one of the many differences between Americans and Canadians and our Muslim guests….we don’t treat our women as garbage.

    The time has come to send the muslims home.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada



        US Rep. Rick Womick

        301 6th Avenue North
        Suite G-29 War Memorial Bldg.
        Nashville, TN 37243

        Phone: (615) 741-2804
        Fax: (615) 253-0322

      1. @DP111

        I appreciate the sentiment and the compliment, thank you.

        Do me a favor, send US Rep Rick Womick an email and then copy and paste my letter into the body of the email.

        Here is the link to the Tennessee State Legislators, click on the “directory” tab, it lists all the Representatives and the Senators.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

  2. I was thinking about the murder of four young patriot Marines in Chatanooga, Tennessee today.

    I was listening to this.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Lone wolves are the raging topic today.

    Shouldn’t it be “werewolves”.

    Case for.

    Werewolves, like Jihadis appear human most of the time, but at times unknown, and known, such as the Ramdan fast, Eid, Iftar etc nonsense, or the sighting of the Crescent moon, turn into Jihadi wolves, thirsting to shed Infidel blood.


    How does one detect a Jihadi werewolf before he turns into one? It is clear that the authorities have no idea. They need help.

    What kind of bullet is effective? Silver, pig fat or ham lubricated?

    How does one stop the infection from becoming an epidemic.

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