Halal eater unwelcome


Refreshingly honest, a personnel manager tells a hijabee that it wouldn’t fit in with company culture if she insists on shoving her religion down everyones throats:

The conversation had taken place over Whatsapp when Heng was asking for the appropriate email address to send her resume to.

Singapore Chinese Muslim stunned by Halal dietary question in job application


Most of the commenters on Facebook have shown support for Heng while criticising the company.
“I don’t see why one’s dietary preference will hinder the productivity of the admin job… what if the candidate is a Chinese vegetarian?” said a Bob M Fauzi.
One commenter even offered Heng a job and is awaiting her reply.
Yahoo Singapore has contacted the Ministry of Manpower for a comment.

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  1. It’s not just the food. The Muslim employee would probably make trouble in other ways too.

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