Nothing to do with Islam, really.

How disabled?

Andrew Bolt

Welcome to Welfare-istan. No wonder the boats were so full:

A PRISONER using a contraband phone from his cell co-ordinated a complex drug network and deliveries from the outside to keep a Sydney prison supplied with the horror drug ice, police allege. But Windsor correctional centre prisoner Hassan Chehab was allegedly having his phone tapped by a police squad…

One of his alleged accomplices on the outside, disability support pensioner Ali Haidar, 25, was in Sutherland Local Court this week to be sentenced for his part in supplying ice to John ­Moroney Correctional Complex in January last year. Haidar pleaded guilty to supplying and possessing, methylamphetamine…

In other news:

We need a totally different judiciary:
Alleged Isis recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi has bail varied so he can live at Minto Mosque
A MAN accused of recruiting Australians to become fighters in Syria has had his bail varied so he can live at Minto Mosque for Ramadan.
Oh noes, what a heartwarming  Ramadamadingdong story!

156 families received Ramadan food parcels and a “Feed the Fasting” Iftar was set up for the families as well.

Australian Muslim charity gives aid to Indonesian and Rohingyan refugees
Human Appeal International Australia’s director Bashar Al-Jamal spent the first days of Ramadan in Indonesia supervising the distribution of aid to poor…  MUSLIMVILLAGE.COM