Jamie Glazov hosts Anjem Choudary &Isa Hodge

Most of us know already that brother Anjem lives in an alternative universe. Normally, he doesn’t lie as much as he does here, but it all falls into place as the show must go on:

Anjem Choundary

Fireworks fly as London imam Anjem Choudary and American Muslim activist Isa Hodge square off – and argue – over Islam.

The question is whether it’s a problem that there are parts of the Quran that advocate killing unbelievers.

Hodge warns that critics of Islam cannot “cherry-pick” statements from the Quran no more than critics of Christianity can cherry-pick statements from the Bible.

Choudary, however, blasts Hodge for his promotion of “nationalism,” and says the atrocities being reported out of the Middle East are just propaganda that the West chooses to believe.

Joining Glazov, Choudary and Hodge is Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim.

See what they say about the question of whether Islam inspires terror.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/see-2-muslims-go-ballistic-over-islam/#vDtBrLdq3ulmEuMU.99

8 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov hosts Anjem Choudary &Isa Hodge”

  1. The Isa guy is a loony, putting forward the story of Herod ordering the beheading John the Baptist as being a New Testament teaching about beheading infidels.

  2. The problem here, and this is something no journalist seems to understand, is that this prick is using the media, in this interview, to send a message to the moronic muslims that infect the world. He is sending a message of violence, and it is intended for his coreligionists. These are the morons who believe the crock of rancid poo that is called islam – and this is the rabble to whom anjem craphearme is speaking.

    1. kaw, I have to disagree with you here. Anjem is being totally honest about Islam, unlike the stealth jihadist Hodge.
      More and more Muslims leave Islam because they see the type of poison it breeds, and Anjem serves as a catalyst for the cause.
      Hodge on the other hand is a disingenuous idiot who fell into the trap of Islam with his eyes closed. Only a blind or willfully ignorant fool will make claims about Islam like he does.
      He id’s more dangerous in the sense that he sugarcoats crap and passes it around for consumption c to the gullible. And more people like him will fall for the oldest trick in the Islamic book…. Taquiyya.
      Hodge is a taquiyya tactician….. Period!

    1. Stan,

      If you wish to make a point then make sure it is clear about what your point is. To which “babble” are you referring?

  3. Blitz2b

    You may be right but I see that the islamists are getting free air time to spread the message to their intended audience. Their audience is not us!

    On a point realted to your second and third paragraph – Uncritical and weak questioning that does not directly confront the islamist and force them to answer is also bad publcity for the good folks! islamists cannot think – they can only regurgitate the rubbish that they have been indoctrinated with – so make these bastards think on the spot – and if they cannot answer terminate the interview.

    Giving Anjem and his merchants of hate air time helps nobody, particularly when police and security people have not been given the mandate to deal effectively with these people. You could well be correct in that people are ralizing that islam is a crock of shit and leaving it – however more islamic scum are crossing our shores illegaly than leaving or converting to a reasoanble faith – so we have a problem and we need to reduce muslim number s now – preferably to zero percent. Ansd yes, muslim readers, this is possible.

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