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  1. Typical muslim drivel – see how the muslim moron implies that it deserves respect without having earned it – and of course while all religions carry a bit of rubbish about with them, islam is the only religion that is made of shit. any time muslim thug!

  2. Christians do not offend their guests.
    However cohabition with a guest is not compulsory. If the guest goes over the line a Christian host will do the best to end the evening with kindness.

    However the all family will not need to stay long in the lounge.
    If you go for a date with a woman who might have serious chance to become your wife, you’ll not be required to kiss her before you decide you feel each other at peace to do so – otherwise you be gentle, take her home and say good night.

    When a Christian (those I know at least) is instead a guest, he will not offende his host and impose his menu on him and his family… or maybe even lust after his house and family by alleging any divine entitlement to universal sovereignty.

    To story is that parties in conflict drag in Christianity, Christendom and Christians without asking their opinion and checking their true intention.

    Well, I can tell what I am sure and feel entitled to say for myself: I do not have to share Europe, America, Canada, Russia, Australia ( and so on) and the privileges of the jurisprudence of the civilization I belong to with anybody who doesn’t agree with the “Rule of Reciprocity”.

    I am not compelled into permanent cohabition with guests who are heterogenous with my the values and standards of living of my household.

    I do not need (and is not my intention) to write offensive cartoon to tell my guests we could catch up sometimes but for the time being I do not feel to adopt any theocratic regime to run my house and family.

    The problem with “Liberal/Libertarian/Socialist/LGTP/Pacifist” is that first they prefer Christians to be reduced while getting in love to quickly on the first date with exotic partners… Then they complain they rushed to quickly… Then their new exotic partners get offended and both blame the Christians for the salty bill.

    My message to the secular Libertarian is to remember not all guests are harmless Christians, who can even forgive for abusing their Messiah, Savior and King.
    To the Islamo-Socialist my message is: check well the chances of you marriage before blaming Christianity/Christendom for your unhappy honeymoon and sending the costly bill to Christians for your painful divorce.

    I must remind Islam that We @ the West have left theocracy in the Middle Age, as it did not work well at all.
    Christians themselves agreed to leave to God himself the decision to establish Hus Kingdom without any human hand or sword – see the book of Daniel (your supposed prophet)…
    In the meantime one thing worked extremely well for Christian freedom before being increasingly abused in this dangerous age of deception an increasing corruption: G R A C E – which THOU (Islam) struggle to cope with and adapt to!

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