Major blast rocks Italian consulate in Cairo – reports

A big explosion outside the Italian consulate in downtown Cairo

Andrew Bolt


Worrying development in Egypt, which was last week hit by a huge Islamic State attack in the Sinai Peninsula:

A loud blast was heard by residents of Cairo, Egypt, early on Saturday morning.  According to Twitter posts, a car bomb went off at the Italian consulate in Cairo.

The blast comes days after a bomb blast killed the country’s top public prosecutor… Some Twitter posts said that at least one person has been killed in Saturday’s blast.

injured at least five people, including two police officers and three passer-bys, AFP reported.

The Egyptian MENA state news agency said the explosion was big and happened in front of the consulate.

The blast partially destroyed the facade of the building, photos from the scene showed. It was caused by a car bomb, according to Al Arabiya.

Egypt has seen a number of bomb attacks over the past months.

The Egyptian military-imposed government is fighting against Islamist groups after a 2013 coup that ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. The violence is mostly localized in the turbulent Sinai Peninsula, but bombings and attacks on security checkpoints occasionally happen in other parts of the country.

At least four journalists have been detained by Egyptian police at the scene of the explosion.

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  1. …but on TV all the idiot leftist politicians came to say the usual ‘…it’s a minority’, the muslims are moderate in 99.9 % of the instances, there are 1.5 Millions in Italy and they are all nice peace-loving people…
    Italians deserve more than this, much more !
    …and the pope invites to be more friendly so that such things will not happen….

  2. …the Italian journalist that was detained for few hours, came out and blamed El Sisi for the ‘situation’ due to lack off co operation with the MB …

  3. What chance that the Italian Consulate is a proxy for or precursor to an attack on Vatican City by IS jihadis already in Italy itself (courtesy of the Italian coast guard)? After all it was this this time last year in Ramadan the Caliph and jihadis were warning that Rome would be next.

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