Millions of Brits urged to remember victims on 7/7 anniversary

Just don’t mention Islam.

You’re allowed to march as long as you don’t mention Islam and Muslims who blew up innocent Britons on 7/7. The Daily Star  doesn’t dare to mention the word “Islam” or “Muslims”, but  it wants you to march against “terror”, or something. And Boris Johnson, always the clown, babbles stupidly about “a callous and nihilist ideology” that “brought Londoners together”.

“As we mark 10 years since that terrible day, the #WalkTogether initiative is an opportunity to reflect on how Londoners came together in the face of this callous and nihilist ideology, through a simple act of remembrance.” –Mayor of London Boris Johnson

A call of arms has been issued urging millions of Brits to remember those who have lost their lives in terrorist atrocities.

islam.peaceIt comes just days after 30 Brits are feared to have lost their lives as gunman Seiffedine Rezgui opened fire on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia.

The #WalkTogether initiative asks people all over the UK to get off the bus, train or tube one stop early on Tuesday, July 7, and walk together in a quiet moment of remembrance and unity.

It was inspired by the tragic scenes on London’s streets on July 7, 2005, when public transport closed down and thousands calmly walked home.

Suicide bombers detonated four explosive devices aboard London Underground trains and a bus – killing 52 innocent people.


One thought on “Millions of Brits urged to remember victims on 7/7 anniversary”

  1. Those who do walk could walk carrying flags – the Cross of St George (if Scottish, add the St Andrews’ Cross, equally anathema to Muslims, and if Welsh, the Dragon of Gwent, also anathema because it’s a pictorial image of a living – even if mythological – creature). And placards printed with the words “Lan Astaslem” – I will NOT submit. The late Christopher Hitchens did a great op ed the day after the bombing – it was called “We Cannot Surrender”. The link to that article still works, so far as I know. People could repost that link, that article, all over social media on the day of the anniversary.

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