More of the same…

-Penultimate line in the Guardian story:

“Some who were at the beach on Friday denied that the man in red shorts existed, even as accounts of his heroism spread on Facebook.”

 This  BS  has already been debunked. Typical Arab Muslim fairytales.

Tunisian hotel workers recall terror: ‘We opened our breasts against the bullets’

Arab fairytales are so annoying. What’s even more annoying is that western scribblers take this BS seriously. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Tourist staff describe how they formed human shield against gunman during attack on western tourists in Sousse
ISIS have fetish for kinky underwear, Viagra, and ‘abnormal sex’ – report 
Feb 18, 2015 – “Perverted” ISIS fighters in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa indulge in “brutal and abnormal” sexual practices, in sharp contrast with the austere…| The Watchdog
Britain to spend £300 million in Africa and Syria to combat Mediterranean migrant crisis

Idiotic. The Brits should send a frigate and blow them out of the water. That would be far more effective save a lot of money and grief.

BRITAIN is to spend more than £300million on foreign aid in Africa and the Middle East in an attempt to combat the ongoing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.–EXPRESS.UK|BY ALIX CULBERTSON
With BS against “negative stereotyping”
… In the wake of the attack in Tunisia, which killed 38 people and was linked to the Islamic State militant group, the video is a reminder that, for the vast majority of Muslims, their faith is fuelled by messages of peace and acceptance. …More chaff and deception at Hull Daily Mail thanks to Mullah, pbuh
Al BeBeeCeera wants to be be “fair”

We must be fair to ISIS: BBC refuses MPs’ demand to stop using ‘Islamic State’ to refer to terrorist group– More refusal to tarnish the turd at MailOnline thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Egypt’s MuBro’s call for “rebellion”

“Come out in rebellion and in defense of your country, yourselves and your children,” it said in a statement issued in English Wednesday. “Destroy the citadels of his oppression and tyranny and reclaim Egypt once more.” …  Brazen IS attacks leave 70 dead in Egypt

Qatar, experts on cornerstones and ‘human rights’
Disregard the daily atrocities, the beheadings, burnings, drownings: the only problem is “Islamophobia”. If it wasn’t for that, Islam would be really peaceful and wouldn’t need to kill anyone.
It is known that equality and non-discrimination form the cornerstone to human rights, said Sheikh Nasser expressing Qatar’s concern over the spread of Islamophobia in many countries and Muslims being harassed because of their faith and sometimes because of their race. 
Islamic State beheads first women civilians  
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant jihadists have beheaded two women in Syria for sorcery, an extension of the punishment which is normally reserved for men. The case marks the first time a woman civilian is recorded as having been beheaded, though the punishment has been inflicted on women soldiers …Read More…
Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls

Of course they are. Because the “authorities” are complicit and no one is prepared to clean this mess out with an iron broom.

Exclusive: Gangs of Asian paedophiles are still preying on underage girls in Rotherham, claims a survivor of the abuse–TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

2 thoughts on “More of the same…”

  1. Asian paedophiles ?


    Who are these Asians ?

    Bangkok Buddhists?

    Delhi Hindus?

    Pakistani Muslims?

  2. Muslims are all seditionists who don’t believe in ANY sovereign national governments, identifying both them selves and all others by religion not origin.

    So why do the treasonous and supine Brits call muslims “Asians!”?

    Only Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran are in Asia.

    Arabia, Iraq and Turkey are in Asia Minor.

    ALL the rest of the islamic countries are in Africa.

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