More Ramadan Offerings

Best Ramadan News Ever:

Report: 45 ISIS Fighters Killed by Poisoned Ramadan Meal
Qatar and Saudi Arabia ‘have ignited time bomb by funding global spread of radical Islam’
General Jonathan Shaw, Britain’s former Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff, says Qatar and Saudi Arabia responsible for spread of radical Islam

Two wealthy Muslim countries have ignited a time bomb by funding the building of Islamic schools and Mosques.

“This is a time bomb that, under the guise of education, Wahhabi Salafism is igniting under the world really. And it is funded by Saudi and Qatari money and that must stop”

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ISIS releases guide on how to establish ‘Muslim gangs’ in the UK
Jihadi supporters have been circulating a radical guidebook on social media, providing deadly instructions on how to create a active terror cell.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Ramadan in Panama
Ramadan in Panama, a display of solidarity

The rate of Muslims converting to Panama is growing rapidly, with Panama being the city with the largest Muslim population in Central America.

Egypt: Nearly 250 ISIS terrorists killed in Sinai, over 60 arrested
Fighting still ongoing between Egyptian army and Islamic State militants in Sinai, with Cairo presenting high numbers of enemy casualties to reporters, in attempt to win propaganda battle.

Muslims in Paris: “Death to the Jews! Death to the Jews!” 

Pamela Geller

Or with words, or with anything, apparently. My latest in FrontPage: Speaking at the Pentagon on Monday, Barack Obama once again proclaimed that victory over the…
Israeli imam from Umm al-Fahm supports ISIS, calls Netanyahu ‘Jewish Dog’
Imam: the Jews were behind every catastrophe afflicting our Islamic nation.–JPOST.COM
The Claim That ‘Homo Marriage Can Defeat the Islamic State’ Is Everything You Need To Know About the Left…

For absurd foreign policy prescriptions, it’s hard to beat the Obama State Department. But Foreign Policy magazine gave them a run for their money: in an article entitled “Can Gay Marriage Defeat the Islamic State? A Few — Admittedly Sappy — Thoughts on the Power of #LoveWins,” Rosa Brooks argues that the horrific terror entity can be overcome by the awesome power of the rainbow.

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  1. RE: Report: 45 ISIS Fighters Killed by Poisoned Ramadan Meal.

    Well, what are ya gonna do? When it’s gods will it’s gods will. Shrugs shoulders.

    RE: The Claim That ‘Homo Marriage Can Defeat the Islamic State’ Is Everything You Need To Know About the Left…

    Volunteers!? Volunteers!? Any body?

    The Left are pathetic and dangerous. These barbarians would beat, rape and than kill her when the whim took them and she wants to show them fucking photos? She’s not even embarrassed she wrote that dribble.

    The Foreign Policy magazineclearly has low standards for it’s writers. But what does it say about the editor having his name associated with such embarrassing and laughable rubbish that he/she personally green lighted?

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