Diversity makes us stronger, right?

If Hillary makes it to the White House, so will Huma Abedin
Abedin has become Shrillary’s  most trusted adviser. (Actually, she is much more than that. She is also a MuBro operative. We all know that, but nobody wants to know. In other words: nothing will change.  America will still be governed by the Muslim Brotherhood.)
Explore Islam with your Muslim Neighbours!  Where else would you rather be?

The Islamic Center of Northeast Florida excitedly invites you to a night of delicious ethnic foods and discussion exploring the essence of Islam with special emphasis on the observance of Ramadan. As the never-ending headlines of our time seek to instill fear and hatred, we seek knowledge and understanding. Breaking bread, more than anything else, dispels fear and mistrust; it makes neighbors out of strangers. Please join us. Our doors are open! The Evening incudes: •Tour of the Islamic center •Special Ramadan Presentation •Hors d’oeuvres with Q & A session So dear friends please come with your appetites for ethnic food and understanding Islam! You are also encouraged to bring your friends and family.–http://www.wokv.com/…/explore-islam-with-your-musli…/eCsdTc/

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Islam is a religion of peace and the vast majority of its followers are united in their condemnation Mohammedan terror…. NOT!

Here we go again: another stinker on top of the others:

‘We must understand the social problems behind extremism and radicalisation’
by Dr Mohammed Ali, Founder and Chief Executive of QED Foundation—THETELEGRAPHANDARGUS.CO.UK
Muslims are the real victims, claims Islamo agitprop Mehdi Hasan:

“The London bombings, in fact, opened the floodgates to what has become a familiar litany of condemnation and demonisation: honour killings, sharia law, halal slaughter, FGM, gender segregation, the face veil, child sex grooming.” Objecting to young girls having their genitals hacked off, he implies here, is part of a pattern of “demonization” of Muslims.

Misrepresenting concerns about Islam won’t make society more cohesive
Recent polling found that 56% of Britons think Islam poses a threat to democracy. However this finding has been misrepresented to suggest that British people think Muslims themselves are a “threat”.
Over 42 million Muslims support Islamic State; 1.5 million in UK
Muslim cleric suspected of inspiring Tunisia jihad massacre lives on UK dole Indonesia: Jihadis recruit for Islamic State from their prison cells–JIHADWATCH.ORG|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Muslims in Paris: “Death to the Jews! Death to the Jews!” 
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12 thoughts on “Diversity makes us stronger, right?”

  1. Bililah and Hillariah Rotten-Khlintoon Al-Arkansawia work for The House of Saud.


    Welcome to Marxist Mainstream Media.

    Welcome to the manipulators and manufacturers of White-Guilt.

    Welcome to the social engineers and the creators of self-loathing, culturally suicidal White children. (By “White” I refer to not only the colour of skin, but also the Judeo-Christian/Western Anglo Saxon foundation within which varying shades of skin colour are found)

    Welcome to the devotees of those Marxist terrorists who, clad in suits and smoking pipes, mused and mumbled of things “politically correct” and walked the halls of the Frankfurt School deep in reflection on the road ahead to the fruition of their dream of the total annihilation of the democratic, capitalist West.

    In short, these Marxist terrorists understood full well that to destroy the West was almost impossible. They understood that to attempt to change the minds, the morals, the ethics and the political foundations of men and women well into adulthood was virtually impossible, in fact, utterly futile. It would be like taking a fully grown oak tree and bending it 90 degrees. Simply impossible.

    But, as well as they understood the futility of changing adult minds and politics they understood all too well the ease with which they could corrupt and forever destroy the minds of children, hence forever destroying the very foundation of the West. They knew that to succeed in destroying the West one must start by corrupting, by destroying the minds of the children and that a span of at least 6 generations would be needed with attacks of even greater depth and complexity on each subsequent generation. They called this “the long march through the institutions”. They knew that the seeds planted by men and women, planted by teachers and child care workers, planted by these men and women in positions of trust and authority, planted in the minds of these unsuspecting children and their equally unsuspecting parents, would bear the fruit that the Marxists needed to destroy the West. They were right.

    It has been at least 5 generations since the Frankfurt School graduated their class of treachery and we see their treasonous crops sown then, reaped now with such pleasure by the Marxists. And bountiful crops they are, a bounty far beyond the wildest dreams of the Marxists, a bounty far beyond our wildest nightmares.

    We can see Marxism throughout our academic infrastructure in the West. It begins in kindergarten and runs through every facet of our childrens’ education even up to the post-doctoral level.

    We see those same allies of the Marxists in our schools manifest in the media, the Marxist Mass Media. Together they strip from our children the morals, the ethics, the depth of character, the intelligence, the courage of conviction and the wilful self-determination that poses a lethal threat to the fruition of a global Marxist totalitarian state.

    Together the academic infrastructure and the Marxist Mass Media have made the vilification and the mockery of God and the clergy fashionable and sexy. They have made the derision and dismissive contempt of sexual morality fashionable and sexy. They have canonized mentally defective sexual depravity, forcing our children to worship at the alter of gut wrenching perversion. They have heaped scorn on patriotism and nationalism and endorsed treason. They have attached crippling self-hatred of our foundational culture and history. They have made our founding fathers and the incredible accomplishments of the same little more than kindling for our collective suicidal funeral pyres. They have weakened the very foundation of the West to such an extent that even the Muslim barbarians who scatter through our lands sowing mass murder and terrorism are celebrated and embraced as “culturally diverse”. Its madness on a mind numbing scale.

    The Marxists, craftsmen in hate, have managed to produce generations of western children who are filled with a hatred for their own parents, filled with a hatred of themselves, filled with a hatred of their history, filled with a hatred of their culture, filled with a hatred of their country and their people and filled with a sneering derision and contempt of all the incredible, breathtaking and magnificent accomplishments of that same culture, of that same people. The Marxists have produced legions of historically and culturally incoherent, illiterate and self-loathing pawns to be used as fodder for the destruction of the West.

    The Marxists watched with great expectation as generations of their carefully crafted instruments of Western annihilation went out into and amongst the world they so hated. They watched and waited. They were not to be disappointed.

    These last 5 or 6 generations have now produced Marxists, cultural Marxists and otherwise, that are infectiously rife in our law enforcement agencies, in our courts, in our military, in virtually every hall and meeting room of every level of bureaucracy and of course a complete saturation of the same in the media, the Marxist Mass Media.

    As for the Marxist Mass Media they have an important role, a continuing role to play. In addition to the destruction of the minds of children, that continuing role is reflected in the furtherance of propaganda designed to destroy truth, fact and reality, designed to stupefy the parents of these children, designed to instil in these same parents a fear of stigma, a fear of being ostracized and viciously persecuted should they object in the slightest to the destruction of their children.

    The Marxists understood the frailty, the inherent defect of human nature all too well, they soiled themselves with laughter as we stepped aside, lazy, fearful and ignorant, as our children were eaten alive by the Marxists and their devotees.

    Its a feeding frenzy that continues to this day.

    Its a feeding frenzy that will continue until the annihilation of the West is a fait acompli.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    Presenting MTV and their exercise in the cultivation of White-Guilt……..”White People”


    As Obama destroys the United States from within by promoting the destruction of national borders, immigration laws and blocking individual States from enforcing their own immigration laws within their own jurisdictions, Marxist city councils and Marxist bureaucracies provide further enthusiastic destruction of America through lunatic policies like “Sanctuary City”. One such city is San Fransisco.

    Kate Steinle was murdered in this “Sanctuary City” by a 5 times deported, Mexican career criminal.

    Mayor Brad Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had no response to questions regarding their complicity in the murder of Kate Steinle. (Watch the video below)

    I wrote an essay called “Traitors among us”. I referred to treasonous Marxists like Mayor Brad Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as “Sentimental Dog Catchers”

    Here is a quote regarding a course of action that could be taken by those men and women who are left with the corpses of loved ones, loved ones who are butchered by the murderous charges of the “Sentimental Dog Catchers”

    …………..”Terribly alone in the darkness of living rooms, men sit and, fingering the photographs of dead wives and children, look, through the fish-eyed lens of tear stained eyes, at those faces they will never see again. They hear the echoes of the voices of those they will never speak to again. And, awash in grief and comfortless agony, they know who is responsible for their loss and the darkness that surrounds them. They know who opened the cage doors.

    In the light of this, I ask you this question; for right or wrong and knowing it is a criminal act, would not the men, now widowed and having buried their loved ones, abandoned by the politicians elected to protect them, abandoned by the duplicitous and deceitful media, abandoned by the courts, abandoned by spineless agencies of law enforcement, abandoned by the avenues of redress held out to them as their only alternative, would not they be justified in hunting down the self righteous dog-catchers “………

    -Traitors Among Us

    So ask yourself, considering the criminal arrogance and criminal negligence of Mayor Brad Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and even through it would be a criminal act, would not the family of the murdered Kate Steinle be justified in hunting down each board member and killing them?

    Would not the justice of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth be nothing less than poetic if Mayor Brad Lee and the San Fransisco were held to fully account for the death of Kate Steinle for their criminal negligence?

    Call it what you will.

    Call it chaos, call it anarchy, call it criminality, call it vigilantism call it what you will, but when decent law abiding citizens live their lives on their knees and at the behest and contemptuous leisure of a treasonous and criminal judiciary, bureaucracy and government, and then suffer injury added to their insult as those same traitors enact policies and practices that result in the slaughter of loved ones, it is only a matter of time before those same citizens rise and snatch the life from those same traitors and then in the wake of that swift justice, turn their attention to the immigrant criminals that infest their cities and their country.

    Tough questions to ask, a tough debate to hold, tough decisions to make. Or you can not be bothered and simply tune into another episode of “Dancing With The Stars”.

    Food for thought.

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

      1. The guy with the glasses says it all really.

        Him and his ilk are very dangerous for the rest of us.

  4. Folks,
    You want Mayor Brad Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to answer for their actions and their cowardice? Then use the ballot box … that is what it is for.

    1. @Kaw,

      I read your response to my article (Rant) about Brad Lee and the Board of Supervisors, and while I am trying to avoid calling you obtuse, let me direct you to my efforts above regarding the Frankfurt School, the Cultural Marxists and the effects of the same on the population in the West. I trust, based on your recommendations to “get out and vote”, that you missed my points above entirely.

      Please think carefully about what I have written and then consider the looming futility of the ballot box Mr. Kaw.

      And to illustrate the injurious and blissful ignorance of the average American please watch the video below.

      Also Kaw, please watch the comments section in the next few days, I am trying to put together a small rambling screed that draws the similarities between the Titanic, vigilantism, assassination, nationalism, patriotism and the current state of the Western world and the befuddled denizens of the same.

      And while you consider the ballot box consider that the homosexuals are paving the roads to be traveled by pedophiles in their quest for the bodies and souls of our children. I wonder Kaw……….how are we going to “vote” ourselves out of that little quagmire?

      Read this…….I wrote it.



      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      1. @ Kaw……

        Oh, and here is Mark Dice and the average American……..on his or her way to the polling station no doubt……excuse the sarcasm please.

        I am not attacking you Kaw, simply engaged in a spirited difference of opinion.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

        1. Oh and by the way…..I am not picking on Americans, Canadians and Europeans are just as ignorant and apathetic.

          Regards, Don Laird

  5. The SF board of supervisors thought they were being clever by icing out Jesse Waters, but what they really demonstrated was a complete disrespect for the murder victim, a very beautiful young woman and an gave an even greater level of insult to the young woman’s family.

    Too bad the sanctimonious tools of SF are unable to see that.
    Today it is Kate Steinle tomorrow it could be you and yours if you do not wise up.

  6. “Communist” criminal extortionist gangsters use generalized doubl1e standards to reverse cause and effect to slander and blame their victims by pretending they are themselves victims.

    To do this, they use “GroupThink” and the Argumentum Tu Quoque to excuse all other individual criminal’s crimes by saying “They aren’t crimes because we (i.e: you) all do them, too!”

    i.e: to dilute individual culpability and guilt into a group or gang.

    Similarly, they disparage other individual’s successes, by asserting “So what? Lots of people win medals, too!”

    GroupThink Excuses are also used against The Others:

    “Your gang committed even worse crimes!” (so you’re guilty, too – and you owe us “reparations” for what someone else who sort of resembled you, once upon a time somewhere else in some distant past, did to someone who looked sort of like us!”).

    To slander other individuals by ignoring specifics is committing fraud – and it’s the hallmark of criminals (both “leftists” and “muslims”) everywhere.

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