More Ramadan Offerings

How could he get his Islam so wrong? Did he read from the bible instead of the Quran?

Nigeria: Islamic State bombs mosque where imam preached peaceful coexistence
German Chancellor at Ramadan iftar: Islam belongs in Germany
Christians fleeing Islamic State must be given ‘priority’ for asylum in Europe

That would make sense. But we can’t have that, because it makes sense.

CHRISTIANS fleeing Islamic persecution must be given “priority” over others when applying for asylum in Europe, senior Bishops said last night.–EXPRESS.CO.UK
Nigeria: Islamic State murders 13, burns 32 churches and 300 houses
32 churches burned in one day, and the U.S. Catholic bishops forbid discussion of why this is happening, and the extent to which it is happening, for fear of harming…|BY ROBERT SPENCER
BOOM: Obama Takes Credit for Kurds’ Victory Over ISIS… But Kurds Fired Back With BRUTAL Response
Brazenly taking credit that belongs to others, while not accepting blame that belongs to him…..
They weren’t going to let him get away with this lie. Good for them.
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Who says liberals don’t love America? They they just love a different America than we do! ‪#‎4thofJuly‬

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BREAKING NEWS: The Army is charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. So it’s now official — Obama traded five Taliban “generals” for a deserter.

POLL: More than 50% of Muslims in America want to live under barbaric sharia law

I don’t give a hoot for these these polls. According to Islamic doctrine, each and every Muslim has to live by the sharia, and they do. So its quite meaningless to ask them. Half of them brazenly admit it, the rest lies.

And many of them would even support the use of violence to force imposition of sharia on everyone. So much for the lies and propaganda put out by politicians…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Euronews video on the Turkish protests of Chinese resistance to Islamic reshaping of their society

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