No Muslim is a refugee. No Muslim deserves our protection

The EU’s policy on maritime refugees has gone disastrously wrong.

The next time you eat a fish from the Mediterranean, just remember that it may well have eaten a corpse. As the Italian author Aldo Busi told the press just the other day: ‘I don’t buy fish from the Mediterranean any more for fear of eating Libyans, Somalis, Syrians and Iraqis.

Africa’s boat people
The policy change, driven by a perverted mix of human decency and political correctness, was pure folly: it has acted as a green light to wannabe boat people everywhere, whose numbers soar as the chaos in Africa and the Middle East escalates.
Islamist nabbed ‘for plotting attack on Pisa leaning tower’ 
Italian police arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan man near Pisa Monday on charges of instigating Islamist terrorism and jihad (holy war) against a rash of suspected…ANSA.IT
Happy Ramadan

Activist group the Syrian Revolution General Commission said “hundreds of civilians were assembled for an Iftar gathering with the Al-Nusra Front in the Salem mosque in the west of Ariha when the blast went off during evening prayers.”

Syria mosque blast kills 25 Al-Nusra fighters 
BEIRUT: An explosion in a mosque in northern Syria killed 25 members of Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, including one of its leaders, as they attended Ramadan…| The Watchdog
Not sure if this is an actual picture or an archive photo from crucified Christians.
ISIS crucifies Syrians for breaking Ramadan fast 
“The roads are filled with crucified men who violated the group’s strict regulations during Ramadan. There are dozens of victims who remain hanged on electricity poles across the province.”
ARA News Erbil, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) crucified dozens of Syrian civilians for breaking Ramadan fast, sources in Deir ez-Zor…– ARA News
UN criticizes Hungary for new asylum bill 
The United Nations and the Council of Europe say Hungary’s new asylum bill is a blow to refugee protection-– World Bulletin
Not. Its keeping undesirable Mohammedans out. None of them is a refugee. None of them deserves protection.
Pakistan Bans Translating Allah as “God”

Muslims know that ‘Allah’ is not the God of Jews and Christians. In the West the taqiyya gigolos keep spouting this nonsense, but back in Islamistan they have long given up any pretences.

Apologists for Islam insist that Allah is the same as God and that Islam is just like Judaism and Christianity. That’s not a comparison that Muslims, outside the Taqiya spinmeisters in the US, care for.”
Clueless Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull says Islamic State is “not Hitler’s Germany, Tojo’s Japan or Stalin’s Russia” and despite the terror group’s own aspirations to world domination, “we should be careful not to say or do things which can be seen to add credibility to those delusions”.

Don’t overestimate Islamic State threat: Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull knows nothing about Islam. His intellectual incuriosity is intolerable. You never underestimate your enemy….

The threat posed by the Islamic State terror group should not be overstated and critics of new national security measures should not be denounced,…
Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on ISIS
Amid growing alarm at the threat posed to Britain, the SAS has reportedly been given ‘carte blanche’ to kill or capture the ISIS leaders –

July 5, 2015: Britain’s secret war on ISIS: Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on terror leaders inside Syria and Iraq

Intelligence sources reveal SAS has been given ‘carte blanche’ to attack
Elite force of up to 100 troops expected to be committed to the secret war
David Cameron pledged a ‘broad spectrum’ response to Tunisian massacre

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  1. “Apologists for Islam insist that Allah is the same as God”
    But that is just because they don’t spell it correctly: Al’Lah.
    As in Al-lāt, Al-‘Uzzá, etc.

    Of course, once Mo finished smashing up the rest of the dieties (which his followers are still doing) – there was only the meteorite idol one god left in the kabah.

  2. If you have a parasitic infection such as head lice, do you make it easier for more head lice to infest you, or do you wipe out the infestation?

  3. Yes muslims certainly aren’t HItler’s Nazis – because with absolutely NO tanks, planes, bombs, or machine guns, and far less than 1% or the world’s population when they started, they have still managed to murder over 270 million (a quarter billion!) innocent people so far. They make the Nazis look like boy scouts.

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