Yazidis, Outraged Muslims, Chinese, Chechens and Jihad

The UN is too busy blaming Israel for all the world’s problems, to even notice the rape and slaughter of peaceful and unarmed Yazidi’s by ISIS. Those remaining have fled through Turkey looking for a safe haven, where their treatment is not a lot better.

Yazidi sex slaves tell of the horror they have experienced at the hands of followers of Mohammed.

One, a 19-year-old mother, says she allowed her first captor who ‘bought her’ to rape her ‘whenever he wanted’ because he would beat her one-year-old baby son if she resisted. Her son was the only thing stopping her from taking her own life. Her second jailer raped an elderly mother and her daughter.

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Two teenage Yazidi sex slaves relive the horror of being ISIS slaves
EXCLUSIVE: A 19-year-old Yazidi mother (pictured) told of how she ‘gave in’ to her captor after he beat her son, one. Another woman, 25, says an ISIS fighter…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Muslims Outraged, Humiliated As Chinese Authorities Force Them To “Sin”

But its not really a problem for Muslims, because Allah is all merciful and oft forgiving….

China is by no means the epitome of freedom and democracy, but one thing’s certain — they provide absolutely no room for a religious and political ideology that subjugates all others to its inhumane law.
No matter the race, nationality, or class, Islamic elitism is consistent in every country Muslims infiltrate. Raucous calls to prayer, pompous public praying, flagrant…

Islamic radicals come to Obama’s Ukrainian Nazis defence…this could only end up well right?

Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels
Acknowledging Moscow as an enemy shared with Kiev, one leader from Chechnya said, “We never ran from our war with Russia, and we never will.”–NYTIMES
(Which has nothing to do with Islam, as we all know…)
Members of the Abu Alkian Clan in Israel are Joining ISIS
The Negev remains a ticking time bomb.
Allah is unforgiving and never merciful
Pakistan: Muslims offer bounty for murder of “blasphemer” if she is freed
Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are an ongoing human rights abuse, and the case of Asia Bibi ought to be an international scandal. But no one much cares. |BY ROBERT SPENCER

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