Poland: we will NOT be infiltrated by Muslim terrorists posing as refugees!

Read the text message exchange between an undercover reporter and Abase, a 16-year-old British teen who fled Britain and joined ISIS earlier this year.

Still feel enriched by their presence?

Mohammedans among us: each and every one of them is a liability . Most of them are undesirables.

Laugh out loud: UK schoolgirl jihadi’s reaction to Tunisian massacre
Jihadi schoolgirl Amira Abase (pictured), 16, wrote that she was laughing out loud – ‘Lol’ in text language – as Britain mourned the 30 citizens murdered on the beach…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
POLAND: “We are NOT Western Europe, we will NOT be infiltrated by Muslim terrorists posing as refugees” …
“We don’t want Muslim terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa…
West Ignoring Christian Blood on Muslim Hands
At one time, the West was a sanctuary from the iron fist of despots, and it was the hand of mercy to the innocent under persecution. But from the current circumstances in the world it appears something has changed for the worse …
Missing UK family of 12 ‘feel safe after joining Isis’

Great. Lets see how they feel when they get hit by a hellfire missile.

Statement sent to BBC rejects claims that Mannan family, not seen since 17 May, were kidnapped and forced to join Islamic State
Libya magnet for terrorists from Tunisia and beyond
Tunis: Lawless Libya has become a magnet for radical militants who receive weapons training in terrorist camps before launching deadly attacks in other countries, like last week’s beach massacre in…
Overwhelming majority of Italians say no to “refugees” 
Interviews of nearly a thousand Italians by Rai News, show that more than 8 out of 10 Italians say they do not want “refugees” brought into their country.–See More

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