“Racial Tension” (anything to deflect from Islam)

This is high crime against the people of Australia. Rejecting Islam is not creating “racial tension”. It is the first step towards self-preservation. To smear all Australians as racist bigots to placate a genocidal cult that is spreading among is beneath contempt. (SY)

Islam program to combat racial tension
WA Govt program to make community more familiar with Islam in response to growing racial tension.–AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM
Thousands Protest The U.S.-Iran Deal in Times Square
Thousands of protesters packed into Times Square Wednesday evening to demand that Congress vote down the proposed U.S. deal with Iran–TIME
Seattle officials join push for Sharia-compliant mortgages, loans

What about the Christian-compliant mortgage? What about the Jewish-compliant mortgage?
There is a real problem when we are allowing a religious minority to refuse to assimilate, and drive the agenda especially with our financial institutions.
This is pure evil!

Everywhere you look there are servile infidels wearing kneepads and their finest brown lipstick to please Mohammedan invaders who have nothing but contempt for them.
The BBC Really Wants You to Believe the Qur’an Is Authentic
…and will bend the truth to convince you.
The BBC makes a habit out of force-feeding the Licence-Payer whatever line suits its Leftist Agenda: Trying to morally validate Multi-Culturalism, at the expense of Intellectual Integrity; acting as an Apologist for Radical Islam; welcome to the BBC, British Bullshit Corporation   – FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Turkish leader’s daughter heads secret ISIS hospital

Erdogan supporting ISIL? Strike me down with a feather!

A former nurse has revealed she was employed at a secret Turkish hospital used to treat wounded ISIS soldiers near the Syrian border, run by Sumeyye Erdogan, daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. –WND.COM
Hundreds of migrants clamber on board packed trains in Macedonia

Nobody pretends they are ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘refugees’ anymore. The lame stream media simply calls them ‘migrants’, as if they had a god-given right to wander the globe in search of greener pastures. This is high treason against the indigenous Europeans of a magnitude  that is unprecedented in human history. (SY)

Hundreds of desperate migrants filled the Gevgelija station in Macedonia today as they tried to board a train for Serbia and get one step closer to countries in…