Since When Do We Need a Mohammedan Polit-Kommissar for the Australian Navy?

Did you know that the Chief of Navy has a “Strategic Advisor on Islamic Cultural Affairs?”

That’s not what I would call her.

But let it sink in for a moment: the Aussie gov’t,  which is supposedly ‘conservative’,  imposes a Mohammedan polit-Kommissar to monitor that no one on board ever says anything critical of Islam or Muslims.

Her name is Captain Mona Shindy and she is pictured below in the Islamic uniform of the Royal Australian Navy:

15 things the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor has to say
First Defence appointed an imam that publicly supports Hizb ut Tahrir. Now the Navy’s Islamic Advisor claims the government should provide more mosques.–BERNARDGAYNOR.COM.AU

2 thoughts on “Since When Do We Need a Mohammedan Polit-Kommissar for the Australian Navy?”

  1. Sick, sick sick of kowtowing to muslims and islam. Every day we witness Oz being sold down the gurgler whether it be the special navy appointees, or Australian federal police islamic dinners or government meetings with imams etc etc. 2.2% of Australia yet boy, are they ruling the roost. Time to grow a spine like Japan and say no more to their values and to their continued immigration .

  2. All 15 things are wrong.

    Especially number 3 on the hijab.

    If she was correct why are not all muslim women wearing it including Dr Anne Aly of Curtin University.

    She may be right about” commonalities between the sects, Sunni-Shiite ,significantly outweigh the differences..”

    ,especially when it come to Infidels or Kuffars

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