Reclaim Australia Rallies Around the Country

One group was Reclaim Australia, and the other comprised protesters largely organised by the Socialist Alternative and Socialist Party who tried to shout down Reclaim Australia protesters, intimidate them and at times physically attack them. The whole point of the socialist rally was to stop the Reclaim Australia one.  – Andrew Bolt
The kind of tolerance that makes citizens too terrified to speak

Do you think the Age reporter will understand his non-sequitur if I just highlight in in bold? Or is this an ideological failing, not linguistic?

The left-wing counter demonstrations on Spring Street on Saturday were aimed at stopping anti-Islam protesters from speaking out, but their message of tolerance appears to have been lost with four people arrested – one who is expected to be charged with assault. (Andrew Bolt)

Fears Australian extremism could escalate
Aust race discrimination commissioner has called for calm following anti-Islam and anti-racism protests.

Australia’s race discrimination commissioner fears the country could be headed for another Cronulla-type riot if extremists get too much encouragement and exposure.

Do you agree?

We need to start a petition to get rid of this insufferable bullshitter.Tim Soutphommasane is obviously a paid stooge of the Islamo lobby.
More from the Cairns rally:
Patriot and organiser Bill Schutz

Quote……..The linked blog post by Mackay’s Robb Kidd (of Zinc FM) is a pretty fair take on the Reclaim Australia rally in Mackay yesterday. Even as an impartial reporter of the event he’s been targeted. Sad.

The patriots and speakers of the Cairns rally: Fiona, Bill and Kim

And here the rabble:

This smelly creature was just annoying people with unintelligible BS, just to show you the quality of our detractors…..

Trying to reason with these lunatics is like trying to administer medicine to the death. Its not their cause, but these bludgers are making it their cause. And they think they are the enlightenment.
The leftoids were noisy and annoying, organised by local Labor dipstick Rob Payne, who probably paid them to appear. He thinks its about “diversity”, he couldn’t be more wrong.
Reclaim Australia: How did local radio cover, reflect and react?
Saturday violence erupted on the streets of Melbourne with capsicum spray and plenty of arrests. Sunday a number of regional markets were the next rally… WWW.RADIOTODAY.COM.AU
Nationwide rallies as protesters reject ‘spread of Islam’
Federal government back­bencher George Christensen and One Nation founder Pauline Hanson have used rallies in Queensland to urge greater vigilance against Islamic extremism, shrugging off claims the Reclaim Australia movement is racist…
Aussie police use pepper spray on protestors

 The police felt the need to spray the overly aggressive self proclaimed ‘anti-fascists’ with pepper spray, because as usual, it was them who did the violence.  Also of note, the leftists brought milk with them. Which means they expected to be pepper sprayed, which means they came to do violence. (Notice the Pali scarf at 1:42) Thanks to Vlad Tepes
Piers Akerman: Getting it wrong on right-wing extremists and jihadists


THE ABC’s favourite counter-terrorism “expert”, Dr Anne Aly, an apologist for the ­deluded convicted criminal and terror sympathiser Zaky Mallah, claims violent right-wing extremism in Australia is rapidly reaching dangerous levels.

Taxpayers are set to fork out over a quarter of a million dollars following violent riots yesterday in Victoria.–See More

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  1. LNP MP George Christensen for the Mackay Reclaim Australia rally … said
    (and a Hearfelt thanks George for NOT heeding the ‘petitioners’ – from ALL Civilised Society)
    In this country, we also enjoy the right to peaceful assembly. We all have the right to be here today, protesting in a peaceful way against the dangers of Radical islam …
    (as the ‘Radical islam’ – IS islam)
    … and the culture of appeasement that allows radical extremism to fester. That culture of appeasement to Radical islam …
    (as the ‘Radical islam’ – IS islam)
    … dictated that I should not speak here today for fear of giving you credibility – as if your voice would otherwise have no value.

    – RADICAL islam IS islam !!!

    RADICAL islam IS islam !!!
    There is only ONE islam and it is the –Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful– Radical islam …
    (as the ‘Radical islam’ – IS islam)
    … The One AND Only Version of islam !!!

    The Version of islam that has to AND wants to …
    1. Convert to islam ALL NON-islams
    2. Subjugate under islam ALL NON-islams who won’t convert – includes a remaining lifetime of paying a 50% tax to islam !
    3. Kill ALL non-islams who don’t convert AND won’t be Subjugated !

    So – Why are islam Appeasers and Radical islam …
    (as the ‘Radical islam’ – IS islam)
    … STILL in Australia !!!
    … STILL Tolerated – anywhere !!!

    These Radical islam “things” are Willingly Commanded to
    1. Convert You (make us Criminals just like them) … or …
    2. Subjugate You (enslave us to THEM) … or …
    3. Kill You (if we don’t or won’t do as THEY demand of us)

    Self Defence is a Basic Human Preservation Tactic against “things” !!!

    So why are these “anti Reclaim Australia” rent-a-crowd so suicidal
    1. are ‘they’ Lemmings
    2. are ‘they’ future islam converts/”reverts”
    3. are ‘they’ just no futures
    4. are ‘they’ owners of Damaged Brain-Minds

    (The Twit) Dylan LLOYD (featured in video at 0.06 and 0.25 and again 1.17 and YET again 1.26)
    … and (Twat) Mish POWELL (also featured in video at 0.42)
    – “hubris in action”
    at “Reclaim Australia group and protesters clash in Sydney” video link below !

    1. Two more for the (Coming Soon) Internment Camps in Australia for Traitors Subversives and Seditioners !!

  2. 7 News Melbourne
    Taxpayers are set to fork out over a quarter of a million dollars following violent riots yesterday in Victoria.
    Three people have been arrested as anti-islam groups and anti-racism groups clash in protests in Sydney and Brisbane following a day of violence in Victoria yesterday.

    Send the bill to the anti-Protestors
    … and if a stating point is wanted to hunt them down
    … start here

  3. So little coverage of your rallies in dreamland [ NZ ] I try to bring attention to what you good people are doing, unfortunately , our biggest paper becomes more like a women’s magazine everyday. Most of our papers are Fairfax owned. The only independent paper in a larger centre is the ODT. The Otago Daily times based in Dunedin, so if anyone ever wants to get anything meaningful printed here , this paper is the best bet. One of our few remaining investigative journos is Martin Van Beynen at the Press CHCH.
    Egyptian Christians say NZ will be an absolute walkover for the mussies.. I do my little bit , but most people are very unaware.
    Good on you all..Brave people.

    1. Yes, I believe NZ will go the way of the Dodo. There is next to no natural resistance mechanism to a vile ideology such as Islam. Is there anyone speaking out at all, in public?

    2. Leave your link and info on Reclaim Australia page on fb and United Patriots Front pls.

      I was at Newcastle Reclaim Rally and it was peaceful because Police kept the opposition (Islam supporters at opposite end of the park and did a great job. There were children there and we were able to have conversation s listen to great speakers and many were educated on the vile teachings of Islam. It was a great rally. Its the Opposition – Islam supporters most of whom have no idea of its teachings who are causing problems violence etc assaulting elderly – terrible. They need to learn respect.


  4. Sheik ,
    I am about the only person I know in NZ who does anything!! and I mean anything!! Awhile back , I got a silly bint shut down.. In the course of this , I met Martin v B. He is a very good writer and is fearless , tho older like many of us.
    A friend’s recent inane comment made me want to live in Aussie , for the first time in my life..I just felt like the people around me are not worth fighting for , not worth standing up for.. This sounds serious.. It is.!! I have been on a one woman campaign for well over a decade. But it seems I am not in a country , I am in a ”deep sleep ” programme!!
    Any suggestions? Thanks..

  5. Wazir..
    You are out of touch. Hardly any sheep in NZ.. All cows now and everyday , an increasing number of Aussies moving here. The tide has turned. Perhaps the Aussies think they are escaping islam…No chance!

    Thanks very much. Chris.. will follow /up.

  6. Muslim community leader and Belmore, Sydney GP Dr.Jamal Rifi says:

    in The Telegraph on July 22 2015

    “Extremists are as bad as each other.They profess to be expert in sharia law and what happens in mosques and Muslim women’s oppression yet I doubt Reclaim Australia have set foot inside a mosque or had a conversation with a Muslim woman.”

    I wonder which extremists is he talking about in Reclaim Australia or anyone on the non Islam side? Who are they? Did they disrupt with violence any free speech event? If so, when and how did they do it? What did they say or do that makes them also extremists? (“bad as each other”)

  7. Their ”minders” do not usually let muslim women converse with non muslims , so he is talking rubbish.
    Who wants to go to a mosque anyway?.
    ”By their fruits , you shall know them.”
    Endless violence on every news channel anywhere in the world , anytime of the day or night!! What is there to learn??

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