Once again, brother Anjem tells the truth to an incredulous RT presenter:

London-based imam Anjem Choudary, told RT the geopolitical maneuvers of IS in Iraq and Syria are a direct repercussion of a “detrimental” US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Anjem Choudary knows his Koran. As always, he doesn’t beat around the bush and is not apprehensive about stating his views to the public. Have we accepted Islam as being a violent pro-murder religion? Must we remain slient as they spew their views on killing others? Am I the only one who’s nauseated by this “tolerance”?

In the Wake of Chattanooga Jihad Massacre, Empire State Building Celebrates Muslim Holy Day
In the Wake of Chattanooga Jihad Massacre, Empire State Building Celebrates Muslim Holy Day.  ByPamela Geller on July 18, 2015 Advancing Islamic Lies…

Here we go …. in the wake of every Islamic attack comes attendant second wave of attacks on Americans — cries of “islamophobes” “backlash” and faked hate. Why aren’t these mosques instituting programs teaching against jihad and jihad recruitment? The mosques behind these jihad attacks attack the victims and demand those that oppose jihad be silenced.

“We don’t know that Muhammad is a Muslim name”

 But don’t be drawing any conclusions from that. Yesterday, after CNN had informed its viewers that the killer’s name was Muhammad, a genius called Tom Fuentes was anxious to clarify:

We don’t know that it’s a Muslim name.

That may be, literally, true. Thanks to the enforcers of political correctness, there may indeed be millions and millions of people in America who don’t know that Muhammad’s a Muslim name. (Mark Steyn) 10153679_834130850065511_507406772351594314_n

Chattanooga Shooter’s Sister Describes Herself as ‘Palestinian’, Is An Anti-Israel Activist
The Chattanooga shooter’s sister, Yasmeen Abdulazeez, is a self-described “Palestinian Muslim”… (Is there even one Muslim who is not “an anti-Israel activist?”)


Hooper whines about that “backlash”

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Hamas front Council on American-Islamic Relations, told USA TODAY anti-Muslim hate crimes across the U.S. make it difficult to relax and enjoy the holiday.

“We’re dealing with this almost on a daily basis,” Hooper said. “We hope that the larger society supports the ending of these crimes.”

Hooper cited an incident in New York on Tuesday, where the New York Police Department said a man punched a woman and yelled anti-Muslim sentiments at her. The 19-year-old woman suffered a fractured jaw from the incident. (BS on steroids.)

“Extremists…have given Islam a bad name, but…have no connection with the religion”
This is the kind of article that the mainstream media churns out by the pound after every jihad attack, and there is nothing striking or unusual about this one …|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Remembering the fallen in the Chattanooga attacks
Remembering the fallen in the Chattanooga attacks 2015-07-18 | Kate Belz Tell Congress: Our Soldiers Need Sidearms! Whether motivated by terrorism or mental illness, attackers are targeting our troops. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and…


Here is an excellent article on INTERFAITH COOPERATION from
“Australia Wake Up”  See More

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    Perhaps a few of us remember the little “Prayer Jihad” commenced by a pair of verminous Muslims atop the Empire State Building. After they were arrested and escorted off the building they went from “Muslim Prayer Jihad” to “Muslim Lawfare Jihad”……..

    I wrote about that.


    This is quite typical of Muslims as they are sublime and crafty beyond all reasonable and liberal estimations.

    Muslims are enthusiastic lovers of symbolism.

    From the childishly ridiculous symbolism found in their gloating and prideful interpretation of superiority resulting from a greeting offered first by a non-Muslim to an assumption, again, of superiority over a non-Muslim who simply exercised common courtesy and opens a door allowing them to enter first.

    To the insidious and conniving symbolism as reflected in their naming of the Ground Zero Project (a mosque to be built on the Ground Zero site in New York City) as the Cordoba Project. This name, Cordoba, referred to a Catholic church in Cordoba, Spain that was converted to a mosque during massive violent invasions and conquests of countries across Europe at the hands of the expansionist invading Muslim armies.

    Again, symbolism is everything to Muslims.

    This Muslim family knew full well what they were doing, from the time of day to the selection of their target in relation to its importance on the skyline of New York City, made more so in the absence of the World Trade Center.

    So now, the World Trade Center obliterated, what better way to render the Islamification of New York City a fait accompli by turning an iconic American landmark into a 103 story high mosque?

    These Muslims knew exactly what they were doing, and they did exactly what they intended. This was premeditated. This was strategic. This was tactical. FACT.

    They knew that, either outcome, praying or thrown out of the Empire State Building, they would win. The latter being true, they simply reached for the weapon of Lawfare, a Muslim favorite. FACT.

    The oft used weapon of Lawfare, a favorite tool in the war chest of the proponents and participants in the Grand Jihad, illustrates the weakened condition we are in and it’s a condition growing exponentially worse with each passing minute. FACT.

    Lawfare is just one facet of a body of tactics which, collectively, has produced results beyond the Grand Jihadists wildest expectations.

    Lawfare is yet another facet of the Muslim’s dexterous manipulation of existing democratic legislation, legislation that was wrought from a sincere democratic and humanitarian effort to protect the citizens in a democracy, to protect bonafide legitimate participants in that democracy. It was never intended to be used as a weapon to destroy the very instrument, the very society and culture which gave birth to those privileges and protections. In other words, our humanity is a weapon to be used against us. FACT.

    Speaking to Muslim public prayer.

    What public prayer is NOT, REPEAT NOT, to a Muslim, is a simple, meek, mild, humble and peace loving soul offering prayers and utterances for the betterment of humanity with hopes for peaceful and loving coexistent between all Mankind. FACT.

    Public prayer to a Muslim is, in accordance with the demands of Islam and its mass murdering creator, the false prophet and poisonous lunatic Muhammad, an act of intimidation, of aggression, of domination, of a statement of superiority, of coercion and in many cases acts as a prelude to murder and violence toward non-Muslims. FACT.

    Public prayer by Muslims coupled with the wearing of the Hijab or the laughable tactic of applying the Islamic “certification” of foods as “Halal”, is designed to remind the non-Muslim that they are, at all times and in all ways, inferior to Muslims. FACT.

    To the confusion and detriment of non-Muslims, Islam comes wrapped in the robes of a bonafide religion, shrieking and demanding all of the benefits, privileges and protections offered the same. But it is not a religion, but is a totalitarian, supremacist, predatory and parasitic political ideology that seeks at all costs and in all ways, global domination. FACT.

    In order to achieve the clearly and oft stated goal of global domination the Muslims’ will, in addition to the distracting, farcical, false, sanctimonious and pious acts of praying in public, use the tools of infiltration, distraction, deceit, destruction, propaganda, manipulation, threats, lawfare, intimidation, coercion, crimes against property and persons, violence, murder and terrorism in order that, step by step, they facilitate the ends of the Grand Jihad and, on the ashes of all Western democracies, raise the Global Islamic Caliphate. FACT.

    The reality is that, and its a reality becoming clearer with each passing day, is that Islam is completely incompatible with Western democratic values and is, further, completely incapable of coexisting peacefully any non-Muslims within that same Western democracy. As such, this conflict will continue as it has for over 1400 years until either we here in the West are rendered sodomized, subservient and subordinate to our Islamic masters with their boots on our necks and their gun barrels to our heads, or, alternatively, we have removed every last Muslim from our midst, permanently, and wiped, again permanently, every single last shred and vestige of Islam from North America and Europe. (It should come as no surprise to those who know me that I dream of and seek the latter.) FACT!!!!!

    I leave you with a hypothetical parting thought.

    Considering the Muslim and their love of symbolism, what symbolic gesture would they have wrought from watching this entire family, snatched by patriot Americans, then, without hesitation, unceremoniously, thrown to their deaths from the top of the Empire State building for the outrageous and injurious criminal act of smearing their 7th century filth and theo-fanatical lunacy on an American icon?

    What sort of symbolism would this provocative and viciously litigious Muslim family infer as they plummeted to their deaths some 103 stories below?

    What sort of symbolism would this represent to all the other Muslims in North America as they were treated to full colour photographs of the shattered, jellified bodies of their brethren heaped up at the bottom of the Empire State building?

    Would they, urged on by treasonous and seditious groups like CAIR, the MB and so many others, flock like lemmings to join their brethren or would they realize that Westerners had finally run out of patience and they would start quickly and quietly packing their bags and planning their one-way trips back to their Islamic homes away from home?

    Food for thought……..on the long way down to that sudden stop at the bottom.

    After all, how could this Muslim family complain as to their fate as that same fate is what was good enough for hundreds and hundreds of miserable, terrified souls who, being roasted alive on the top floors of the World Trade Center, chose a merciful end, begged God’s forgiveness and threw themselves into oblivion and to their deaths.

    How tragic and obscene that the fire of unquenchable outrage lit by the murder of over 3000 innocent souls on 9-11 has burned down to smouldering embers of sullen, cowardly indignation and apathetic indifference as we stand by and watch Muslims continue their jihad in America.

    How utterly obscene.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. This is vulgar and in poor taste. It is very insensitive, what does the Empire state building do for the Christian, Sikhs, Jews and their holy holidays?

    BTW, anyone know if the WH had it’s flag at half mass? For the murder that occurred in TN?

  3. Public Proclamation !
    World Over-Supply of mosque unfriendly Bulldozers !
    World Over-Supply of islam unfriendly fire arms !
    World Over-Supply of islam unfriendly Humans !

  4. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


    (Watch the video and listen to the wording, the camps are almost here!!!)



    Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, that day is almost here.

    I have advocated M.A.I..D, which is


    We are almost there, selective and mass arrests and deportations are just around the corner, with summary execution of the filthy Muslim for resisting.

    We are almost there, armed with legislative and legal mechanisms, kicking in the doors to the Muslim homes and mosques and dragging this vermin kicking, screaming, whimpering, whining, moaning and threatening out into the streets and into trucks for removal.

    We are almost there, as in the case of the Chattanooga Muslim mass murderer, the mosque he went to would be razed to the ground with every Muslim who ever attended this mosque arrested and arrests moving to all relatives of the shooter up to and including 6 degrees of separation. No need to mention that all assets to be liquidated with the proceeds going to a USA military widows and orphans fund.

    We are almost there, I knew this day would arrive, and God himself won’t be able to lend them a hand were I ever in command of one of those internment camps.

    We are almost there and I can hardly wait.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


      This must be a joke, seriously, but the sad reality is that no, this is no joke.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown, Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

    2. Don,

      I don’ think they quite dare yet, but as you say, internment is absolutely on it’s way.

      Shamefully, There is no hiding the Lefts desire for a neoCommunistic world in the year 2015. After 100 plus years of repeated failure, Communism should be cosigned to the dust bin history by now.

      Sadly, here, is one disgusting example of the resurgence of Neo-Communism tactics, in a country we thought would never raise the red flag…the United States.

      Clearly following in the Soviet practice of denouncing and discrediting it’s adversaries as being mentally unsound. Judge rules Obama Critic needs Psych assessment.

      See Link:

      1. @Hill,

        The Internment Camps are on their way but we must remove one of the obstacles to those camps and that is the Marxist that is rife throughout our law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the bureaucracy and the media. That will be the biggest obstacle of all.

        Regards, Don Laird


    So happy that you changed the SUBMIT button to POST COMMENT.

    Sensible move when you consider Islam means to submit. Islam does not mean peace.

    Every time I made a comment before I thought I conducting an Islamic religious procedure.

  6. “We don’t know that Muhammad is a Muslim name”

    OK,then is ok to draw Muhammad cartoons because that has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims

    1. @Kaw,

      With respect, it is your brand of hand wringing capitulation, your refusal to be realistic, your refusal to understand that this conflict will come to blood, your refusal to set aside your humanity, the very humanity that the Muslim is using as a weapon to slaughter us, and deal with the Muslim expeditiously, effectively and all of that with a sense of permanence and finality, it is all of that that is the hallmark of that which has brought us to this point in time at which we are on our knees with the boot and the knife of the Muslim on our necks.

      This is, in a couple of words, ridiculous and suicidal.

      This is Chamberlainesque lunacy.

      Still you would deal “humanely” with that which seeks to butcher your family, your friends and neighbours and countrymen.

      How rich. How Liberal. How Marxist. How utterly beyond contempt.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  7. Re: “Here we go …. in the wake of every Islamic attack comes attendant second wave of attacks on Americans — cries of “islamophobes” “backlash” and faked hate. ”



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