And now, the obligatory “backlash” song and dance

Islamic-Society-of-Greater-Chattanooga3New York Times: Mosque of Chattanooga jihad killer braces for backlash

Ihsan Bagby, an associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky, spoke of “the shock that there’s a kid who seems to grow up in the shadow of the Muslim community and yet chooses a path of extremism and violence that nobody taught them in the community. It’s a betrayal of the community.”

So we are to believe that the Muslims who are — by their own account — most fervent and devout are adhering to a form of Islam that is completely foreign to the Islam taught in their local mosques, and that they grew up hearing. What a strange phenomenon! Yet no one seems in the least curious about how it came to be. (Robert Spencer has more)

Nothing to do with Islam

Pat Condell – The death rattle of a dhimmi society.

What a nice Muslim family, really:

Chattanooga Jihad Murderer’s Family: Polygamy, Jew-Hatred, and Wife Beating – Wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’  (Pamela Geller)

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Afghanistan’s destroyed Buddhas rise again with 3D light projection

That’s only possible because western forces are still there . Once they are gone,  the artists will be gone too:

Fourteen years after the massive statues were destroyed by the Taliban, artists have animated the Buddhas with 3D light projection technology.–BY SAM LITTLEFAIR WALLACE
Isis chief bans extremist group from releasing anymore violent videos
al-Baghdadi is said to have sent a letter to all of his media offices saying they were no longer allowed to show graphic, violent scenes in the depraved videos they… DAILY MAIL

Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI
The FBI failed to stop another terror attack, this time in Chattanooga, and the pressure building on the bureau from President Obama’s reckless immigration policies may be reaching a boiling point, say security experts.–WND.COM
Obama of the Muslim Brotherhood:


Sher: We know that Obama has appointed multiple members of the Muslim Brotherhood to high levels within the US government. We also know that some—if not many—of these appointments have actually been in the area of US national security! As the Brotherhood is the parent organization of al-Qaeda and Hamas—to name only two terrorist organizations—what in the world could Obama be thinking? Do you see Obama working to establish the USA as part of the burgeoning Marxist Islamic Caliphate?

Amil: It is chancy thing to guess people’s motive. What is more telling is the person’s actions and the consequences of the actions. We see that Obama has been steering the country toward more government, greater redistribution of wealth, and more dependency on government micromanaging people instead of serving them to realize their own highest potential. Obama ‘s actions clearly show his drive to remake the U.S. into a socialist state.

As for his actions relating to Islam, we can go back and revisit in utter disbelief and watch him bow to the Saudi king, the titular head of Islamdom.

Furthermore, on numerous occasions he has spoken effusively of Islam, has allowed the mullahs to keep on racing to become a nuclear state and oftentimes berated Israel. Obama’s actions in both fronts, socialization of the country and promotion of Islam, are encyclopedic and cannot be covered in this brief statement. But, to label the president as such, to utter, “Obama is a Marxist,” is to open yourself to ridicule. People would rather dismiss than hear the truth, would rather live a lie and suffer its consequences than puncture their self-affirming facade.

We must allow all the facts, which speaks volumes: Didn’t President Obama go around the Muslim heartland and sing the praises of Islam at every stop? Didn’t he bow with great deference to the King of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Didn’t he proudly proclaim Islam as the faith of his dear and near kindred? Didn’t he, time and again, tell us that Islam is indeed the religion of peace? Didn’t he with his captivating oratory skills cite passages from the Quran to show how reverent he was toward this religion? Didn’t he appoint a raft of “devoted” Muslims to sensitive and high posts in government?

In his Cairo speech, didn’t he blatantly mislead the world on how “Islam has been a part of America from the very beginning……….” misleading again about “Islam’s magnificent history, its contributions to art, architecture, math, science etc.” Didn’t the Obama administration pull back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive? Paving the way to exonerate Islam of any wrong doing, e.g. Maj Nidal Malik Hasan’s jihadist directed murder of 13 U.S. service personnel at Ft. Hood characterized as ‘workplace violence’? Didn’t he eliminate traditional National Day of Prayer, yet throws a lavish dinner marking the end of Ramadan in our White House?

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  1. It is not a “betrayal of the coummunity”. It is an accurate portrayal of the muslim community at large who are hiding the jihadists in the their midst and enabling them to carry out the killings, muders and rapes of the kuffars when the time is right.

  2. Knock! Knock!
    Who’s There ?
    The Backlash you ordered !

    (and to show non-racism and non-bigotness – the islam Appeasers as well as the Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islams are also included in the Final Backlash ! )

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