The Misguided Adventures of Sarah Hanson Young

Hanson-Young repeats the horror in the Mediterranean

Andrew Bolt


YOU’D think Sarah Hanson-Young would shrivel in shame at the drowned boat people on her conscience.

But, no, “accidents happen, tragedies happen”, the Greens senator chirruped when asked in 2011 if she took moral responsibility for the then Labor-Greens government luring hundreds of boat people to their deaths at sea.

And now she’s helping to repeat in the Mediterranean exactly the tragedies we saw in the seas between Australia and Indonesia before the Abbott Government ended the horror.

This week Hanson-Young was on a millionaire’s ship between Italy and Libya, using some of her taxpayer-supplied overseas study allowance to join an expedition that encourages the people smugglers plying a deadly trade.

Of course, she doesn’t see it that way.


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Sarah Hanson-Young tells a gullible and unquestioning ABC host, Fran Kelly, that the “refugees” she is “rescuing” are generally foreign workers trapped in Libya by the militias. People smugglers tell a different story – they are taking truckloads of illegal immigrants over the Sahara for shipment to Italy.


In other news:

Italian police placed twelve migrants under house arrest after an inmates’ revolt at an refugee center in Sicily. The revolting migrants were angry because they hadn’t received their daily pocket money since the beginning of July. (From GoV)

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  1. Here we have a little example of the Marxist Mainstream Media manipulation of public sentiment with the Marxist Left wringing a few tears from the audience by putting front and center a “Palestinian” who weeps, whimpers and wonders why she and essentially, all Arabs, are not welcome in overwhelming numbers throughout Europe and the West.

    The girl bursts into tears and Angela Merkel would seem heartless if she didn’t rush to her side to dab away those crocodile tears and swing the immigration doors to Germany open wide.

    Sickening manipulation of public sentiment and one question arises……..why would any politically and racially pure and superior Arab and Muslim want to come to Europe and the West and mix with the filthy kuffar non-Muslims.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Hanson-Young repeats the horror in the Mediterranean

    Epitaph Reads …
    Murdered by those she Loved …

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    Defines Treason as . . . .
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    4.4 Under section 80.1 a person commits treason if he or she:
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