True Islam and the morons who just don’t get it

11717439_1626163044289939_7295746020837334580_oJimmy Barnes and his Left Wing Violent Bigot Public Relations Manager Rina Ferris….
Everybody seen today the disgusting comments from Jimmy Barnes in relation to the Patriots and the true Hard “working class men” in Australia.
Chattanooga Shooter Failed to See That True Islam Rejects Violence

Unknown-2Salaam Bhatti in TIME mag spews the same vomit that Muslims have been telling naive infidels for 1400 years. 5 dead Marines would be to differ.

Geller: Obama ‘Importing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslims From Jihad Nations Without Vetting Them’
Sean Hannity interviews Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer regarding Obama’s Islamic roots and how he constantly rewrites history in glorifying imaginary contributions by Muslims–NEWZVIDS.COM
ISIS Transforming Into Functioning State That Uses Terror as Tool
The Islamic State is gaining a capacity to govern. But while it still relies on brutality, the shift may have the West rethinking a military-first strategy.–NYTIMES.COM|BY TIM ARANGO
Brilliant video on the hidden history of Islamic slave raids on Christian Europe
  The REAL history they DON’T teach in our schools. Watch, and you’ll see why! …
“Mass Immigration Is Conscious Occupation Of Europe” – 
Hungarian policemen have caught a record 4235 illegal immigrants across the country from Friday to Sunday, including 270 children.
Kerry says Iran vow to defy U.S. is “very disturbing”
DC: Muslim accused of fundraising and recruiting for jihad terror group |BY ROBERT SPENCER
Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI
Expansive visa programs make it ‘impossible to track them all’ The FBI failed to stop another terror attack, this time in Chattanooga, and the pressure building on the bureau from President Obama’s reckless immigration policies may be…

Shamed Into it, Obama finally orders flags lowered to honor Tennessee Jihad murder victims marines

8 thoughts on “True Islam and the morons who just don’t get it”

  1. Jimmy Barnes and his Left Wing Violent Bigot Public Relations Manager Rina Ferris …
    have (by their own efforts) been entered into the list for …
    The Coming Internment/Deportation Camps …
    along with the islam Appeasing
    • Politicians
    • Politicals
    • Local Government Councillors
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Twits n Twats

    … as the olde joke about being sucked off the train station goes
    … (hell – I have actually forgotten the joke)
    … anyway here’s a funny picture about it
    … c’mon train !!

  2. Could do better and have on on top of the picture of Jimmy Barnes:


    rather than


  3. Salaam Bhatti in Time on Abdulazeez the terrorist who murdered the 4 marines and injured others:

    “His tunnel vision did not let him see that Muhammad’s companions were army generals in self-defense only. They defended against aggressors who advanced to wipe Muslims off the face of the Earth.”

    How can Salaam Bhatti honestly say this when Muslim history by Muslims say the opposite and how does TIME magazine allow this BS?

    In any event you do not conquer large amounts of territory in self defense.

    There was not need to go to Spain or India in self defense as there no Muslims there in the first place.

    The aggressors were the Muslims..

  4. The sexually deviant and mentally defective Marxists (excuse the redundancy) revel in their new found power and threaten physical violence on national television with absolute impunity.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Security firm Wilson Security apologises to Sarah Hanson-Young after Greens senator was spied on …”

    WHAT !!!
    (Wilson Security – retract you apology !!! )
    … Sarah Hanson-Young (POS) is a security risk to ALL Australians Australia AND Humanity !!!
    … Sarah Hanson-Young (POS) is GUILTY (by her own words AND action) as is also Rina Ferris (POS) of …

    How is this POS (Sarah Hanson-Young) NOT incarcerated !
    How is this POS (Rina Ferris) NOT incarcerated !
    How is this POS (James Dixon Swan – (ie. Jimmy Barnes)) NOT incarcerated !
    … and another one just for (our) good luck
    How is this POS (James Steven Demetre Georgiou – (ie. Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens)) NOT incarcerated !

    Remove the income of James Dixon Swan
    – (Jimmy Barnes – POS)

    Remove the income of James Steven Demetre Georgiou
    – (Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens – Double POS)

  6. Jimmy Barnes works with (or worked ) Deepak Chopra.( a nut case who used his name /brand to become an expert on terrorism!)

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