FBI Admits Terror Investigations in All 50 States…

What a relief to know that none of it has anything to do with Islam….

Drowned Out
UK’s Cameron insists Islam is a peaceful religion, but “strong, positive Muslim voices…are being drowned out”


Camoron is part of the problem:

UK Prime Minister Cameron’s speech had a lot of the expected politically correct cop-outs in it; the constant use of “extremism”, the apologetics for Islam and the Muslims are the biggest victims of ISIS stuff. At the same time, he referenced (briefly) the sex grooming scandal, Tower Hamlets and shot down CAGE. And he did what few Western leaders have done, put the onus on Muslims.

It’s a deeply flawed speech and yet there are truths here that few Republican candidates would dare to speak. For all his Muslim apologetics, Cameron rejects blowback and puts the burden of responsibility on Muslims for joining ISIS, not on the West for “making them do it.” And he discusses, honestly, why they do it. This is not the stuff you tend to see Western leaders saying.

Muslims advise PM:

If David Cameron wants to tackle radicalisation, he should address inequality (and all the rest of the usual chaff, including … islamophobia!)  More on the muslim race into which everyone was born (according to the false prophet), along with the I word, at The Guardian thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Kerry says Iran vow to defy U.S. is “very disturbing”

I am sure when the next terrible jihad event occurs and it’s coming, the media, law enforcement and academic elites will be scratching their heads (and who knows what else), trying to figure out the motive.–PAMELA GELLER

Italy: Police arrest two Islamic State supporters after they threaten landmarks in Rome and Milan
“We are in your streets. We are everywhere. We are locating targets, waiting for time X.” When time X comes, how will European leaders react? By assuring us…|BY ROBERT SPENCER

Kirrallee from Halal Choices An excerpt from her speech:

More than 70% of chicken processed in Australia is halal certified. Less than 5% of this is exported, primarily to non-Muslim markets. No one can explain why these companies are paying around $40,000 a year to be halal certified when the primary market is non-Muslims. No one seems to be able to explain why there are around 6-7 Muslim only, men only halal slaughterers are employed to pray and observe on site. Most slaughtering is done by a ma

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Halal Choices's photo.
Europe’s Great Migration Crisis
Europe’s migration crisis is exposing the deep divisions that exist within the European Union.–GATESTONEINSTITUTE.ORG|BY SOEREN KERN
“Backlash” in France?
The French Council for the Muslim Religion warned of an increase in Islamophobic attacks and threats in France during the first six months of the year, rising by four-folds than in 2014. … More on  allah’s terror-striking at The Siasat Daily thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Nobody should be arrested for putting “offensive posters” on a mosque

A man has been arrested after allegedly putting up offensive posters at an Islamic meeting place on the Sunshine Coast.A man has been arrested after allegedly putting up offensive posters at an Islamic meeting place on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Marc C. Johnson

A man has been ordered to face court after allegedly putting up offensive posters on an Islamic prayer room on the Sunshine Coast.

Police said the 64-year-old Yaroomba man put up two A4 sheets with “offensive remarks” on the building in Church Street, Maroochydore about 1.45pm Tuesday.

He was issued with a notice to appear for trespass and will face Maroochydore Magistrates Court on August 26.


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    A Muslim walks in and commits mass murder and the United States is outraged…….kinda, sorta.

    A Muslim walks in and commits mass murder and the United States grieves, for a while, just a little while…….kinda sorta….until the next episode of Dancing With The Stars.

    A Muslim walks in and commits mass murder and America accepts the excuse, the mitigation and the de facto protection of these acts of murder by virtually all levels of America’s political community and its bureaucracy, its judiciary, its law enforcement and its media. Even the military finds the unmitigated audacity to lie to its own young patriots about the true nature of the Muslim and its Islam, the very same Muslim and Islam that slaughtered their brothers.

    As America, small town and big city, looks at these acts of Muslim mass murder of innocent Americans there is an undercurrent of fear and a refusal to call these acts what they are……cold blooded terrorist murder.

    Instead of a full and unswerving accounting for these acts of mass murder, there is almost a sense of “oh well, its business as usual in Muslimville”. A sense that this is what we have to come to expect from the Muslim, that this is their currency, their stock-in-trade. And in response to murder Muslims are given a pass, even the “good ones” whose tepid condemnation of their brethren is an exercise in duplicitous, treasonous, cowardly insincerity, even they are given a pass. And in some cases, from the lips of some politicians there falls the grotesque rationale that Americans deserve this mass murder, that America “had it coming”. It’s the logic of rabid dogs and lunatics.

    Its as though a herd of sheep allowed a few wolves to live in their midst. Every once in a while one of the sheep is eaten right in front of their brothers. This makes the other sheep a little fidgety for a while but they rationalize the presence of the wolves as “culturally diverse” and mitigate the killing as “well, the wolves have to eat, its in their nature, and besides, at least they don’t eat all of us at the same time”. The sheep know who their masters are. It is inexplicable madness.

    In the shadow of these horrific acts the Muslim knows us for who and what we are. It knows that five dead Marines buy them more exposure and advertising than found in an Ad-Exec’s wet dream. It understands with uncanny particularity that the few have always been able and always will be able, to control the many. The Muslim knows that in the shadow of the slaughter of five brave American sons the non-Muslims will avert their gaze from the Muslims hateful stare just a little quicker. The Muslim knows that non-Muslims will step aside from its oncoming path a little quicker. The Muslim knows that the wearing of the Hijab will terrify the non-Muslim a little deeper. The Muslim knows that the non-Muslims head will hang a little lower as the Islamic Caliphate looms larger.

    Its time to stop being sheep. Its time to start thinking for yourselves.

    Consider then, the reaction if American patriots decided they had enough of murder and treason by Muslims on American soil, and decided to do something about it.

    As an example lets say a group of American patriots walked into an office of the terrorist facilitators, the treasonous and seditious Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and executed all present including Nihad Awad, Ibrahim Hooper, Ahmed Rehab and another dozen or so terrorists, what would America’s reaction be?

    The Marxist Mainstream Media would grind into action spewing its propaganda. Words to describe the American patriots would include “racist”, “islamophobic”, “intolerant”, “terrorist”, “right wing extremist”. “extremist”, “homophobic”, “KKK” and so many others. It would be a smear campaign of Titanic proportions.

    This would be followed by hot-winded, hysterical, melodramatic hyperbole vomited forth by America’s politicians and bureaucracy as, taking their lead from the Marxist Media, they too condemn as murder, what many would call an “act of patriotism”. It would be business as usual for America’s politicians. It would be yet another day of total failure of leadership, yet another day of treasonous hypocrisy. And the Muslims would laugh and laugh and laugh.

    No need to discuss the reaction of the judiciary and law enforcement as they follow in lockstep with those whose sign their pay cheques and never question reality or the substance of the Marxist party line. In fact, many members of the judiciary, activist traitors by definition, fully support the collapse of the United States of America and its rule by a combination of the Marxist and the Muslim.

    If history is anything it is our best teacher.

    Treason, sedition, subversion and treachery are as old as time itself. For evidence of that we don’t have to go as far back as a famous crucifixion held after a thrice denied love, nor as far back as a slithering, fast talking, apple salesman for examples of the dark vulgarity of human nature……no, we only have to back as far as World War Two.

    To be brief, as the Nazis marched across Europe they met little resistance. This was in part due to the treason and treachery of Europe’s political leaders, leaders who embraced their new jackbooted masters. Once the Nazis had control of countries like France and Denmark, their administration of those countries was made complete with the full support of the existing political and law enforcement infrastructure.

    French and Danish judges signed arrest warrants for dissidents and Jews knowing full well that those same arrestees would die in concentration camps or be tortured to death. French and Danish police and some members of the military assisted in the arrests of these dissidents and Jews knowing full well they would die, in fact many of the French and Danish police assisted in the torture and execution of their fellow citizens and Jews.

    Look now to the United States of America. Even the poorest student of history can draw the parallels between German occupied Europe and today’s United States under the treasonous iron fist rule of the communist Barack Obama and his Muslim henchmen.

    Look to the similarities between Pierre Laval and Henri Petain of the French Vichy puppet government and Barack Obama and his White House administration as they do the bidding of both the Islamic Caliphate and his communist conscience.There is very little difference.

    Food for thought.

    During WW2 many men and women in these German occupied countries, patriots, honorable and courageous men and women, could no longer bear the destruction of their countries, could no longer bear the slaughter of their own people and the outrageous treason of their leaders. They chose to do something about it.

    They organized and formed groups like the Danish and French resistance. They formed groups like the Free French Forces and Holger Danske. They began to fight back against that which had smeared the excrement of National Socialism on everything they held dear. They began to fight back against that which was slaughtering their countrymen, and they were successful, gloriously successful.

    But for their efforts, for their sacrifice, for their refusal to turn away from madness and murder they were called traitors, they were called terrorists, they were called murderers, they were called criminals and they were called extremists. They were condemned by some of their fellow citizens, a collection of dull-witted collaborators. They were condemned, persecuted and pursued by the French and Danish police and military. They were condemned and persecuted by the French and Danish politicians like Pierre Laval and Henri Petain and their bootlicking bureaucrats. Yet these patriots, having the courage of their convictions, knew what these condemnations were, they knew it was little more than hypocritical, treasonous, seditious and poisonous rhetoric, little more than the currency of treacherous cowards.

    In the end, looking back from our lives today, but for what their less resolute countrymen called them, but for what the Nazis called them, they were, as history records, selfless and courageous patriots. They were Danes and Frenchmen in the truest and very best sense of those words.

    So too now, as during the dark days of German occupied France and Germany, American patriots must look around them and judge for themselves if what is held out to them by cowards and traitors is truly “workplace violence” and “cultural diversity” or if it is treason, mass murder and the annihilation of the republic of the United States of America.

    American patriots must decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. They must organize with their fellow countrymen, organize with loyal and patriotic local sheriffs and small sections of local national guards and move toward removing from their midst the murderous Muslim and its enablers the treasonous politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary.

    The Muslim and its Islam has sworn to destroy, to annihilate the West. The Muslim and its Islam has sworn to slaughter every Jew on the planet. The Muslim has sworn to enslave or butcher every non-Muslim on the planet. The Muslim and its Islam is not shy about its intentions, it has written it on signs, it has screamed it in our faces, it has screamed it from the hilltops and now it enthusiastically slaughters us with impunity. The Muslim is keeping its promises.

    In the end there are those who will turn away as America is turned into yet another totalitarian Islamic toilet, a nightmare of crushing Marxist dictatorship. There are still others who will never allow that to happen.

    The choice is yours, it always was, it always will be.

    Food for thought.

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    If you’ve made it this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.

    The bravery, the courage and the sacrifice of some of the men and women who joined the resistance across WW2 Europe, many of whom were captured, tortured and killed, can be found in a couple of very good movies.

    One is “The Army of Crime”, centering on the French Resistance.

    One is “Flame and Citron”, centering on Holger Danske, the Danish Resistance.

    Watch these, look around you and reflect, think about all your country means to you and those who now seek to destroy it. Then ask; is it time for an American Resistance?


      Time to take back your country from the hands of tyrants and traitors.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

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