“We servants of Allah will destroy the unbelievers in the land of hate”

British military wives get threatening letters from jihadists

“We the servants of Allah intend to avenge our peoples by destroying the families of unbelievers in the land of hate. “–  outrageous threats against the people who took them in, gave them free housing, healthcare, schooling and welfare, —Pravda.Ru thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Keysar mingles with ‘the criminal dregs of white society’

Keysar used to be the spokesturd for Australia’s ‘catmeat’ sheik Hilali.

r0_0_486_380_w1200_h678_fmaxKeysar Trad from the Australian Islamic Friendship Association and Sheikh Mohommad Trad, founder of Islamhub.com.au from Sydney, also mingled with the 80 guests on the night.

Illawarra People For Peace co-chair Gary Ismail said the association considered interfaith Iftars a way of celebrating the success of Australian multiculturalism through a common need for peace.

Multiculti failed wherever its been tried, just like socialism. And yet the scribblers from the lame stream media sing its praises as if their lives (jobs?) depend on it. Funny that. (SY)

Koranimals feel ‘under siege’  thanks to ‘prayer room’ audit

By Rachel Olding, expert scribbler on Islamic subjects.

On Tuesday, Premier Mike Baird announced an audit into all voluntary prayer groups in NSW public schools, most of which are run by students or outside volunteers.

Prominent Muslim leader Keysar Trad has a reflective moment in the prayer room of the mosque in the Sydney suburb of Arncliffe. Picture: David Moir

It was a quick-fire response to revelations that counterterrorism police were investigating a 17-year-old student from Epping Boys High who was allegedly preaching extremist interpretations of Islam during lunchtime sessions.

“… pushy fundamentalist Christian groups (got a)  free rein in NSW public schools…”–Greens MP John Kaye.

“It just feels like a targeted thing and everything will come under scrutiny,” said Sheikh Wesam Charkawi​, who works with high school students across western Sydney. “It just keeps happening over and over.”

It would be dangerous to shut down prayer groups or over-regulate them, he said.

“You’re talking about young men who already feel isolated and besieged in a community. There needs to be space where they can talk about it.”–The story Launch of audit reveals government’s ignorance about school prayer groups first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.


UK: Muslim schools accused of “anti-Christian chanting” 

UK school-405x250

That’s not “anti-Christian chanting,” that’s Islamic prayer.

The Brits have laid down, surrendered without so much as a shot fired. After little was done after the blockbuster revelations came about “Operation Trojan Horse,” did anyone think that the Brits would do anything except flap their fleshy tongues?

“Operation Trojan Horse,” an Islamic conspiracy to take over a number of public schools and make them adhere to Islamic principles, rocked the United Kingdom. There was outcry! Sturm and drang! Finger-pointing! And promises of a massive overhaul, but like the epidemic of Muslim child sex trafficking gangs, little came of it. If the Brits wouldn’t save their own daughters and sisters (the mothers of the next generation, the future of their nation), it’s fair to say they  are doomed.

They have lost their soul and their will to freedom.

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  1. “Mrs Azam said the group’s (Illawarra People For Peace) biggest victory since then was preventing the Reclaim rally happening in Wollongong.”


    “Illawarra People For Peace formed last October after Illawarra religious leaders organised a community barbecue to foster peace and understanding in the face of ugly behaviour towards Muslims.”

    What about understanding the ugly behaviour by Muslims towards non-Muslims.?

    1. Those young men feel isolatd precisely because of what they have been taught. Encouraging “prayer groups” for these morons is like puring gasoline onto the fire. Perhaps the muslims might want to the this little question – Why is the muslim religion the only religion that seeks to divide the communities it infests?

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