“Dedicated pro-Palestinian activist” ended up as sex slave to the caliph….


‪#‎KaylaMueller‬… not quite the ‘humanitarian’ the media portrayed her to be.

NY Times Reporter, Rukmini Callimachi was confused as to why ISIS Treated Pro-Palestinian Activist Kayla Mueller “Like Other Kuffars..”

Indeed, Kayla was NOT ‘like other Kuffers..” She was a dedicated pro-Palestinian activist. She spent at least two years working with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a terrorist support group.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last” – Winston Churchill
Kayla fed the crocodile that is Islam…. and she wasn’t spared.

Kayla Mueller: Why US hostage raped by ISIS leader refused to escape
A teenage girl, who had also been held by ISIS, revealed the conditions of Kayla Mueller’s captivity to US officials.
Leader of Islamic State raped American hostage
Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian worker, was repeated sexually assaulted by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Now ISIS makes rape part of its religious doctrine claiming that the Koran ‘condones it
Rape victim, 12, reveals attacker said what he was doing was not sinful He said it was because Yazidi girl practised a religion other than Islam More than 5,000…
ISIS Fighters Widely Believe Raping Children Is a ‘Prayer to God,’ 
A major report on the systematic raping and sexual slavery practices of Islamic State terror group has shed light on the theological beliefs of the militants, many…
CNN’s Cuomo Concerned ISIS Sex Slavery Story Feeds into Negative Stereotypes
Chris Cuomo fretted that the systematic rape perpetuated on young girls by thousands of ISIS soldiers might “feed” negative stereotypes about Islam.—MEDIAITE.COM
This guy is about as dumb and dense as a fool can be. Pamela Geller tried to reason with him, but I’m afraid she failed.
British widow who left the UK to join Isil now stranded in Turkey and desperate to come home
Shukee Begum, widowed after her her husband was killed fighting for ISIL, wants to return to Britain with her young family

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