Devout Savages

70,000 lone wolfs signed this from Australia

….and they keep telling us that there are less than half a million Koranimals Downunder.

Anjem Choudary supporters threaten revenge for preacher charge in online campaign
SUPPORTERS of radical preacher Anjem Choudary have launched a Twitter campaign to secure his release…and almost a third of them are from BRITAIN.

It’s happening big time.

The cancer of Islam will kill you unless it’s crushed

BREAKING: Homes evacuated after (Musel-)man, 27, arrested as part of counter terror op
A MAN has been arrested in a counter-terror operation as nearby houses had to be …
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The (Obama) Feds are confused or complicit: incitement to murder is not “protected speech”.
Feds: Farrakhan’s anti-white rant ‘protected speech’
‘They’re cowards,’ says Sheriff David Clarke
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I still say that he had a plan since before day one. He has been provoking racial division since “the Cambridge police acted stupidly”. He has been provoking instability in the Middle East since his speech to the Egyptian people. Right from the start, divide us and unite them.

Devout Savages
Islamic Supremacist and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism

But there is no “Islamic extremism”, there is only Islam, and Islam is more dangerous than rabies in a dog.

Muslim groups and their leftist lapdogs oppose counter-terror programs saying it focuses on Muslims. More absurd scenes from bizarro world – America 2015. Jihad is Islamic. Islamic terror is perpetuated by Muslims. Every jihadi attack in this country has been waged by devout Muslims. Why are these alleged “peaceful Muslims” fighting for devout savages?

Islamic Supremacist and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism, saying it targets Muslims ByPamela Geller on August 9, 2015…PAMELAGELLER.COM
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And examples of this mindless garbage apply for asylum here?

Prince Harry is at the front line of a bloody war against rhino poachers, joining heavily armed forces battling gangs of criminals wielding rifles and machetes.
ISIS sex markets: Girls aged one to nine are most valuable
IS has executed 19 girls because they refused to have sex with IS fighters.–SPEISA.COM|BY SPEISA
17 People Dead in Saudi Mosque Bombing

Muslim Shiites and Sunnis blow each other’s mosques, they celebrate blowing up churches and killing Christians, but demand the West respect Islam! Don’t they know that respect is earned and a two way street?! Islam demands respect but all they get is FEAR but NO respect:

The official Saudi news channel Al-Ekhbariya is reporting that a bomb detonated in a Saudi Arabian mosque used by interior ministry special forces. A Saudi Minister told the AP that the bomb targeted police trainees while they were in the middle of…
Jihad in Turkey, the target are Americans.

2 thoughts on “Devout Savages”

  1. “Islam demands respect but all they get is FEAR but NO respect”

    I do not think they care about the difference. A phrase often used in this context goes something like this: “You WILL comply with shari’a WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT”

    Their criterion for “success” is compliance, not heart-felt allegiance; obedience, not love.

    Islam is the religion called “submission”. It does not value “goodness”, but only conformity to rules. It does not value intelligence, but only the ability to memorise Arabic phrases (phonetically) and some Islamic rules.

    It values slavery more than freedom; the devout Muslim aspires to being considered a valued slave, by Allah; being allowed to go to Paradise and not tormented eternally in Hell. In this life, it requires slavish obedience from the rank and file Muslim. The rich elite may do as they please.

    Most of the ethics of Islam are the opposite of JudaeoChristian ethics, in significant ways.

    1. Absolutely wrong info julie!!
      Islam is about goodness before being pious. From ones health, peoples freedoms,environment care, animal rights are just some of the topics that Islam values and have set up rules long ago while Europe were in the dark ages!
      And if it wasn’t for Islamic intelligence you wouldn’t be typing on a smart phone or a computer!
      It’s the only religion that the poor, rich black, white , stand shoulder to shoulder EQually for prayer.
      But I agree that some Muslims are show casing Islam wrongly. That doesn’t make us all or the religion bad.

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