Greece, so much nicer than Australia to these lovely “migrants”

GREECE: On island of Kos, Muslim savages act like the savages they are, demanding immediate immigration papers so they can rape  and plunder Europe

“There will be bloodshed,” warns mayor of Kos after chaos broke out among 1,500 Muslim illegal aliens who staged a protest at a football stadium, demanding food and shelter, as well as immigration papers.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Brenda K)  Yorgos Kyritsis issued the warning as the holiday island descended into a virtual battlefield, with police spraying illegal invaders with fire extinguisher foam in an effort to get them to disperse.  The incident took place during a registration procedure which was taking place at the stadium of Kos town, on the south east of the island.  (Barenaked)

The Age in July claimed we should learn from Greece, so much nicer than us to lovely boat people: 


Given Greece’s economic troubles, you might assume its people would have little sympathy for the boatloads of migrants that arrive from North Africa, the Middle East and beyond. However, nothing could be further from the truth…

A steady stream of between 100 and 300 migrant men, women and children arrive daily on the Greek island of Kos from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh…

Church groups on Kos provide food, clothing and blankets… From the station, police cars often ferry food around the island. Medecins Sans Frontieres and other NGOs are also in action, helping deal with processing and meeting the immediate needs of the influx… Individuals assist in the nightly rituals of preparing and delivering some 400 meals to migrants. These services are provided through the community with no support from the Greek government.

While many countries, including Australia, continue to refuse entry to those seeking humanitarian assistance, struggling countries such as Greece that can least afford it willingly assist. The vast gap in the standard of living between Australia and debt-ridden Greece, begs the question: why is a country that has so little to give, the one most likely to share? 

The Sydney Morning Herald this week:


Greek police used fire extinguishers and batons against migrants as fights broke out on Tuesday on the island of Kos, where overwhelmed authorities are struggling to contain increasing numbers of migrants.

Authorities, locals and charity groups struggled to provide registration, food and shelter to the new arrivals, many of whom are children.

An attempt to have them relocated to a stadium for registration degenerated, with fights breaking out among some of the roughly 1500 people gathered in a long, crowded queue in the stadium…

Kos mayor Yorgos Kyritsis said strained local services, including the police and coast guard were unable to cope with the influx.

“This situation on the island is out of control,” he told Greek TV. “There is a real danger of uncontrollable situations. Blood will be shed.” 

And here are those police Fairfax last month assured us were handing out food, but are now handing out something else:

A Greek police officer brandished a knife and slapped a migrant while others sprayed fire extinguishers to break up crowds of migrants and asylum seekers on the Greek island of Kos. The UNHCR is calling the migrant crisis a “humanitarian emergency.”

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    1. That’s the only course of action to take, and would be taken if traitors and bleeding-heart morons got out of the way. They are not going to, but are absolutely determined, instead, to continue the destruction of their own white race by allowing every POS to settle in their countries!

      1. Agree totally, it is the bleeding hearts pack from the left who will be the end of us – talk about absolute stupidity!!

  1. Yes one solution would be to ask these journalists if they would like to live in Kos with these “migrants” and look after them?


    Should ask Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek how many of these “boatloads of migrants” can fit in their house?

    Lets us not forget that both Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek are co-convenors of the Migrants@Work Research Group at the Business School, University of Sydney.

    Which probably means that Australian Taxpayers are paying their wages .

    plus what research are they really doing?” Migrants” going to Greece or Australia and working ( Migrants@Work) and making it a happy and prosperous place?

  2. and another thing:

    These journalist do not mention Indonesia or Malaysia as countries which the “migrants ” can go to.

    What Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek are saying is if your countries standard of living is good and you have very little debt then those countries including Australia should accept more “migrants”?

    Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broekalso say that Austtralia is “refusing entry to those seeking humanitarian assistance”

    There are millions of them.Where do you stop? How many boat loads ?

    And accepting them is the solution?

  3. and one more thing:

    “A steady stream of between 100 and 300 migrant men, women and children arrive daily on the Greek island of Kos from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh…”

    What! from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

    Maybe we should ask Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek to contribute 30% of their wages or income to these “boatloads of “migrants” .

    All Islamic countries sorry the word is paradises and no Muslim is persecuted there.So really they are all economic migrants from these three paradises.

    You do not understand what is happening. Learn to your hear
    YOU have no rights to stops us, the Muslims, to stop us from hijra
    — The Hijra (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎ hijrah), also called Hegira or Hejira, is the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. wikipedia
    Our prophet established this as our RIGHT to conquer all lands and make the whole world in his image, Islam. We have got these rights also under man-made laws like those declared by UNHRC which mean nothing to us but a lot to you.
    We, Migrants have rights; migration, forced entry, under Islamic fiqh is no crime. Migration is human right. Europe cannot stop it; it has no power. Europe is free for all, for us to enter.
    We are here because u were there, in our lands. Now your land is OURs. We are here to stay and make you like us, or ELSE. Once u like us we will rule you. We have human rights. minority rights, migrants rights, right to food, shelter and safety. you and your governments MUST provide food, shelter and safety after we land on your shores; otherwise u are in violation of universal human rights which we will not honor if u happen to be in our lands.
    STOP resisting us whether it be from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and other Islamic lands. See how we will take Palestine, destroy Israel and India, these kafir lands.
    STOP resisting Islam; reject Islamophobia; Islam is a religion of peace as long as Islam is the rule of land.
    Our life is in danger in our countries; we seek asylum in your country. Asylum is our right under your man-made EU/UN laws. You honor these rights or remove these laws from your books. You must protect our lives, we do not have to protect yours. You have a decadent culture; we have superior culture. we have a mission, aim and agenda. you do not see it. you must respect our culture even if we do not respect yours. your decadent culture must be destroyed and replaced by pure ISlamic culture of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
    If u resist us, oppose us, we will do what our prophet did; we will kill you unless u convert to convert to Islam ; unless u become one of us and make Islam your guide.
    BTW tell me why should we have peace in our land?
    If we did we could not get our people out, to ‘invade’ (as someone said, your lands.
    Democracy??? We like it when it helps us enter your lands. Once we are there we will destroy democracy with democratic means and OVERULE the rule of law with legal means. We are smart; you are stupid; that’s why we need to come to your lands and educate you to islamic way of thinking. Islam is the law and Allah if great; No GOD is as great as our Allah. No prophet as wise and smart as our prophet. May he ever guide us to invade other lands and make the whole world Islam. shukran.

    1. “You do not understand what is happening. Learn to your hear
      YOU have no rights to stops us, the Muslims, to stop us from hijra

      LOL!!! Did you forget to take your medication again? You’re trolling, right – being sarcastic and trying to make muslims seem like even bigger idiots than they are?

      In the slim chance that you’re not trolling and you are serious , then it’s refreshing to hear from the pig’s mouth the depth of their delusions . At least this one is not trying to hide muslims’ real intent – as so many Western based muslims do.

      Muslims living in Western countries have ZERO rights, beyond those of any other citizen. This will never change. Westerners (and Russians and Chinese) owe muslims NOTHING. We buy your il from you and we sell you technology whch should have by now lifte dyou out of your total abject ignorance. But of course it has not – it is sheer folly to expect any serious change in level of awareness when their minds are so clouded in myth , superstition and delusions. Coupling that with a totally unwarranted sense of superiority and equally massive sense of entitlement leads makes them incapable of getting along with the rest of humanity. How can the blind lead the blind?

      “Our prophet established this as our RIGHT to conquer all lands and make the whole world in his image, Islam.”

      Hey, but but we don’t want to devolve into third world shitpits – or marry 9 year old girls or have 4 wives. Or kill people for having affairs , limb amputations for shoplifting – or put up with nasally pllowbiters singing arabic ‘hymns’ to a very dead 7th century murdering , pedophillic caavan raider.

      . We have got these rights also under man-made laws like those declared by UNHRC which mean nothing to us but a lot to you.”
      Here’s your problem – they are not actually ‘rights’. And in any casee they mean nothing to us when it comes to muslims. More and more people are quite prepared to create caveats to these UNHRC suggestions.

      “We, Migrants have rights; migration, forced entry, under Islamic fiqh is no crime. “
      Muslims have desires and intentions to invade other countries – but no rights to.

      Migration is human right. “
      You silly little man. Of course it isn’t. Go to your local Russian or US Embassy – and tell them that.

      Europe cannot stop it; it has no power. Europe is free for all, for us to enter.”
      OK, I see – yes – trolling. Or a very poor student of history who has no idea what draconian laws can be dafted when needed – especially in war time.
      But this screams . The lack of spelling mistakes (notwithstanding occasionally throwing in the odd bit of arab gibberish here and there , shortening you to ‘u’ , giving it a bit of street credto make it so und authentic) – makes it clear. An educated muslim would not give the game away so readily. Too much to lose – they want their nice houses and 2 car garages and 24/7 access to porn sites through highspeed broadband AND Western health systems. They secretly know their pedophile prophet’s health advice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – what with drinking camel’s piss, dipping flies’ wings into drinks etc .

      So – nice try!
      But, seriously, you don’t have to try so hard to make arab muslim culture seem like one which produces nothing but intolerant, demanding, bloodthirsty, barbaric , unaware, deluded fools with severe personality disorders. Muslims do this day after day – all by themselves.

      Again, nice try though. . . . . I like your sarcasm.

  5. Again SYM – traceroute please. Time to give the idiotic muslim zaheer – probably a pseudonym – a nasty surprise.

  6. Per the article: “”We are told Europe will welcome us.”

    Umm, who is telling you this shit? And if Europe was so welcoming and excited to have you, why the fuck are you sneaking into Europe via the back door? Why not just fly directly into Europe via major airports where there would be welcoming parties and a quick green light through immigration across Europe.

    As for Dimitria Groutsis, there is a reason Greece has the strictest and give out the minimal immigration benefits when dealing with illegals. Because they know they are at the entry point to Europe for these opportunist.

    1. The imama, the mullana in the mosques, tell them that. They encourage ‘migration’ because it is a Mohammedan obligation to make the world Islamic. But not only: there are also the EUROMED treaties, carefully hidden from Europeans, but well known by Arabs and Africans who make their move. These treaties promise every new arrival food, shelter and all sorts of ‘human rights’ accommodation which is not just unsustainable, but nothing short of genocide of the indigenous Europeans.

      1. Torked,
        There are some there – they come up from South America to enter the USA.

        We need to shut these treaties down, and we need to make a very – very hard demonstration with the muslims who try to force their retarted culture onto us – a very hard demo. The muslims are incapable of understanding anything else.

  7. Europe, you have pretty much screwed yourself. Hopefully the US and Australia will be smarter, not counting on it. My one question still remains, how many muslim illegals is mexico allowing in? Zero?

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