Is the Burqa a “Human Right?”

Here in Australia Koranimals whine about Pauline Hanson, who wants the burqa banned. Here,  two twats doing da’wa throwing red herrings around:

“…it is extremely rare for Muslim women in Australia to wear the burqa, and what they are really talking about is the niqab.”

Then comes the idiotic argument  that the ghostume is about “choice”. It isn’t. It is certainly not about “how Muslim women choose to dress”, because they are usually forced to wear it and if they don’t, they are beaten and sometimes killed.

Then they invoke the bogeyman:

Pauline Hanson is once again fuelling the flames of racism and xenophobia in Australia by suggesting that we should hold a referendum on banning the burqa. (More on this below the fold)

As far back as 2009 Muselmaniacs have been complaining about not being able to wear their ghostumes in public spaces like swimming pools and restaurants:

Here, another article from 2010:

In Egypt, the niqabees are trying to get the ban overturned:


Many Egyptian women say they are facing a difficult summer season as Hijab-free zones have soared in popularity, as more restaurants and high-end resorts enforce a de-facto ban on wearing Muslim headbags.

al-Arabiya  Social media users in Egypt flocked to Facebook and Twitter over the past week to condemn the apparent decision by some venues to deny veiled women entry. Many deemed the ban as “discriminatory” against practicing Muslim women in Egypt – a country in which 90 percent of its 80-million population are Muslim.

The ban is not completely new, it was reportedly common at resorts and restaurants frequented by foreigners, in cities such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada.

Recent reports suggest that several swimming pools and restaurants at five-star resorts lining the Egyptian north coast are also restricting the entry of veiled women to their services.

Reem, a 28-year-old woman who wears the Hijab, said she was turned away at the doors of two different beaches at upscale north coast resorts for being veiled, she told Al Arabiya News. “I was with my husband when I was told I cannot come in because I’m veiled.

mit-burka-im-swimmingpool-3ba1733a-5147-4bf9-a6f9-3afef6658e60-e1438108699666They call it ‘hijab’, but they actually mean the face veil, which is deliberately misleading.

The Muselmanic fear of kafirs resisting the madness of Islam:

So, about that referendum…

Australia should NOT hold a referendum on ‘banning the burqa’. Although it is extremely unlikely that a referendum would succeed, (after all, of the 44 referendum Australia has had, only eight were successful), it would be a divisive move that would give license to supporters of a ban, to voice their prejudices and bigotry (and we know everyone has a right to be a bigot!). It would inflame rather than calm relations between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians.

Human rights belong to all individuals and cannot be removed by popular vote. In a free and democratic country such as Australia, we must respect the right of religious minorities to dress according to their faith, regardless of how confronting that attire may be for some people.

In the end, we should be guaranteeing the human rights of Muslim women by respecting their autonomy, equality and dignity, rather than compelling them to dress according to the dictates of others, be they Islamic clerics, vocal politicians or well-intentioned feminists.

Paula Gerber is Deputy Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and an Associate Professor at the Monash University Faculty of Law. She specialises in international human rights law generally, with a particular focus on children’s rights and gay rights, including same-sex marriage.

Farinaz Zamani Ashni (@Fantastic_Faz) is an academic at Monash University Law Faculty and author of ‘Burqa: Human Right or Human Wrong?‘ with Paula Gerber.

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8 thoughts on “Is the Burqa a “Human Right?””

  1. Stinking burqkas are an insult to all men.

    A burqka clad woman says that all men are perverts and any sight of female flesh will send men into lustful insanity.

    Well f7ck that. Myself and all my male friends know how to control themselves, we are not deranged goat lovers like the moohoomoods.

    Ban the burqka, ban islam. Neither belong in modern western countries.

    1. There are pros and cons.

      You could look at it another way – muslim women having tickets on themselves in thinking that (sane) men find them attractive at all. In most cases burkahs cover something that we don’t really want to see anyway.

      But it will also be an impost on our health services in the future. If they hide away under their freedom garbage bags and turn into obese pigs because no one is seeing how out of shape they are – the health system will bear the brunt of the soaring diabetes , vit D deficiency, poor cardiovascular systems that their lifestyle engenders.

      “As far back as 2009 Muselmaniacs have been complaining about not being able to wear their ghostumes in public spaces like swimming pools and restaurants:”

      And what about OUR rights to swim in pools or taxes paid for – when they are being taken over by muslim-only swiiming sessions? Is swimming in burkahs allowed at all by the way? How could soaking several square metres of unwashed cloth per muslim in a swimming pool be considered sanitary?

  2. Muslims do not worry about non Muslim’s Human Rights.

    What about non muslims human right to be able to see the person’s face in society in a social context.

    What sort of society do you want? (and if you are covering your face or most of it you want to exclude yourself from society?

    What does that say about you?

    What about non muslim’s human right for security,to live without violence or fear of violence?

  3. Somebody should test this by demanding the human right to strut around the streets in full SS/ Gestapo costume, complete with a deaths head badge and swastika armband.

    Because what these mohammedan females are demanding is the functional equivalent of such a demand: they want to be able to fly the Jihad flag, to flaunt the Sharia Badge, to parade around the streets in their Gang Costume, their Slave Hood or Slave Mask, which symbolises a belief system that – like that of the late unlamented Third Reich – intends to conquer and enslave the entire world, and fully intends to rape, rob, enslave and mass-murder vast numbers of humans in the process.

  4. I always like your comments Dumbledoresarmy.
    Here in NZ, there was a recent announcement about the resurgence of Ricketts.. No mention of course of who the mothers are. The Burqa is a health hazard in that it prevents the absorption of Vitamin A thru’ sunlight.
    What is the situation in Australia regarding Ricketts? How much is this preventable disease costing your tax payers? Perhaps the costs could be passed on to mosques?

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