Is Susie Latham too dumb to tell the difference between ideology and race?

Here she equates the followers of islam with members of a race – then denounces ‘racism’.

Susanna Latham is a sellout and a traitor:

SusieLathamCrop-150x150“I’m an Anglo Australian who married into a loving Muslim family and have two gorgeous boys”– that’s not only her problem, that’s a problem that grows with time.

Here’s a harebrained  attack by her in the  DRUM. Her rants and her smears lack more than substance, they lack the basic ingredients. The whole drivel is  too absurd to even bother with a rebuttal. The dilemma a convert finds himself (or herself) in is that the defence of Islam requires the abandonment of reason. The effects are plain to see. Latham displays the blinkered views of  the convert to whom only Muslims are human, and she will see to it that they get their “human rights”.

Here she whines about “… ignorant or politically opportunist pronouncements on Islam…”

…by which she means Muslim Australians, of course.
“… ignorant or politically opportunist pronouncements on Islam by politicians like Pauline Hanson, Fred Nile, Cory Bernardi and Scott Morrison. I’m guessing that what they all have in common with the vast majority of Australians is a lack of close personal relationships with Australian Muslims….”  (ABC.NET.AU)
See? If we only had “close personal relationships with Australian Muslims….” the global jihad would just vanish in the ozone and we could sing kumbaya all day….
Today, she launched an attack on the Australian Liberty Alliance, to which the Sydney Moonbat Herald offered her a whole page:
The politics of racism are flourishing in Australia

Susie Latham

Racist groups have always existed on the fringes of Australian society but lack of national political leadership could propel bigotry into the mainstream.


It might be tempting to dismiss claims by new anti-Muslim political party Australian Liberty Alliance that it hopes to eventually poll “in the 20 per cent bracket” at election time as wishful thinking, but this would be a serious mistake.

Racism is flourishing in Australia. AFL legend Adam Goodes has been criticised by many public figures for drawing attention to it and there have already been many rallies against Muslims nationwide this year.

The Abbott government has fostered this atmosphere by declaring that people have the right to be bigots and attempting to repeal part of the Racial Discrimination Act. Banning the burqa in Parliament, declaring that a death cult is coming for us at every conceivable opportunity, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s instigation of an inquiry into halal food certification, and Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen addressing a Reclaim Australia rally suggest that an embattled government is belatedly acting on Scott Morrison’s advice to exploit community concern about Muslims.

The Opposition’s silence, seen by some as a clever way to avoid being wedged on national security, has also contributed.

Although right-wing racist groups have always existed on the fringes of Australian society, the danger posed by a lack of national political leadership on racism and the emergence of the ALA is that it will propel bigotry into the mainstream. Many Muslims feel that sentiment towards them has never been more negative, and having candidates stand for election gives anti-Muslim bigots a public platform and confers legitimacy on their views.

Numbers turning up to rallies against Muslims have been relatively small, but almost 30,000 people “liked” the Reclaim Australia Rally Facebook page. Results of a national study released in 2011 indicated as many as 49 per cent of Australians held negative sentiments towards Muslims. Expressing this on a ballot paper is safe, easy and private.

The ALA may denounce violence and the neo-Nazis associated with some anti-Muslim groups, but you can be sure members of these groups, and others carrying out physical and verbal attacks on Muslims, will be voting for ALA candidates.

In several forums Muslim women have said they are restricting their movements and clothing choices out of fear. Others, including a 90-year-old man, a couple in their 80s and a community activist have had offensive letters posted to their home addresses. Australian Muslims minding their own business have been verbally harangued at their workplaces, on public transport and in the supermarket.

Extremist Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has advised the ALA and will be the guest of honour at its launch in Perth in October, described a poll that claimed more than half the Muslims living in Holland feel less welcome and think more often about leaving as “good news”. As the ALA recently reminded its members, anti-Muslim parties may initially struggle, but in “the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, France and Italy – they are supported by millions [and] already poll in the 20 per cent bracket”.

The ALA’s strong connections to successful anti-Muslim groups in Europe and the US set it apart from groups such as Reclaim Australia and One Nation. It is more sophisticated, well-financed and better organised. Debbie Robinson, a Perth-based director of ALA, is also a member of the group Stop Islamisation of Nations (SION). Other members of SION include US anti-Islam commentators Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

At a time when political leadership has been wanting but decent Australians have taken it upon themselves to speak out against the racism directed at AFL player Adam Goodes, the same unity and organisation is needed to stop the ALA from making headway here and leaving Australian Muslims feeling similarly devastated.

Susie Latham is a PhD candidate at Curtin University, and co-founder of Voices against Bigotry.

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5 thoughts on “Is Susie Latham too dumb to tell the difference between ideology and race?”

  1. Susie Latham is a PhD candidate at Curtin University

    yes,friend of Dr Anne Aly of Curtin University or the next Anne Aly?

    “Likewise Australian Professor Anne Aly claimed first to have received “hate mail” after I exposed her deceptions about beheading and Islam, and then, when that didn’t get the traction she apparently wanted, upped the ante to death threats in an email to the Australian Prime Minister.”

  2. Today, she launched an attack on the Australian Liberty Alliance, to which the Sydney Moonbat Herald offered her a whole page:

    And to make sure that the views of this racist woman’s views (Islam is a racist ideology that considers Blacks are inferior to Arabs), are not shredded, the Herald disables comments.

  3. I know that this is flogging a dead horse, but how much longer will the defenders of islam be allowed to call the detractors of islam “Racists”. islam is not a race. I know they have been called out on this, but the fact that they continue to use the racism card should be more widely distributed.

  4. She should be confronted with the story of Asia Bibi, who is likely to be executed in Pakistan in full conformity with orthodox islamic teachings about ‘blasphemy’, and asked whether she thinks it right and proper that any Catholics who – as Asia Bibi did – express a preference for Jesus, over Mohammed, should be executed.

    She should be asked whether she approves of the Muslim vigilante murder of Theo Van Gogh, which was carried out in full conformity with what sharia teaches about what should be done to public critics of Islam.

  5. Someone should ask her, in public, whether she will scream ‘racist!’ and “bigot” at anyone who, on being ‘invited’ to convert to Islam, politely says, “No thank you, I’m not interested, I’m a Christian/ Buddhist/ Jew/ Hindu/ Sikh and I happen to think that the teachings of *my* chosen faith are vastly superior to those of Islam.”

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