Islamic certifier companies are making millions in accreditation fees

Halal certification ‘creates more value than it costs’, says peak food body
Australian Food and Grocery Council criticises ‘abusive anti-halal calls and mail’

The Guardian – trusted to feed its readers with halal-certified inaccuracies, selective truths and false conclusions.

If one reads Michael Safi’s article in Friday’s Guardian, one might think halal certification for meat is earning us big bucks and we would lose many jobs without the costly Islamic hokus pokus 
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Islamic certifier companies are making millions in accreditation fees

Halal certification in Australia is big business and worth millions to certifiers
YOU may not have noticed it — the halal certification mark that sits on almost every item in an Aussie shopping basket from Vegemite and Cadbury chocolate to…

What do you do with someone who thinks that Japan and China are Islamic markets he can open up with halal certification?

If you happen to know Roger Fletcher of Fletcher International Exports, perhaps have a word over a few coldies and explain to Roger the difference between Islam on one hand and Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism and Maoism on the other.

He may be interested to learn that there are barely any Muslims in Japan, that the Japanese don’t like Islam too much, and that 

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Halal: Australian sheep blessed by blessed by a Muslim slaughtermen before being sent overseas
AUSTRALIAN sheep worth billions of dollars are being blessed by a Muslim slaughterman before having their throats cut and sent overseas.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU
Australian Prime Minister, Australian Taxation Office: Revoke the Australian Taxation Office’s”Religious Institution” status of any Islamic Institution
The Islamic Ideology does not meet the Australian Taxation Office’s criteria to be classified as a “Religious Institution” under the ATO definition of a Religious…

2 thoughts on “Islamic certifier companies are making millions in accreditation fees”

  1. The Australian Food and Grocery Council is part of the problem with their support of the iniquitous halal certification racket.
    Also of interest is CHOICE , ostensibly Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group. What is CHOICE doing about the fact that for most Australians, choice, has systematically been replaced by a fait accompli rampant imposition of halal certification on most groceries.

    Halal Certification Stamp – Today Tonight (Australia)

    “He is a very rich man.”

    “Halal has made me a millionaire and I am happy to say that”

    “refutes it funds the spread of sharia law -halal certification does not fund to anything but my wife’s shoes”

    “Last year Sydney based Halal Certification Authority boss Mohamed El-Mouelhy was quoted in Tempo magazine as saying that it was common practice for certifiers to pay bribes to Indonesia’s main halal certifying body the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).”

    ” Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia, donates its profits to charitable groups and stressed: “We ensure that no money through our organisation ends up in the wrongful hands such as terrorist groups.”


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