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This is a template for freedom-loving peoples in Western nations. The elites have failed us and casually relinquished our most precious freedoms — freedoms our fathers, forefathers and founding fathers fought and died for.

 Cowardice is so ignoble an inner state that men struggle to overcome it, in the face of real dangers. The appeaser chooses a state of cowardice where no danger exists.  To live in fear is so unworthy a condition that men have died on barricades, defying the tyranny of the mighty.

The appeaser chooses to live in chronic fear of the impotent.  Men have died in torture chambers, on the stake, in concentration camps, in front of firing squads, rather than renounce their convictions. The appeasers renounces his under the pressure of a frown on a vacant face. Men have refused to sell their souls in exchange for fame,  fortune, power, even their own lives. The appeaser does not sell his soul: he gives it away for free, getting nothing in return. (Ayn Rand, The Age of Envy).

Something to think about this Memorial Day weekend.

If the system is irretrievably broken in your country, start your own party, your own movement. You are responsible for your freedom.

Kudos to Debbie Robinson, the Q Society and the freedom-loving Australians I have worked with and come to love and respect. SION Australia here.

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“When we behead people, we are obeying the Sharia (Islamic) law,” says Italian Catholic woman…
It is news that has stunned Italy. In just a few short years, Fatima Az Zahra, née Maria Giulia Sergio, an educated and articulate young Catholic woman, has…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Tony BLiar made it his business to make Britain Islamic
Tony Blair will help three million Albanians get the right to work in the UK
FORMER PM Tony Blair today announced he is helping Albania to join the EU – a move which could see a further three million people gain the right to settle in the…
REVEALED: Calais lorry drivers ‘charge migrants £1,200 EACH to reach Britain’
FOREIGN lorry drivers are allegedly charging illegal immigrants £1,200 each to be smuggled into Britain from Calais.
If it is true, that these migrants are paying £1200, then I have been right all along. These scumbags are not asylum seekers, refugees or war torn immigrants. They are Muslim invaders being funded by Saudi Arabia. Or maybe the money being used is part of Gaddafi’s $300 billion that never got found.
There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
Khaled Sharrouf: Online tribute suggests Sydney terrorist has been killed
A SENIOR Islamic State militant has posted a tribute to Khaled Sharrouf, fuelling fresh speculation the Sydney terrorist has been killed in an air strike in Syria.

A SENIOR Islamic State militant has posted a tribute to Khaled Sharrouf, fuelling fresh speculation the Sydney terrorist has been killed in an air strike in Syria.
Jihadist recruiter Neil Prakash wrote on social media at the weekend that he hoped Abu Zarqawi Al Australi, a name used by Sharrouf, would be granted a “shahadah”, a phrase he used previously in reference to dead IS fighters.
“Ya khanazeer (pigs) your pilots will suffer,” Prakash added.
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THE COST of belonging to the UN—The cost of being Politically Correct.

The Muslim Issue

Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year
[*Note. We encounter endless arguments by salafi libtards claiming there is no verification to these statistics although they are clearly verified under the links in…THE MUSLIM ISSUE
Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany
“There are districts where immigrant gangs are taking over entire metro trains for themselves. Native residents and business people are being intimidated and silenced… The reasons for this: the high rate of unemployment, the lack of job prospects for