Sweden: “Act of Madness” or “Sudden Jihad Syndrome?”

IKEA knife attack: Terrified customers screamed ‘stabbing spree, stabbing spree’ after knifeman killed two shoppers

Police raced to the scene and warned terrified staff and customers: “The killer is still in the building”


A police officer writes on a notepad as he speaks to a driver near an Ikea store in Vasteras, central Sweden
Terrifying: Two people were killed and a third is fighting for his life following the stabbing at IKEA

Terrified customers raced away from an Ikea store shouting “stabbing spree, stabbing spree” after a knife-wielding maniac killed two people inside the shop.

A 55-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man, who are believed to be a mum and her son, were both stabbed to death while shopping for kitchen accessories yesterday.


Sweden IKEA witness: ‘Asylum seeker had cut at least one head off – the attack was a terrorist act’
The amateurish Swedish socialist media refuse to let their readers and people know the truth. We knew right away when the headlines about the “stabbing” at IKEA…

The two suspects arrested are both reportedly asylum seekers staying in the local area.

Witnesses to the attack inside the Swedish store today told how staff screamed over the intercom that they should leave following the brutal killings.

Sami Salim, who works in a restaurant in the same shopping centre as Ikea, told Swedish newswire: “People started screaming ‘stabbing spree, stabbing spree’ and only within a short time, there were several police officers there”.

A hairdresser who works close to the store also told how police issued a harrowing warning to her fellow staff, saying “the killer was still in the building”.

Klara Holmgren Rappu told SVT: “They shouted throughout he speakers that the premises would be vacated. Then I saw a person came out on a stretcher, paramedics ran away with one person on a stretcher.”

One shopper said: “It was chaos, people came running and no one understood what had happened.

“Then we saw a person lying, lifeless, in the cutlery section.”

Another witness added: “I saw lots of police and ambulances. I heard the entire store was evacuated after a knife attack.”

Devastated store manager Mattias Johansson said “three ­seemingly ordinary visitors” had been the target of the crazed killer at the shop in Vasteras, Sweden.

A man and a woman have been killed in a knife attack at the IKEA store in Vasteras
Police raced to the scene and warned people: “The killer is still in the building”

He told reporters: “You’re talking to a guy who right now might have had their worst day ever on the job but also as a human being.

“I can tell you that we have two people who have been confirmed dead on the spot and one seriously injured.

“I have many colleagues who are unwell but it is also important to say that no employee is injured.

“We are now focused on taking care of customers and employees who may have been witnesses, but also other employees.

“It is a terrible day, and my thoughts go to the families of those affected by what has happened.”

There will be more, many more “terrible days” the more Mohammedans arrive in Sweden. (SY)

Police in bullet proof vests raced to the scene after the alert was raised.

A middle-aged man was arrested outside the store on suspicion of murder and is being quizzed.

Police spokesman Per ­Stromback said: “We do not know if it’s just an act of madness or if there is a motive behind it.”

The store was closed after the horror attack at lunchtime.

15 thoughts on “Sweden: “Act of Madness” or “Sudden Jihad Syndrome?””

  1. http://news.yahoo.com/swedish-police-ikea-knife-attack-suspect-083509796.html

    The two suspects – who were arrested sharpish on Monday – are Eritrean ‘asylum seekers’.

    Luckily there are no indications that it was terror related (which is great. It would have been awful, what with the stabbing and killing of infidels by people who despise non muslims). Police can see no political overtones. And nobody seems to think there was any racial element either – as no one even mentioned that possibility.

    Phew, nothing to see here. So we’d better all just go back to sleep…and not feel at all worried next time we go shopping in Ikea’s kitchen dept, with it’s knives and glasswear etc.

  2. This still has not been reported in most European newspapers – at least local newspapers have not reported on the ethnicity of the perps. What is the reference please. I suspected that a muslim was the perp, but suspicions are not enough. So, if assylum seekers murdered a mum and her son then it is time to
    bring the officials who let these animals into Sweden to task.

  3. Confirmation from official sources – the thugs who killed a mother and her son, whilst shopping, were from Eritrea and were more of the useless flotsam trying to enter into Europe. It is may be that only one of the assylum seekers was the perp, but this doesnt help the family torn apart by at least one useless shithole.

    One reference is from the “the local”


    Thank you very much to the moronic and selfish left wing toads who sentenced this family to death! The Eritrean perps, very likely muslim, are ignorant and violent scum who would never know any better. However the pepole that let them into Sweden should have known better and now they need to pay with their jobs!

    I think it is about time Swedes started trying to get their country back!!

  4. I heard this on yesterday (Tues 11/08, 8am) radio Gold FM news. Just one minor snippet then ‘nothing else’.

    I suspected straight away it was a case of SJS. By the lack of coverage I’m suspecting even more so now as a certain group is always worried about a ‘backlash’.

    Only a matter of time till it starts happening here in Australia.

    1. I agree Ironside.

      Let me pose a question to the forum – how do we best pass the realistic concerns about these folks to others? If people have good ideas put them down. Note – I don’t think this forum is sufficient on its own, notwithstanding the super job that SYM does in keeping the site running under continuous attack.

      I am a little tired of people just sounding of – and as much as I loathe politics and politicains, I see politics as the only tools we have to resolve this issue without too much bloodshed. If people put ideas down then perhaps we should send them to politicians who need to understand the concerns we have.

      1. Join the new political party Australian Liberty Alliance and make your vote count in the next election.

  5. kaw,
    Unfortunately this problem will eventually result in bloodshed as the powers that be refuse to address it. The Government and all their dhimmis are too busy bowing to the sensitivities of these backward, intolerant, racist cretins so something will have to give.

    Give it time and I’m putting money on it that either NSW or Vic will have a majority Muslim population demanding an independent Islamic State. It will happen in years to come they can’t help themselves. That’s when you’ll see another Kosovo and Bosnia.

    History ‘always’ repeats itself.

  6. Ironside,

    Sadly the facts support your prediction – we see moronic left wing politicians in Sweden rushing to “protect” “asylum seekers” after one or two of these islamic scum murder a mother and her son, and a recent note from Israeli news indicates that the islamic scum have murdered a Croatian Hostage in the Sinai. muslims condemn themselves daily by their actions.
    However, I for one, will keep lobbying our elected reps.

  7. Another point – it take time to decapitate a person – if that picture is real why did no person take the muslim scumbag out?

    1. kaw,
      You have to take into account that Muslims love to hit from behind when it looks like their target would give them a good run.

      They’re cowards who are either really brave getting you from behind or in crowds when the numbers are on their sides.

  8. Beheaded? So the nasty Kufr threw themselves at a knife a poor, helpless ‘migrant’ guest was admiring so violently they managed to decaptitate themselves. Suicidal Swede Syndrome?

    Poor pre-Swedish national migrant from Eritrea. Being typecast like that.

  9. And none of the giant Swedes’ viking genes kicked in at all, such that they didn’t even throw an IKEA chair (and hey, they make some pretty big, heavy, solid wooden chairs there) at the perps?!


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