Thai Muslims fear ‘backlash’ from Erawan shrine bombing…

Who has their money on ‘the religion of peace?’

The Erawan shrine is located in the absolute centre of Bangkok. This place is visited by thousands of people daily.  When in Bangkok, I usually stay at the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel right next to this shrine. Matter of fact I had planned to stay there tonight on my way to Europe. I postponed my trip because I’m tied up here in Australia for  some time to come.

The place is mostly visited by Buddhists but Brahma is a Hindu God. The two religions are pretty much mixed up together. Its more obvious in Cambodia, where the two religions are interchangeable.

On 21 March 2006, a man Muslim vandalised the shrine and was killed by bystanders. However, two months after the incident a new Brahma statue was completed and placed in the shrine on 21 May 2006.

At least 12 people killed and 20 injured in bomb blast in Bangkok 
The explosion took place in the centre of the Thai capital at around 7pm, in an area packed with tourists.
At least 27 are dead and dozens more have been injured after a bomb on a motorbike exploded just outside a Hindu shrine in Bangkok today.

More here at Yahoo News,

Raw footage: Chaos in Bangkok after deadly blast


6 thoughts on “Thai Muslims fear ‘backlash’ from Erawan shrine bombing…”

  1. Again muslim scum demonstrate that they are not fit to share the same universe with the rest of us – getting my point ahmed!!

  2. My first thought too: Jihadists in southern Thailand for a decade + bombing of a pagan shrine = Muslims with a high degree of confidence. I was rather surprised to hear the ABC24 female reporter on the line from Bangkok mention the theory it was related to the insurgency in the south but not surprised when she downplayed it because they did not have form, i.e. of being active in Bangkok, ignoring the fact they have plenty of form attacking other religions. Maybe the jihadists don’t have ‘form’, i.e. of attacks in Bangkok but there has to be a first time as inevitably the jihadists would attack Bangkok and hitting pagan shrine would fit their profile.

  3. muslims are the Nazis of this century. They make it pretty plain that they intend to take over the world via violence. the longer we keep appeasing them and think they will give up their ambition of world domination, the more terrible the war will be when it inevitably happens.

    1. islamos are the nazis of the last 14 centuries. Hitler was a boy scout compared to the history of moohoomood, piss beer upon him.

      1. Spot on Richard – Muslims have performed admirably as a blight upon humanity since their founder and chief rapist crawled out of its egg (an apology to all reptiles for the totally undeserved comparison),

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