The Mohammedan invasion of Europe: now a deluge!

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It is noteworthy that the overland migrants, mostly Arabs, do not seek refuge in the Arab world, including the mega-rich Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, and are not welcomed there. For the Syrian Christians this is understandable, but they constitute only a minority of the current human deluge (and getting rid of them is what the Muslim majority wants anyway). Those taking the sea route are overwhelmingly Muslim

By:Srdja Trifkovic | August 24, 2015

The Italian navy rescued 3,000 “migrants” aboard more than a dozen boats in the Mediterranean on Saturday. Like hundreds of thousands of others before them, they were taken to Europe for de facto permanent settlement. At the same time, any semblance of border control along the southeastern land route has collapsed. Thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border also on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and used batons in a futile bid to stem their flow. So much for Macedonia declaring a state of emergency on August 20 and announcing that it was sealing its borders.

In July over 50,000 persons from the Middle East and Afghanistan are estimated to have reached Greece’s extended coastline by boat from Turkey. The Turks have done nothing to impede their initial entry from Syria and Iraq, followed by a long transit across Anatolia and departure by sea. The Greeks have been chartering ships to take them from the inundated Aegean islands to Salonika, and facilitated their transit further north.

“Tell Brussels we are coming, no matter what,” 32-year-old Saeed from Syria said. This is not an idle boast. For weeks illegal aliens had been pouring across the border into Macedonia at a rate of some 2,000 per day en route to Serbia, where up to 8,000 reached the southern border town of Preševo this past weekend. Their next target is Hungary, and from there the promised land of Europe’s welfare havens further west.

Hungary is the only country in the region with the political will to act decisively. For the past six weeks it has been constructing a 13 ft tall steel and barbed wire fence along its 110-mile-long border with Serbia. This has prompted a barrage of criticism from Brussels and from various bleeding-heart NGOs, but the decision is very popular among most ordinary Hungarians. When the fence is finished at the end of August it is possible that some of the influx will shift west, to Croatia. Luckily for the government in Zagreb, most of the border with Serbia is formed by the Danube (85 miles) which is hard to cross. The land section (70 miles) is in flat, partly marshy land. Another possibility is that the refugee wave will shift east, to Bulgaria and Romania, but that route is unattractive to the migrants because it takes them physically away from the intended destination in Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia.

It is noteworthy that the overland migrants, mostly Arabs, do not seek refuge in the Arab world, including the mega-rich Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, and are not welcomed there. For the Syrian Christians this is understandable, but they constitute only a minority of the current human deluge (and getting rid of them is what the Muslim majority wants anyway). Those taking the sea route are overwhelmongly Muslim. It is a possibility worth further scrutiny that the enormous, apparently well-financed onslaught has a geopolitical dimension which is not immediately obvious to the unsuspecting. A multi-million Muslim diaspora is already well established throughout the old continent. Steeped in the Islamic ethos regardless of ethnic origin, it refused integration and created its own infidel-free zones in the French banlieus, Yorkshire’s industrial cities, or Berlin’s suburbs. That suits those same oil-rich kingdoms and emirates just fine. The involvement of their jihad-friendly, quasi-private “charities” should be investigated.

The process has been assisted by Europe’s political elite. It invokes “compassion” in the face of the third Muslim invasion of Europe. The difference from the previous two onslaughts (Arabs to Spain, Turks to the Balkans) is threefold: the invaders are not armed warriors but “asylum seekers”; they have a massive infrastructure of Islamic centers and coreligionists to welcome them; and there is no political will to resist them. Last year 220,000 African and Asian illegal immigrants landed on northern Mediterranean shores. That number has been doubled so far this year. None have been sent back. The conquest proceeds unchecked because the elite class does not want it checked. Italian prime minister Renzi explicitly rejected calls from the Right for a naval blockade, and announced that the rescuers would not be returning anyone “to chaos and violence in Libya.” Quite apart from the tricky issue of whose policies exactly had caused such conditions in Libya, it can be predicted with certainty that such policies will only prompt further hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, to make the crossing.

The post-Christian liberal West, which has lost its sense of purpose and history, is unable to protect itself from those who want to conquer it. It is in need of salvation which Christian charity alone is powerless to effect. A stronger medicine is needed, with possibly unpleasant side-effects for the invading aliens and their offspring. The alternative is death.

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    1. The only race is the headlong race to damnation. There is no easy fix. Harsh terms must be invoked; who has the balls to roll them down the aisle?

      Yeah, I wrote it: a new colonial era is required. Invade, conquer and occupy the parts of Dar ul-Islam that are spewing living feces into Europe.

      Take down their corrupt regimes.

      Destroy their Iman. Consecrate their mosques and convert them to churches. Convert the masses to Christianity. ‘

      Teach them to read, write and think.

      Teach them to behave like moral humans; execute the recalcitrant.

      Teach them the principles of free market economics and representative self government.

      Maintain & impose regimes on them and maintain control until they are ready for self government.

  1. Exactly, Dajjal!

    Oh, and this time, don’t forget to leave our children DETAILED RECORDS and rationales explaining how and WHY colonization was NECESSARY, so they don’t get tricked into repeating our parents’ mistakes again!

  2. Thanks to Herb, I just read the amazon review of the 1994 book “THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS” by Jean Raspail and Norman Shapiro – it echoes my thoughts on this scary scenario we are witnessing today exactly – morally void and empty politicians, in trying to be all things to all people, are sacrificing everyone to the lowest common denominator:

    “A book that cannot be ignored”

    Amazon Review by Kurt A. Johnson on July 2 2003

    “During my long-ago youth, I remember people discussing a coming war of the Haves against the Have-nots. Well, what if the Have-nots launched their invasion armed not with pathetically out-of-date weapons, but with empty, out-stretched hands? In this book, author Jean Raspail examines just such an eventuality.

    When the termination of a Belgian project of adopting babies from Third World nations is announced, a wave of despair sweeps through the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India. A crazed prophet announces that the West has forfeited its land, and leads a million of these impoverished people on a “last chance armada” towards France. The whole world holds its breath, as millions of others of the world’s poor wait to see how the French (and as such the West) will react. But, sapped by a political-correctness that has preached self-hatred and self-sacrifice, can France fight a war against a group of poor, unarmed, emaciated souls, even if the cost is the loss of a thousand years of Western civilization?

    In a word – No.

    I first read about this book in the December 1994 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, and was quite glad when a copy recently fell into my hands. This book racks the political Left over the coals, up one side and down the other, while at the same time trampling Christianity and its gospel of self-sacrifice and brotherhood under foot.

    It is Jean Raspail’s belief that the West has lost its will to power, and that with declining birthrates, the West is doomed to extinction; submerged beneath a wave of invaders. “Many a civilization, victim of the selfsame fate, sits tucked in our museums, under glass, nearly labeled.”

    If you are looking for an uplifting book of a hope-filling future, then you will have to look elsewhere.

    But in this world, where explosive population growth is coupled with drastically unbalanced wealth, this is a book that cannot be ignored.

    Mass population movement from the Third World to the First is a fact of today, and the West is beginning to realize the significance.”


    1. Jean Raspail’s book is about impoverished Indians, he couldn’t see the Islamic revival. The ‘poverty’ canard has since been flogged to death by all political shysters from the Klintoons to John Kerry. In the West, there is no “unbalanced wealth”, that’s another canard. Unless you change the system to a Marxist one, then we can enjoy being poor and miserable together. Most annoying, as I see it, is that the religious aspect is -deliberately- ignored: a weak, dekadent, degenerated Christianity is in its last throes against a cunning, deceitful, aggressive and genocidal Islam. The mindless, abject surrender, this treason on an unimaginable scale by the political elite in Europe is even more infuriating when you see that the rich Arab states do not take a single one of these impoverished, needy “refugees” from Africa or Arabia. That is because they are already Muslim, so they are not needed there. These testosterone bombs, these millions of young Muslim soldiers, are directed towards Europe and America, where the imams and the mullahs tell them to ‘take their wealth’, because this world and everything in it belongs to allah and the believers. This final jihad cannot be dealt with by talk.There comes a time when we must fight. And if we don’t, western civilisation will end up on the scrapheap of history, like so many others before us.

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