A Mohammedan Europe

Refugee crisis in Europe: ‘Something fishy’ among migrant flood as discarded ID papers appear
A PAKISTANI identity card in the bushes, a Bangladeshi one in a cornfield. A torn Iraqi driver’s license bearing the photo of a man with a Saddam-style moustache,…NEWS.COM.AU
Canadian authority confirm drowned Aylan Kurdi’s father lied and never applied for entry
Lie after lie after lie, that’s the reality behind the so called “poor refugee from a war zone” who sent his own wife and small children to their death, even when he had…THE MUSLIM ISSUE.
More Drowned Boy Lies part 1
This had better go viral as well. The drowned boy story gets a whole lot better. The world leaders are knocking themselves out trying to outdo each other with outrage and sympathy for these Islamic…
Muslim countries refuse to take Syrian refugees, cite risk of terrorism
But woe to you if you cite the same concerns regarding Europe. If you do, you’re a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.” “Muslim Countries Refuse to Take A Single Syrian…–JIHAD WATCH
Busride from hell: Polish blogger reveal that Muslim “refugees” spit and threw feces
Guess what else these Muslim savages have done, apart from the spitting and throwing fecal matter on…


From the hadith:

“When judgment day arrives, Allah will give every Muslim a Jew or Christian to kill so that the Muslim will not enter into hell fire.” — Mohammed (Mishkat Al-Messabih, vol. 2, no. 5552.)

Back to the news:

If we are not going to have secure borders and the ability to send illegals home, we may as well not have a country. It seems feral leftists and their anarchist supporters are running Australia.

Australian mass visa check op dumped after backlash 
A spot check on visas in Melbourne’s central business district was cancelled after community members expressed outrage over police state like laws.– World Bulletin
Arab men flock to refugee camps to buy little Syrian girls
The Middle East refugee camps have become shopping centers for rich men, where young girls are being sold for a cheap price.
Disgraceful: EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements
EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements

John Gatt-Rutter says EU will ‘use more tools’ to force Israel out of Jewish settlements expansion

World Bulletin / News Desk

The European Union’s outgoing envoy to Palestine says the 28-nation bloc is moving forward with measures against Jewish West Bank settlements.

The envoy, John Gatt-Rutter, did not provide a timeframe. But his remarks to reporters Thursday underline European discontent with Israel’s continued expansion of settlements in Palestinian territory.

Gatt-Rutter says “there is support within the union to go on.” He says there are “more tools” the EU can use.

The EU, Israel’s biggest trading partner, is exploring guidelines that would require Israel to label settlement products. It already bars goods produced in settlements from receiving customs exemptions given to Israeli goods.

Gatt-Rutter’s remarks come as a grassroots movement promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel is gaining steam.

Syrian Christians Flee Asylum in Sweden Amid Harassment From Muslims Who Force Them to Hide…
Syrian Christian refugees living in Sweden say they were forced out of their asylum house by Muslim refugees who demanded they hide their crosses and banned…
Even as refugees, this is how muslims treat Christians. The answer is simple: Take the Christian refugees. Don’t take the muslims…
Story told by father of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi is full of holes
 Advancing Islamic Lies —Pamela Geller
Waves of fake Syrians line up on Hungarian border with their eyes on Germany
Desperate migrants from the subcontinent and other Middle East countries are dumping their true identities at the Hungarian border and pretending to be Syrian,…

4 thoughts on “A Mohammedan Europe”

  1. Well, well, well…..look who’s back…..

    I thought I would provide you with a video clip of a few filthy Muslims getting their just deserts.

    Some of the Rotherham England pedophiles, tuckered from licking the Mosque floors took an ill advised break for fresh air at 00:55

    Nihad Awad, CAIR president, ain’t as fast as he used to be at 01:02

    A few of the Saudi royals tried legging it across open terrain……a serious tactical faux pas at 01:30

    The queen of the Ramadan Rodeo took one for Allah the Pimp at 03:04…..

    Anjem Choudary takes one at 03:41

    Ahmed Rehab and Ibrahim “Fatso” Hooper of CAIR get theirs at 04:21

    Mohammad Morsi does a little Muslim Brotherhood dance at 04:50

    The Southern Poverty Law Center shoulda brown-bagged it, they won’t be coming back from their lunch break at 05:22

    Don’t wait up Anthony!!!!, Huma Abedin ain’t as fast as she used to be at 05:56….she a little outa shape from all that munching on Hillary’s carpet!!!

    Portions of the Hizb ut-Tahrir convention on donkey sodomy don’t get very far at 08:32

    Muhammad the Pig Prophet (Mint Jelly and Apple Sauce be upon him) loses the race at 09:18

    Allah, the leader of filthy Muslims everywhere bites one at 10:38

    Keith Ellison won’t be collecting that fat congressman pension at 11:20

    Well….badeeah, badeeah, badeeah……thaaaaats all folks!!!!!

    Have a nice day!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. I hate this. It only accelerates the fourth coming conflict.

    Stupid Germany, they will be assigned the role of baddie.

    And, yes, in WW2 they rightly deserved the tittle, for the evilness they unleashed upon the world, which is what will make them the perfect patsies. Anyone who is European knows, that the anger of WW2 is just below the surface in Europa-i.e., think of the Nazi imagery the Greeks continuously brought up in their austerity protests and the reminder that the Greeks were robbed of their wealth and gold by the Germans.

    That long held anger inevitably spills forth.

  3. Hitler made some interesting comments about Islam during the run up to World War II. He said that German Nazism was the natural extension of Islam without religion. After the war the Mufti of Jerusalem said that the problem with the Nazis was that they didn’t kill enough Jews. When you think seriously on Israel it wasn’t World War II that caused such a huge migration to Israel, but that after the war the slaughter of Jews continued as they tried to make their way back to their former homes. Having no place else to go the Jews then migrated to Israel. It was the West that tried to keep them out of Israel, but wouldn’t let them migrate to North America. Strangely enough Jews and Democrats/Liberals in North America refused to let them migrate to North America, just as Obama is now refusing to allow Christians to migrate to America. The Western powers did everything they could to stop Israel from becoming a nation in 1948 and the Democrat/Liberal view is that Jews should be under the thumb of the Muslims. It was the West that handed over tons of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq so they could liberate Jerusalem and Palestine from the Jews. It was supposed to be another holocaust, but God had other plans.

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