Faster, faster: Islamisation still too slow!

Geert Wilders Parliamentary debate on the Hijra into Europe

And the latest from the invasion:


We are bad, we have to do away with ourselves: Peter Sutherland, this despicable swine, is the archenemy to our culture and civilisation. There are no real arguments for the perverse multiculturalism he seeks to inflict on us, but plenty of innuendo and accusations. Peter Sutherland is in the service of the UN which is run by the OIC, a tool of the Mohammedans do eradicate us.

UN tells EU it should have no choice – Choice belongs to “migrants.” 
No longer can nations control their borders. It is racist and xenophobic. We “must” be multicultural – whether we like it or not.
POLAND: “We are NOT Western Europe, we will NOT be infiltrated by Muslim terrorists posing as…
“We don’t want Muslim terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa…
 Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam:
Europe is known for its soccer fan clubs who are widely called “soccer hooligans.” These call themselves the GnuHonnters, a take on the English term “new…[INCREDIBLE VIDEOS]

Faster, faster Islamisation

Islam buys France’s Most Important University

Western academia, once again, puts money uber alles.

Cheap, cheap:

A few days ago, the president of the Sorbonne, Philippe Boutry, signed an agreement with the attorney general of the state of Qatar. Within the next three years, the Islamic monarchy will finance the studies of hundreds of Syrian immigrants at the Parisian academic jewel. The Sorbonne has accepted 600,000 euros per year for three years.

MPs plan three-hour debate on claims Muslims are taking over Britain
Birmingham MP Steve McCabe attacks plans to hold Commons debate discussing “total bigotry” against migrants
The invading soldiers of allah do what they did throughout history:

A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation, by BREITBART LONDON

If its not ‘racist’, its ‘bigoted’

Labour MP Says Its Bigoted To Debate Muslim Immigration

Mosque Included In Eight Berlin Raids As Police Hunt Terrorist ‘Refugee’

In a telling admission on video, Ahmed Mohamed—the MacArthur High School freshman student in Texas who was arrested for bringing what school officials and police believed was a “hoax bomb” to school—implied that he knew that the clock he had built would look suspicious and threatening.

11 thoughts on “Faster, faster: Islamisation still too slow!”

  1. Wow, Geert Wilders is just incredible. That is one fantasic speech and debate. And those cowards in Dutch Parliament. Talk about rats on a sinking ship! They know, they are fools.

  2. I would like to see Geerts opponents have a muslim family move into their house, or a refugee center built in their rich neighborhood . After one of their teenage daughters gets raped, they will change their tune. Fvcktards.

    1. People like that don’t change their tune even if their daughter is raped AND killed. They won’t get it when their own heads are being sawed off.

  3. But that is just like Americas celebrity Hollywood leftists. They know that no poor people will be allowed to move into their hood, They are all millionaires, So it’s easy for them to be leftist. They are already rich. Nothing is going to affect them much. Being leftist is easier when you are already rich.


    I wonder if those of us in the USA who threaten to kill Muslims for their aggression and treason will be as quick to follow through as this filthy Muslim bitch is on her threats ?

    Let see, 97 percent of the American population non-Muslim and still they hesitate to rid themselves of the Islamic cancer?

    I just wonder.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    I almost lost it on this one.

    Most of you don’t know me so here’s a little heart to heart.

    Over the past 14 years since 9-11 and more intensely since the mass murder at Fort Hood, Texas, as part of my involvement in the fight against Islam, I have watched virtually thousands of beheadings, stonings, amputations, hangings, murders, shooting, torture, strangling, incineration’s, drownings and other wide assortments of Muslim madness. I have watched the entirety of Allah and Muhammad’s love for his fellow man from depth to breadth.

    You see, one of the weapons the Muslim uses with such regularity, uses with such enthusiasm, uses so adroitly, is the shock value of its crimes. This is a shock value that is used to terrify a civilized non-Muslim, a shock value used to manipulate a compassionate non-Muslim. This is shock value is normal for the Muslim as blood, fear, murder and death are its currency, a currency it gleefully trades in.

    In order to remove one of the weapons the Muslim uses, to remove that shock value they cherish, I set out to build an immunity to the horror, an immunity to the suffering, pain and misery of my fellow man. I was successful as now I fear nothing the Muslim can do, I fear nothing as I have virtually seen it all , I fear nothing, I fear no act of monstrous horror that fills its little bag of Islamic love. But there was a price for all of this, a price for this inoculation against madness, a price I never expected. It has changed me, forever.

    I have become hard, very hard and very cold, I now watch and listen to the most horrific of crimes the Muslim can commit against the most defenseless and innocent person or animal and not even flinch. I listen and watch and remain completely unmoved.

    But tonight I ran straight into a brickwall. Tonight I watched two videos and something moved in me that had not moved in a very long time.

    I’m going to share these two videos with you. Not for the purposes of horror, not for the purposes of sickness and spectacle, but to show you that the Muslim is the most brutal, monstrous, evil form of life on this planet and as such there is no other form of life, absolutely no other form of life, more deserving of complete and total annihilation. None.

    The first video is of a young woman who has been accused of adultery. This accusation of adultery is commonplace in the Muslim world as a form of revenge the males use against a woman who has displeased them.

    I want you to listen as this young woman quietly, softly begs for mercy, begs for her life and those pitiful cries and pleas fall on deaf ears. Just listen to her voice.

    Her own father, egged on by the Muslim butcher, sentences his own flesh and blood to death. She is wrapped in a blanket, led to a pit, buried to prevent her escape, and then murdered.

    This next video is of a young woman who is accused of some crime by her Muslim owner, a Muslim owner she has “offended” For that offence, her death sentence is to be slowly strangled to death. Watch as she refuses to fight, she kneels on a carpet, the Muslim owner wraps a cord around her neck and begins to strangle her, she dies, convulses slowly and then slips away to a death she no doubt prayed for her entire miserable, grinding existence.

    Lastly, the movie “The Stoning of Soraya M” is an excellent depiction of the Muslim and its gleeful love of manipulation, lies and murder. Please look it up and watch it. It is very well acted and stars the beautiful and talented Persian actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo as well as the mastery of Jim Caviezel of the “Passion of the Christ” fame.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Leftists are addicted to their own sanctimony, narcissism and grandiosity. Those three things are their defenses against their own self-loathing. Islam is their tool for feeding same. Muslims will reward their cowering and groveling multiculturalism with destruction and death.

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