Musel ‘migrants’ trampled on the food and demanded money

I’ve lived in Arab countries for five years. I’m fluent in Arabic, I know the Koran by heart, and so accusing me of some sort of negative intent towards the representatives of other nations and religions is simply impossible.

Migrants trampled on the food and demanded money 
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Thanks to the Religion of Peace
Women wait their turn to be whipped for having unmarried sex in
Indonesia’s Sharia province.  Americans who think Islam is compatible with their Constitution probably don’t know either one very well.
Pictures emerge of  officials bulldozing bodies of dead  pilgrims like garbage & dumping them into a pile.
In other news:
The Church of Sweden is actually considering changing its doctrine to accommdate Muslims. The joke’s on them, because Muslims have no intention of accommodating the church.

Obama’s ‘Cool Clock’ Muslim Boy Claims Racism to Foreign Audience at UN

Obama’s ‘Cool Clock’ Muslim Boy Claims Racism to Foreign Audience at UN

Report: ISIS Has Killed More Than 10,000 Since Declaring Caliphate

Report: ISIS Has Killed More Than 10,000 Since Declaring Caliphate

5 thoughts on “Musel ‘migrants’ trampled on the food and demanded money”

  1. Yes – this is exactly what the majority of these muslims are like – terrorist thugs – however the media in Western Europe is working overtime to damp out the truth of these parasites and their intent and attitudes to Europe. The consequences will be severe in 10 years!!!


    Barack Obama is intent on drowning the USA in hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders and doing so before his term is over.

    In collaboration with Obama’s act of war can be found the support of Marxist mayors and civic leaders across America, as these mayors and leaders, suffering a scorching case of Stockholm Syndrome and treasonous self-loathing, screech and demand hundreds of thousands of these human parasite and trouble makers be sent to their towns, cities and states. It utter madness on an unprecedented scale.

    Recently 18 mayors across the United States have banded together as a group, to demand Barack Obama send each of their regions thousands of “refugees”

    One of those mayors is one Betsy Hodges, the mayor of Minneapolis.

    Hodges has decided to embrace one of the most dysfunctional, criminal, worthless, inbred, violent, lazy, treasonous, self-entitled, radical and troublesome groups of Muslim parasites to land on North American and European shores; the Somalis.

    One could go on and on for pages about the utter worthlessness of the Somali but one only has to look to the trouble they have caused wherever they have washed up. From screeching demands for living accommodation that suits their desires (across Europe and North America) to the thousands of lawsuits launched against employers and civic governing bodies as their “rights” were not “celebrated” and “promoted”. This doesn’t include the Somalis and their formation of gangs in their new countries where they openly and enthusiastically engage in drug dealing, slavery, prostitution, extortion and a wide range of other criminal and racketeering activity.

    The Somalis, reviled by most across Africa, have a long history using their new countries for the purposes of planning and launching terrorist campaigns as well as using the same to generate massive amounts of funds for terrorist activities overseas. In short the Somalis, largely, are a cancerous, parasitic, predatory, verminous group who can be best be identified by their ingratitude, their treachery and their criminality.

    Betsy Hodges embraces these worthless trouble makers and fawning over them offers them whatever their predatory and parasitic little hearts desire and whatever their shrieking voices and extended grasping hands demand.

    Betsy Hodges is a traitor to the United States of America and a traitor to her electorate and her culture.

    Watch this video below and see a vicious, deluded, treasonous and incredibly stupid woman in action is this little Somali made promotional video.

    This is the second front we face in the war against the Muslim and its Islam, the enemy within.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    Take a look at the opening segment of this video as this stupid woman cradles her head in the neck of a burqa wearing swine. Complete insanity.


      Patriots across Europe, North America and the United Kingdom had better start recognizing treason of the kind reflected in the actions and hearts of those who claim to serve and protect them, the treason manifest in the actions of law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the academia and the Marxist Mass Media and of course, in the actions and faces of traitors like Betsy Hodges.

      Patriots must start dealing with this treason in a manner that is effective and one that speaks of an unmistakable sense of finality and permanence.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      1. The only valid and legitimate purpose of any government is to defend it’s OWN constituents from disasters both natural and man-made.

        Traitor morons form Angela Merkel on down seem to imagine they were hired, not by their constituents and public, but by God (assuming they believe in one) to save everyone in the world outside of their jurisdictions, and at the direct expense of their own citizens. This madness must be stopped – they have clearly renounced their oaths of opffice and have simultaneously abdicated their positions.

        Having abandoned their responsibilities, they are no longer entitled to the right to the salary or position earned by them.

        1. @Uncle Vladdi

          Largely agreed with, save the position they currently hold was acquired through deception and they continue that hold through the same deception.

          In the end, call it what we will, tomato or tomahtoe, potato or potahtoe……..treason is treason and by any other name is just as destructive, just as criminal and just as deserving of trial and swift punishment.

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

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