Not enough Jew-hatin’ Muslims in the US of A?

Arab Americans look to Jews for help on Syrian refugees:

“Our great nation must respond immediately by providing safety, food, shelter, refuge, and dignity,” wrote the Reform leader, Rabbi Rick Jacobs. “How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution?”

More voters for the left – very rational. Even the Kapo and Ghetto Jews have figured this out. Will be ironic and deserved when Jews in the Big Cities start getting their throats cut. More autogenocide.

Picture of the week, thanks to the Religion of Peace

‘Migrants’ passing through Greece
Muslims pray in one direction – prefer to live in the other.

4 Corners: Pay for my religion

Salty language, don’t watch if it offends you! Interesting video on the halal racket, thanks to Vlad.

Are the Jews Useful Idiots For the Mohammedan Invasion of the West?

Arab Americans look to Liberal Jews in US to push for entry of Syrian refugees  clear

 Syrian Muslim Refugees Source: JTA At one time I was a member of the national board of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) in the early 1980’s when the priority was helping Jews escape from tyranny in Russia, Ethiopia and Syria. There are reported to be less than a dozen elderly Jews left in …Read More…
Ignorant, stupid and dangerous:

a Judenrat by the name of Andre’ Oboler hops into bed with Muslims and attacks those who tell the truth about Islam:

Melbourne based Online Hate Prevention Institute has launched a Campaign to combat online anti-Muslim hate speech called Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Internet Hate.

This NGO works towards combating online hate of all kinds: online racism, religious vilification, misogyny, homophobia, serious trolling and more. Their focus is on hate speech circulating on social media.

Through this campaign, they wish to empower the public to report anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and to register and classify their reports in

Reports will be collated and tracked so the response of the social media companies can be measured and followed up.

Over a two month period, from September 24th to November 24th, the Samih campaign will promote the reporting of anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to both the social media platforms and to OHPI’s software.

More details:

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