Victorian Police: Lackeys For the Mohammedan Expansion Project?

Good dhimmies! Threatening concerned Aussies in order to protect those who would cut their heads off if given a chance….

Victoria Police preparing to stop violence at global anti-Islam event on October 10

Megan Bailey/Herald Sun

VICTORIA Police officers will be out in force attending and patrolling mosques in Casey and Dandenong in an effort to prevent violence at a global anti-Islam event.

Victoria Police acting Commander Debra Abbott said police were doing risk assessments for the October 10 event but said people should not be afraid to go about their daily routines, including visiting mosques.

She warned protesters that the event would be closely monitored and police would intervene if they saw any “racially motivated acts of intimidation or assault”.

“Victoria Police greatly values the Victorian Muslim community and supports the community’s right to practise their faith and feel safe at their place of worship,” Commander Abbott said.

“Any attempt to intimidate, harass or any forms of violence or crimes targeted at the Victorian Muslim community or mosque will not be tolerated.

“It is critical that all Victorians are accepting of cultural diversity and respect the right for individuals to practise their faith, pursuing their values, beliefs and interests,” she said.

“There is no justification for violence here in Victoria.

“Victoria Police takes all incidents of racism, discrimination or vilification based on religion, culture or nationality seriously and will be investigated and met with the full force of the law.”

Commander Abbott said people had the right to assemble peacefully but organisers needed to check with their local council to make sure they weren’t breaking any bylaws by holding a rally.

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the stabbing attack on two police officers at the Endeavour Hills police station by 18-year-old terror suspect Numan Haider.

Haider was shot dead after the attack.

One of the officers has recently returned to work, but not to operational duty.

The Police Association of Victoria told the Herald Sun a security upgrade promised after the attack; a security screen at the front counter, was yet to be installed.

Commander Abbott said anyone who witnessed or experienced racism, discrimination or victimisation should visit their local police station or phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 00.

5 thoughts on “Victorian Police: Lackeys For the Mohammedan Expansion Project?”

  1. Great, even protecting the ugliest stacks of brick in town. The fact they’re there already shows the Saudis put a if they were out there in force to do some more crime solving, there wouldn’t be so many people out there, dedicated to crime and saving for a trip to Syria. Double bonus, less crime against normal Australians means less victims and less antipathy. It might restore the idea that police is here to catch baddies, not to repress a growing mass of people with genuine safety concerns.

  2. Yes that’s right and as I have had first hand dealings with Vic Pol they will LIE, make false statements to help their good Muslim friends.

    Well done Vic Pol you pack of festering maggots I cannot wait for the day your beloved muslims turn on you.

    I’m going to smile and wave.

    Dance with the devil, sooner or later the musics going to stop and payment will be sought.

    1. I like this post, but the last thing we need is some douchebag giving the heil hitler………

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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