Brooke Goldstein: this is a religious holy war

Yes, of course it is. But we are told we can’t say that, because…..

Brooke Goldstein Absolutely Destroys Every Person Blaming Israel For Muslim Terror

Jerusalem Mufti denies Temple Mount ever housed the Jewish Temple
Imam Incites to Murder Waving Suicide Vest

Look at this savage.

An imam in Gaza preaches murder. Cleric Abu Hamza Ashour waves a suicide vest and calls for the deaths of Jews. This Islamic religious leader bases all his hatred and incitement to murder upon Islamic texts, teachings and the example of Muhammad.

Islam is not like other religions. No other religion exhorts and incites to murder, genocide from the pulpit. What could be more Orwellian then calling this barbarism “religion of peace”?  (Geller)
Mass Rally in Casablanca, Morocco, in Support of Intifada: Millions of Martyrs Marching to Jerusalem

This is Casablanca.

But remember “we’ll always have Paris”.   (MEMRI TV)

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Beau Schutz

October 20 · 2015

Israel is overreacting to this?? Pardon me? I’m sorry that you have to see this, but if you think that these Israeli civilian men, women, children, and babies deserve this type of brutality just because they are Jewish, you seriously need to re-evaluate your opinions and your thought processes. 

What kind of monster does this to people who are out playing or shopping? Worse yet, what kind of barbaric demon of a Palestinian President exhorts and incites his people to commit this sort of atrocity? Don’t believe for a minute that this is nothing more than mischievous children just having a bit of fun.

This is systematic, medieval, bloodthirsty barbarism at its best. Those who do this and even more so those who promote and incite them to do it are nothing other than a blight upon humanity and a plague upon this planet.
Gaza Parents Name Their Newborn “Knife of Jerusalem”

6 thoughts on “Brooke Goldstein: this is a religious holy war”


    The reality has been silenced by the rhetoric of the Muslim and the Marxist.

    The reality is that the Muslim has been on this path of war, on their holy war, since the mass murdering, child molesting lunatic Muhammad started spewing his poison and laying waste to all that didn’t please him.

    The reality is that the Marxist has repeatedly, aside from brief periods of blood-soaked reigns of mass murdering totalitarian terror, utterly failed to gain complete global political control.

    The two political ideologies, similar in nature, similar in designs and aspirations have in common their use of terror, mass murder in order facilitate their acquisition of, and hold on to, totalitarian governance. Of course these two ideologies seek not a shared brokerage of power but a complete and singular hold on power.

    This said, there is seemingly unspoken common ground between the two that they will share the work to defeat the West and sort out their differences later. Witness the constant defence and avocation of Muslim political ends and the crimes, monstrous crimes of those same Muslims.

    The Muslims are no fools and in addition to their use of the Marxists they have also used our infrastructure of legislation, statues and human rights protections as weapons against us. These protections and laws are designed to protect bonafide participants in Western civilized, progressive, secular democracies, they were never designed to give a totalitarian political ideology a beachhead and a weapon in their march toward total global domination. But that is exactly what has happened.

    These are the realities drowned, obfuscated, excused, mitigated and grotesquely misshapen by the political rhetoric of the Marxist/Muslim alliance.

    Begin to fight that by destroying the rhetoric with fact.

    Begin to fight that by identifying the Marxist and its support of the Muslim.

    One such note can be found in the recent war with the Fakestinians. The Israelis were restrained and fought with not only bombs and bullets but with facts. One such brilliant tactic was the revelations as they relate to “Pallywood” and the embarrassment of riches that abound in Gaza. This was the destruction of Muslim rhetoric and was incredibly successful.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Here’s a refreshing attitude from US presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

    For those of you who support abortion perhaps take a look at some of the footage coming out of the Planned Parenthood disaster, or perhaps footage of a partial birth abortion.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Here, you can watch a woman being empowered in the link below.

      After I watched this I was so happy the “rights” or the mother had not been “violated”.

      I am so very very glad that we empowered and emancipated this poor poor poor oppressed woman. How dare that filthy little baby infringe that mothers rights!!!!!

      I must add the word “graphic” to the video but hey, what has become a women’s “health and rights” issue can’t be graphic now can it!

      All hail diversity!!!

      All hail tolerance!!!

      All hail empowerment!!!!

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  3. Why does FOX always have some Muslim vermin countering the truth? Sorry, there is only one side to the issue. The Muslim “side” is wrong, period.

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