Counter-terror raids ‘straining Islamic relations’

Some Muslim People Are Not Happy About Houses Being Raided This Morning Over Friday’s Terrorist Attack On Police Headquarters.


This visibly upset female relative who arrived at the Merrylands home following the raids lashed out at reporters, threw their microphones to the ground and verbally abused them as she walked past

Reporters pelted with eggs

The moment Channel Nine reporter Natalia Cooper is pelted with EGGS during terror raids – just after being attacked by a woman in a pink hijab

A news reporter was forced to dodge flying eggs as tensions boiled over during anti-terror raids in Sydney on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning detectives arrested four male suspects – aged from 16 to 24 – in Guildford, Wentworthville, Merrylands and Marsfield, in relation to the murder of Curtis Cheng outside NSW police headquarters in Parramatta by schoolboy Farhad Khalil Jabar, 15. A fifth man was arrested on fraud allegations.

Two Merrylands men, aged 22 and 24, were among those arrested, and journalist Natalia Cooper was filming in front of their home when a series of eggs were hurled in her direction, 9 News reports.

Counter-terror raids ‘straining Islamic relations’
Early on Wednesday morning, more than 200 armed police officers arrested four men and raided homes in the Sydney suburbs of Guilford, Wentworthville, Merrylands and Marsfield. –SBS.COM.AU

A woman who returned to her home during the middle of a raid on a Merrylands home this morning has lashed out at reporters and police.

The attitude is telling: the irate hijabee behaves like the Islamic supremacist she is and physically attacks the reporters who follow her. I would be hard pressed not to give her a good kick in the a$$ if it happened to me:

WTF?  Kaldas gets his marching orders from the mullahs? Unreal. Every day a little more submission:

Muslim leaders hold closed meetings with police to discuss Syria law
Muslim leaders say the Foreign Incursion Act is preventing humanitarian funds from reaching Syria.

The police cannot guarantee our safety:

Police and ASIO are feeling the heat over intelligence that the Parramatta shooting was connected to small group of young Islamic State supporters who’ve long been counter-terrorism targets.

A reminder: Geert Wilders still hasn’t got his visa

Malcom Turnbull’s Government Is Running Scared –
writes Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The government is playing a game with an elected democrat, Geert Wilders, who could become the next prime minister of the Netherlands.”

Read Paul’s article pointing out the absurd moral inversion of the LNP government: Radical Islamic hate preachers are welcome – Western democrats and conservatives not.

Please don’t forget to call both of Minister Dutton’s office tomorrow, again. 

Canberra Office (02) 6277 7860 – Queensland Office (07) 3205 9977

Someone to rule over you:
Stop Islamization of the world's photo.

Stop Islamization of the world

Muslim leaders at Downing Street demanding restrictions on free speech and criticism of Islam yesterday afternoon. Here they are handing in a 100,000 name petition from Muslims in the UK….

The gun came from the mosque:

Teenage terrorist Assassin was given gun he used to shoot dead accountant at the mosque where he skipped school to pray 


From the Daily Mail Australia and the Daily Telegraph thanks to Esmeralda

THE weapon used by teen terrorist Farhad Jabar was believed to be sourced from a Middle Eastern crime gang and police suspect it was handed to the schoolboy at the Parramatta mosque. Details about where he got the gun and its original source were established early in the investigation but the Telegraph was asked by police not to release details until after today’s raids.

Police believe a known Middle Eastern crime figure passed the .38 Smith and Wesson on to a radical without knowing exactly what it was to be used for. It’s believed the weapon then ended up in the hands of the 15-year-old at the mosque just hours before he killed Curtis Cheng last Friday afternoon outside Police Headquarters.

The terror teen had been a regular member of an Islamic schoolyard prayer meeting being audited by the state government.

A spokeswoman for NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli last night confirmed the Muslim prayer group, held at lunchtime each Friday under teacher supervision at Arthur Phillip High School where Farhad Jabar was a student, had been reviewed following allegations pupils were preaching extremism at similar sessions at another school.

It can also be revealed a fellow student at Jabar’s school, who cannot be named, was a supporter of Islamic State and had been ordered to participate in a youth offenders conference after yelling abuse outside a Christian school and flying the terror group’s flag from a car window.

…a separate 17-year-old student (who cannot be named for legal reasons)was yesterday arrested on his way to the school for allegedly abusing and threatening police who had uncovered a series of extremist Islamic posts linked to his ­social media accounts.

He has released on bail and will attend a children’s court on November 9 having been charged with “assaulting police, resisting ­arrest and using a carriage service to menace and harass”.

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    Most of you know of Alex Jones and of course, Matt Drudge or the Drudge Report.

    Alex Jones runs InfoWars.Com and in many case some of what Alex comes out with really raises eyebrows.

    Matt Drudge known for his ominous power in media, outstripping the Marxist Mainstream Media heavyweights, and much to their everlasting hatred and loathing of Matt.

    Give a listen to Matt Drudge as he talks to Alex Jones after dropping into Alex Jones show unexpectedly.

    Listen to the comments Drudge offers on the extreme dangers of Marxist Mass Media.

    Of particular interest is Drudge’s comments on Obama and the latest push by the Marxists in America to now not just “control” guns but to just out and out SEIZE guns.

    Both Jones and Drudge agree that this would trigger and American civil war, a war that Obama is pushing for and has been for almost 8 years.

    The comments about civil war and gun seizure come in at about the 25 minute mark.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Oh and by the way, consider this.

      Across the Western world we are facing a massive exponential explosion in the collaboration and virtual promotion of Marxist/Islamist agenda by municipal, provincial, state and federal governments.

      Witness the recent events across Europe and the open assaults on the German people by Angela Merkel.

      Witness the exponential growth, the explosion of crimes and atrocities committed against Christians across the Middle East and in the West. Witness the Oregon killer as he asked his victims if they were Christian and if they answered in the affirmative, he executed them. Then, in the shadow of those Theo-assassinations witness the virtual, the actual deafening silence of the White House and the Marxist Mass Media. Then as if the silence was not enough, witness the Marxist Mass Media as they engaged in lies. mitigation, obfuscation and deliberate open propagandizing in relation to the Oregon killers race, political affiliations and his motivations.

      Clearly, these are bold and naked acts of treason and is a clear and present threat to conservatives and non-Muslims.

      I am including a link to the post, posted across the internet, describing the avocation, the warning of the Lt Gov of the state of Tennessee to the American people, specifically non-Muslims and Christian to………wait for it………

      BUY GUNS!!!!

      I will say it again.


      Think about the source of this advice, think about the source of this warning. This is no backwoods inbred conspiracy crackpot, this is no tin-foil hatter, this is no sect of Neo Nazis, this is no doomsday cult…….. this is THE LT GOV OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE WARNING AMERICANS TO PREPARE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.

      If any of you think you, your family, your neighbours and your fellow countrymen will not need guns in the next 5 years, you are and will be…….dead wrong.

      Regardless of where you live, get a gun and a large supply of ammunition. DO THAT NOW.


      I can guarantee you that mosques across the Western world have been stockpiling large amounts of weapons and ammunition in preparation for massive internal conflict, confrontations, bids for control of local power and open attempts on coup d’etat.


      Doubt me, look around you.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  2. While Muslims rape, pillage, and murder their way across Britain and Europe


    Saleem Kidwai, Secretary General of the Muslim Council, “[It is] an environment in which to be a Muslim is to be treated with suspicion;

    Considering the continuous killing of non-Muslims by Muslims screaming allah ackbar, and the rapes of tens of thousands of young White non-Muslim girls by Muslims, it would not be natural not to treat Muslims with suspicion.

    In fact, in this continuous drumbeat of Jihad, I’m surprised how patient we have been with Muslims. Its long past time to say “Enough, or else out you go”.

    Enough in bloody well Enough.

  3. Some people do not want to assist the police in solving a crime.

    Today’s color is pink.

  4. Nick Kaldas want to appear to be fair and reasonable.

    But his attempt at moral equivalence by referring to right wing extremists will not work.It does not sit well with someone who wants the top job.

    “Racist groups who have in the past worked under the radar, coming out, spreading hatred, particularly on the far-right,” he said.”

    “I’m loathed to give them any oxygen but I would say that there is definitely activity on the right wing, the extreme right wing, of politics and people who are using events around the world to create incidents in Australia and NSW and in Sydney,” he said.”

    1. Kaldas is sickening. Here he is a Copt licking the boots of Muslims in Australia by always apologizing for them when they have plenty of theor own doing that just fine while Copts back in Egypt are being killed and otherwise persecuted by Muslims and they have more guts than him. Worse than a dhimmi.

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