Still no visa for Wilders

“Delaying or banning Wilders from entering Australia will create an inevitable backlash, giving the ALA more publicity and support than if Wilders, the leader of the most popular party in Holland, were allowed to enter the country.” DAMN RIGHT…..!!!

Paul Sheehan: Government running scared from the freedom to offend
The Liberal-led federal government is illiberal in its attitudes towards freedom of speech. Switching the leadership from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull has…SMH.COM.AU
The ‘evolving’ TURNBULL won’t be kicking Hizb-ut-Tahrir out of Australia….
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 He will keep out Geert Wilders though….. Bastard.
Piers Akerman on the response to the Parramatta shooting
The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman on the response by the police, government and Muslim community to the Parramatta shooting;
Pollies and police don’t understand what is involved here. Sympathy for the parents of the murderer was political correctness gone mad—it should have been for the victims family.

It was clearly not political—it was religious and only one religion ISLAM. In Tunisia when a Muslim killed the people on the beach…the Tunisian government closed all mosques—Far too much tolerance for the intolerant.–See More @ BY DAILY-TELEGRAPH

(We agree the mosque should have been closed down.) 


We ask friends and supporters to AGAIN put in calls to both the Minister’s office in Canberra and his office in Gympie on the following numbers:

Canberra Office (02) 6277 7860 – Queensland Office (07) 3205 9977See More

Anti-Islam party pursues Peter Dutton over Geert Wilders visa

The insufferable Chip Le Grand keeps squirting his ink against patriots who stand against the “Islamisation’’ of Western democracies: full post below the fold!

Islamic State issues ‘kill Australians’ decree
Islamic State followers are ordered to kill Australians in the group’s first official declaration of war against the West.
Use of emotive language against British Muslims by government officials proving ‘counterproductive’

Hard to tell what exactly the scribbler who penned this considers ‘productive’. “Counterproductive” is just another weasel word for  submission, or an excuse to do nothing against the jihad.

The far right had taken advantage of the situation to construct a narrative of “Muslims versus others”, he added, and “for Government officials also to talk publicly in such terms only appears to breathe life into these narratives”. …

Too late. Allah already divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it.


More breathing life into narratives that come straight from allah’s little green book of lies and blasphemies at Asian Image thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Anti-Islam party pursues Peter Dutton over Geert Wilders visa
Victorian Chief Reporter/Melbourne

A newly formed, European-style anti-Islamic party is urging its supporters to lobby Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to allow a Dutch parliamentarian into the country to speak at a campaign launch.

Dutch Party for Freedom founder Geert Wilders is yet to be issued a visa to attend this month’s launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, a far-right party that has adopted his core policy of opposing the “Islamisation’’ of Western democracies.

The ALA wrote to Mr Dutton’s office last week expressing its concern that Mr Wilders’s security attachment and other members of his travelling party had been given a visa, but the parliamentarian had not.

Having received no response from Mr Dutton, the ALA yesterday issued a “call to action’’ for its supporters to bombard Mr Dutton with phone messages and emails and present their concerns at his electoral office in Gympie in Queensland.

The hold up in Mr Wilders’s visa application is a repeat of the problems he encountered in 2012 when Labor’s Chris Bowen was immigration minister. Although a visa was eventually issued, the delay prompted Mr Wilders to postpone his tour until the following year.

Mr Wilders is one of more than 700,000 foreigners whose names are on a Movement Alert List maintained by the Department of Immigration and considered a potential serious threat to the Australian community. His visa application automatically triggered a MAL warning and detailed assessment by Immigration officials of the risk that Mr Wilders presents.

In these cases, a final decision rests with the minister.

Mr Wilders does not have a criminal conviction, but is facing prosecution by Dutch authorities for inciting discrimination and hatred at a rally in March last year, when he led the crowd in an anti-Moroccan chant.

He was acquitted in 2011 on similar charges for an unrelated incident.

The Australian understands Mr Dutton has not made a decision in the case.

He indicated to The Australian earlier this year that if Mr Wilders applied for a visa he would receive no special treatment.

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  1. “The Australian understands Mr Dutton has not made a decision in the case.

    He indicated to The Australian earlier this year that if Mr Wilders applied for a visa he would receive no special treatment.”

    What no special treatment for a Member of Parliament of a western liberal democratic country, and belonging to the largest political party?

    and with no criminal convictions

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