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Men can eat their wives if severely hungry, says top Saudi Sheikh’s fatwa 
Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah has issued a new fatwa saying men in Saudi Arabia can eat their wives if they are suffering severe hunger. –FYI, News – India Today
What Halal Certification Terrorist Links?
Remember all those rubbish statements from our government authorities telling us there’s no evidence to link halal certification and terrorism? They lied.
We can thank Abbott for allowing this garbage to chair the inquiry in the first place. I posted that the results where already known by Abbott and we will be told that everybody embraces the halal certification scam.–ZANETTISVIEW.COM

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  1. Fat Elmo conveniently leaves out half of the WHO’s findings (which was really just a collation of previously publicly available work).
    Elmo says nothing about the consumption of red meat. He says nothing about the backyard slaughter of lambs at ‘Eid’ – often in front of mini-tards. But Elmo probably realises that the painful slaughter of innocent lambs in front of muslim children is necessary to ‘blood’ them . Their corruption starts very early.

    The next paper the WHO puts out should be the one that shows that islam causes a rapid deterioration in mental health.

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