Koranimals blackmail Turncoat over Geert Wilders visa & freedom of speech

Cancel Geert Wilders’ visa like you cancelled Chris Brown, Muslim leader tells Malcolm Turnbull

A few days after a Mohammedan assassin comes out of a mosque with a gun, shoots a police accountant dead before meeting his virgins, soldiers of allah  are given an audience with our unelected PM who doesn’t have the courtesy to invite the honorable Geert Wilders or welcome him to Australia. We need to get rid of these pandering clowns. They will take us to the abyss if we don’t pull the plug.

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A still from an anti-immigration campaign by controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.A still from an anti-immigration campaign by controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Photo: Supplied

Muslim leaders have pressed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to cancel the visa of Dutch anti-Islamic MP Geert Wilders during a meeting with seven Islamic community leaders on curbing violent extremism.

Lebanese Muslim Association president Samier Dandan told Fairfax Media that he had warned the Prime Minister, during a  high-level meeting on Friday, that Mr Wilders’ visit would fan the flames of anti-Islamic sentiment at a time when the federal and state governments were reaching out to the Muslim community and stressing need for all Australians to work together to combat violent extremism.

An Islamic headbanger calls for a “high level meeting” with the unelected PM to give him his marching orders? WTF is going on in this country? Has Turncoat got all his faculties intact?

Mr Dandan said that if an Australian visa for US R&B singer Chris Brown could be blocked because of his history of domestic violence then Mr Wilders’ visa could also be blocked.

Geert Wilders is a popularly elected politician and a victim of Islamic terror. He has no history of violence, Islam does.

” Other countries have refused him [Wilders] entry and we have recently rejected Chris Brown for behaving in a certain way,” he said.

Which “other countries?” No countries have refused Wilders entry.

Therefore, the visa of “someone we know who will stir the pot, increase anti-Islamic sentiment and feed into those who seek to divide us” should also be cancelled, Mr Dandan said.

Islam divided the world in believer and unbeliever. Nothing Wilders can do about it. Free speech is our birthright. Mohammedanism has no place in Australia.

“People keep on asking for the Muslim community to be a serious partner, then why is our job being made difficult?

The Muslim ‘community’ will never be a serious partner for anything. They are not here to become Australians, they are here to make Australia Islamic.

“If he [Wilders] will be allowed in, there should be a framework similar to what we are debating – that those who don’t agree with what we call Australian values and mutual respect to maintain social harmony [should not be welcome]. If we are considering cancelling passports, surely someone who is coming through, who says something that damages the social fabric should be put back on a plane too?”

Geert Wilders is the fabric of Western values and civilisation. Mohammedanism is not. Besides, he is not a headchopper waging jihad overseas, as Dandan would suggest.

Mr Dandan said he had brought the issue of Mr Wilders’ visit to the Prime Minister’s attention in the context of the renewed push for governments, police and social agencies and the Muslim community to work more closely together.

The Muslims will never offer more than evasion, derision, taqiyya and a wall of silence.

The meeting of the Prime Minister and Muslim leaders in Sydney occurred against the backdrop of Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi telling his congregation on Friday that “if you don’t like Australia, leave it” and a week after the shooting death of  police accountant Curtis Cheng by Farhad Jabar, which has been described as an act of terrorism.

A one liner from a radical headbanger is no reason to forgive and forget the fact that el-Kadomi kicked a reporter a day earlier. This is meaningless.

” There is a line in the sand in terms of freedom of speech. If someone makes an anti-Semitic comment it’s not welcomed, if anyone makes an anti-Islamic it should not be welcomed,” he said.

No. There is no line in the sand. Our freedom of speech is our birthright. Geert Wilders is very welcome here. Mohammedanism is not welcome in Australia and Mohammedans are not Jews. Islam calls for genocide of all  Jews.

Mr Dandan said the Prime Minister had told the meeting he would look into the details of the decision to grant Mr Wilders a visa.


A spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed the visit by Mr Wilders had been raised but said Mr Turnbull had explicitly said he wasn’t the decision-maker on the visa.

What a weasel.

On Friday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the decision to issue the visa had been made by the Department of Immigration and that the department’s delegate “takes into account all of the facts in relation to the individual matters and the delegate will make a decision according to Australian law”.

There is nothing in the law to stop the most popular politician from a friendly nation in Europe from visiting Australia.

Following the meeting on Friday, Mr Turnbull issued a plea for tolerance from all Australians, describing violent extremism as a “challenge to the most fundamental Australian values” and announcing an urgent stocktake meeting of counter-terrorism policy this week as he seeks to reach out to Muslim Australians.

Fact is, Mohammedanism doesn’t tolerate us. There is no “violent extremism”, these are  a phoney, cowardly words to avoid mentioning Islam and jihad.

Mr Wilders announced on Twitter last week that his visa to come to Australia had been approved.

On October 20 he will launch in Perth a new political party, the Australian Liberty Alliance, which argues against the “Islamisation” of Australian and wants a visa ban on citizens from the 56 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Corporation.

The same obfuscation and denial as in Europe. When Mohammedans are giving politicians their marching orders it is indeed ISLAMISATION.

Liberal National Party MP George Christensen, however, joined Liberal MP Cory Bernardi who last week welcomed Mr Wilders’ visit, arguing he should be allowed to visit on freedom of speech grounds.

“I’ve got no problems with letting him in the country, but I don’t agree with everything he says, like closing mosques, of course. The people we shouldn’t be letting in is anyone who incited violence against others, I agree with not letting those people but apart from that it’s fair game,” he said.

Closing mosques would be a start. What’s wrong with Christensen? They are closing thousands of mosques in Egypt and in Tunisia. Why would Christensen disagree with doing it here?

“Freedom of speech is one of the fundamentals of Australia. It doesn’t bother me to let people in who have something controversial to say and the people who disagree have every right to speak against them, too.”

Nothing Geert Wilders says is “controversial.” This much maligned man is a patriot and a hero who is true to his values. For that he has received multiple fartwas and is forced to live under 24/7 protection in his own country. Get real, people! Australia should roll the welcome mat out for this great freedom fighter….

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7 thoughts on “Koranimals blackmail Turncoat over Geert Wilders visa & freedom of speech”

  1. Basically Muslim leaders just don’t like anyone that tells the truth about their vile disgusting excuse of a religion. It is always shoot the messenger for the religion of the perpetually hurt feelings!

  2. I went to Mr Wilders last Australian tour in Sydney, insightful, pertinent and appropriate! Only wish he was coming to Sydney again this time as I would be booking today.

  3. Your responses to the inaccurate and illogical statements put forward are spot on. It’s appalling the way all things islamic are being indulged in this country at the expense of truly decent people such as the great Geert Wilders. Putting his life at risk every day to speak out with facts and that’s the reception he gets. Beggars belief.

  4. Turnbull is a weasel alright. “I don’t have the authority” as if saying if I did, I would blcck Wilders? No, if he was a real man, a real Australian, he would say Wilders is coming, he is a popular politician in the Netherlands and his party is the largest there. But no, weasel out with that ridiculous statement. Of course, he has major influence if not outright veto. Call BS. When is Wilders high level meeting with Turnbull scheduled?

  5. Geert Wilders has never advocated violence or jihad against any infidel or Muslim.

    So why does he have a fatwa on his head?

  6. Muslim leaders are the bloody hypocrites, they manipulated the government to ban Geert Wilders from visiting Australia while keep heavily silent for many years, on the islamic preachers (even from overseas), and heavy radicalisation groups who runs the hate conferences and workshops, sermons that support fascism-sharia, death penalty for homosexual, adultery, hatred of infidels etc etc etc

  7. Of course they want Brown out here – a perfect advertisement for Islam – he follows the dictates of the Koran: he bashes women.

    While Geert Wilders is merely an elected member of parliament in a democratic country and a Hero (as in “real Man and Leader”) of the civilised world. No wonder they loathe him – and to top it all, he (Geert Wilders) probably stronglyu disapproves of their Sharia sanctioned pedophilia .

    Now I just wonder why Malcolm Turnbull has even told them he “would look into it”. Nah, I wonder why he even meets with them. So far this “new” PM seems just an islam-appeaser (bad enough) lets wait and see if he turns out to be what the French call an “islamofellateur”.

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