“Meat Cleaver Man” – Today’s ‘Nothing-To–Do-With-Islam’ Story

Melbourne Malaysian restaurant siege: Hands covered in blood, the shirtless man who terrified staff and customers with a meat cleaver after ‘having an argument with the manager’

  • A man has been taken into custody after he barricaded himself in a Melbourne restaurant for a tense two-hours
  • Police were called to Little Ipoh at corner of Latrobe and Queen Street at 12.50pm on Tuesday  
  • A number of people were evacuated from the building and the surrounding streets were closed 
  • The police dog squad and heavily armed tactical police officers attempted to get the man to stand down
  • The man will be taken to hospital to have the injuries to his hand treated and undergo a mental health assessment 


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Man armed with meat cleaver holding up Melbourne cafe
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  1. Arrest, incarceration, testing at a mental facility? A sniper would have been so much cheaper.

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