Meat-cleavers have nothing to do with race or religion (fact)

“Prophet of Islam” calls for his mother, uses meat-cleaver to smash cafe’…..


Australian media covers up fact that man with meat cleaver who smashed cafe windows called himself “messiah of Islam”

Here are the basic facts: “Australia: Armed man smashes windows at Melbourne cafe, calls himself ‘messiah of Islam’ [VIDEO],” by Mugdha Variyar, International Business Times, October 27, 2015 10:16 IST

A man armed with a knife and a meat cleaver created havoc at a cafe in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, in a chilling reminder of the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney last December,.

The man, who called himself “messiah of Islam”, smashed windows at the La Trobe St cafe in Melbourne,See More / JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER

The (Musel-)man could reportedly be heard telling authorities from the window that he was a Prophet of Islam and that he wanted his mother.

I’ll buy the red herring about race, because it really has nothing to do with it, but you know that the denial about Islam is obligatory:

“Police do not believe race or religion to be a motive for the incident that is being investigated.”

Melbourne siege: Man surrenders to police after holding up La Trobe St restaurant with meat cleaver
The man involved in a tense stand-off with police inside a Melbourne restaurant exited the building with his hands raised above his head and surrendered to police.–AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM

Here we see the islamization of Swedish culture and the norming of savagery and barbarism for the sake of Allah.
Sweden PBS paying homage to this century’s Nazi salute.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Swedish state TV airs children’s program glorifying ISIS

The Puff hos at the Huff Po peddling their poison: 

Huffington Post Pushing Muslim Victimhood Myth
The Huffington Post runs a piece by a Muslim professor titled “Silence on Rising Anti-Muslim Sentiment is Racist and Un-American.”–BREITBART.COM

The Philippines will not accept any refugees sent by Australia if they are expected to live in the Southeast Asian nation permanently, President Benigno Aquino says.

Aquino said he was “seriously considering” an Australian government proposal to accept some refugees, but only if they were to transit in the Philippines before moving to another country.

Latest news on the Muslim invasion of Europe

Thanks to Vlad Tepes


2. On the march to western Europe: Shocking pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks

(Warn? I would have thought politicians would be dancing for joy at the thought of the end of the EU. At least the ones who care about their people and national sovereignty)

Some disappointed ‘refugees’ complain about waiting 4 and a half days in a refugee camp on the way to Germany.

Today’s PEGIDA demo in Dresden Germany

The videographer was so horrified once she realized what they were chanting she pulls out her phone and was just in time to catch the last repetition of the English chant. After that it was a bunch of German ones that are pretty standard socialist fare. But this one chant in English is pretty damning along with pretty damn revealing.

Speed it up please

THE migrant crisis gripping the continent will see “the end of the European Union” if leaders fail to bring it under control immediately, the prime minister of Slovenia…

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  1. I have not owned a firearm of any type for over 30 years. I have recently applied for a concealed carry permit. It is coming to the point that citizens of Western Civilization will have to choose to defend themselves, because our politicians seem hell bent on destroying our countries with a huge influx of people who do not want to assimilate. They demand that we cave in to their demands after they move here. Eff Em.

  2. I agree Torked – F.em . but we use our laws – much more powerful even if not so satisfying.

  3. True, Kaw. I do not expect to EVER have to use it. Phoenix AZ is not a hotbed of Islamic terrorists. But at this point, I believe that it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

  4. Where are those 1000’s of European colonialists who had to flee India, North Africa, Indo China when they lost everything they had because their home was suddenly a foreign country. Millions of French civil servants in North Africa or British in East Africa told to go back home, even though many were born there. “Africanisation” is the new word of the day and you had better prove to the Governments of Mr Kenyatta or Obote that you have done everything possible to find a suitable black. Your birth in the country, 40 years experience in your job mean absolutely nothing if you were not black. That’s when the “progressives” started applying the apartheid tax, worst hit were the French from North Africa.

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