Pal Children Celebrating The Murder of Jews

Sick culture!

“The celebrants, many of them children, waved PLO and Hamas flags and brandished an assortment of knives, axes and other real and replica weaponry, in morbidly joyous scenes reminiscent of similar celebrations held after the Har Nof synagogue massacre last November. Others handed out candies and other treats for children and adults alike. They were celebrating the murder of three innocent Israeli civilians in two successive attacks in Jerusalem, as well as two s

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Sick: Palestinians Celebrate Jerusalem, Ra’anana Attacks
Pictures: Palestinians take to the streets of Gaza, waving knives and axes and handing out sweets in celebration of murderous attacks.
Kerry Blames Muslim Murder of Jews… on Jews

“massive increase in settlements” built by Israel in recent years has led to the “frustration” and “violence” now stoking its decades-old conflict with the Palestinians, US Secretary of State John Kerry said at Harvard University on Tuesday night.

This idea that the settlement are ever-expanding and taking up more and more room to make a two-state solution impossible is the conventional wisdom of the Left – of the White House and EU and J-Street and Peace Now and every NGO funded by the New Israel Fund.

And it is a lie. 

Everyone but Muslims is to blame for Muslim violence
From al Jizz: Israelis shoot Pal’s just like that….

Typical Arab propaganda dreck. These Arabs went out to murder Jews with long knives in their hands.  They have been put down like rabid dogs and that is good:

Violence has escalated in part over disputes over the al-Aqsa mosque [Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]

Israeli forces have shot and killed two more Palestinians, following fourteen days of violence that have already claimed at least another 30 (useless) Palestinian lives.

Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)? 

Israelis and Jews in general have long ago learned the art of black humor, mostly out of necessity. Here are a couple of recent examples.

This graphic has been going around:


One thought on “Pal Children Celebrating The Murder of Jews”


    Upon arrest and after conviction is sustained through due process within our commonlaw system in a legitimate court.

    1) The Muslim terrorist should be immediately executed.

    2) For crimes involving the facilitation of terrorist activity and or a terrorist activity causing physical injury and no death the Muslim terrorist should be taken to a hospital and have his or her spine surgically severed rendering the Muslim a quadriplegic. Then the eyes of the Muslim should be removed. This would result in a blind quadriplegic Muslim who wouldn’t require imprisonment, would no longer be a threat and would be dropped off at the Israeli border to be recovered by the Fakestinians.

    Problem solved.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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